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  1. Interesting. Looks like the new Southeast Line is going to be connected directly to the Red Line instead of just intersecting it. Am I seeing that correctly? So essentially a train going south from UH Downtown Station could switch onto the tracks going down the Southeast Line instead of down to Fannin South Station.
  2. Difference here is that this is not a reconstruction of Robertson Stadium. They completely demolished it. This is a brand new stadium. Also, not once in the past few years have I read an article where they referred to the new stadium as "New Robertson".
  3. So since the Hughes Underpass won't be ready when the rest of the line completes construction next year, what is the plan? Run the light rail service all the way to the Altic/Howard Highes Station, then transfer all the passengers to bus to continue on down Harrisburg to the Magnolia Park Transit Center? Or something else?
  4. Completely agree. Service to both airports is essential. I just hope that METRO doesn't cave in and sells off any right-of-way that it currently owns planned for light rail to TxDOT or HCTRA for new toll roads (i.e., land parallel to Westpark Tollway).
  5. Yeah, I remember reading somewhere that they plan to sell the naming rights to the stadium.
  6. Once this line opens, will trains run continuously from Fannin South Station to Northline Transit Center Station and back? Or will we have to transfer at UH-Downtown Station to another train? The reason I ask is because they call this the North Line, making it sound like its a completely different line from the existing line. Although sometimes they do call it the Red Line extension.
  7. I saw a "way in the distant future" map that METRO put out a long time ago that showed the existing Red Line, the current expansion plans (North/Red Line extension, East End Line, Southeast Line, Uptown Line, & University Line), and a number of future expansion lines: (1) westward extension of Southeast/East End Line from downtown to Northwest Transit Center running primarily along Washington Ave, (2) southward extension of current Red Line from Fannin South Station down to Sunnyside, (3) eastward extension of Southeast Line to Hobby Airport, (4) southeastward extension of East End Line which meets up with Southeast Line somewhere in Hobby Airport vicinity, (5) northward extension of North Line to Bush Intercontinental Airport, and (6) westward extension of University Line from Hilcroft Transit Center down the right-of-way that METRO owns parallel to Westpark Tollway. The map also showed a few commuter rail lines, but I can't remember exactly which areas they served. I want to say up to northwest area from Northwest TC parallel to US 290, but not 100% sure. I haven't seen that map in years. I think METRO has thrown it in the vault since then cause they know its a pipe dream.
  8. Nice find! The PDF says all of 2013 is for final design phase. Looks like construction will take 2 years (2014-15).
  9. I'm assuming that the Robertson Stadium/UH/TSU Station will be renamed once again since Robertson Stadium has since been demolished. Didn't they know about the school's plans to demolish the stadium back when they went through the stations renaming process? Anyways, I thought the name was too long anyways.
  10. Although its great that the Bellaire location was saved, Houston did lose the location on Wayside. That one was my local DD. Someone did purchase the store, but renamed it "Dunk Donuts". I'm thinking that they lost their license or something because that location was always crowded. I heard stuff about DD corporate revoking licenses for certain locations based on certain criteria.
  11. So what's happening to the construction on the North and Southeast Lines? I live on the East End Line and I noticed that all construction pretty much has halted. They were in the middle of pouring new concrete on Harrisburg and they were making good progress. But now I never seen workers there and the street is incomplete. It couldn't even take vehicles on it if they opened it since its not continuous.
  12. Just a few weeks back I notcied a few blocks of land located directly underneath the US 59 elevated section passing by Minute Maid Park was cleared. It used to be fenced off and filled with construction equipment and heavy machinery. Anyone know what's going on there? Are they making more parking lots for Minute Maid Park?
  13. from Houston Chronicle (10 October 2009)... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/6660300.html
  14. There is an abandoned mid-rise brick building just north of the Minute Maid Park parking lot between Preston and Congress that I pass by regularly. Does anyone know if it has been proposed for renovating into lofts or office space? It seems like a good candidate, especially after a similar brick structure was gutted and turned into lofts over on Runnels near Guadalupe Plaza.
  15. Hey Niche, is the work you saw at the community on the partially-completed shells or did they start on completely new homes?
  16. TxDOT has the project in it's long-term planning studies, which can be found on its website. If I recall correctly, I think it was planned for the 2015-2020 time frame, although I doubt it was for all 8 flyover ramps at one time. However, the project could be constructed sooner if HCTRA decides to add it to its future tollway system. If so, it would resemble the flyover ramp from Beltway 8 eastbound to SH 249 northbound, which HCTRA built and requires an EZ Tag for use.
  17. I actually live in this community. I don't regret my decision. The Tricon Homes in the community are great homes. Very good quality. I can't say anything about the Waterhill Homes because I've never stepped foot in one. However, the few Waterhill shells that were left when the company went bankrupt were purchased by InTown Homes and are being finished by them. You can see the work going on right now. Their workers are out there daily finishing them up. Anwyays, back to the Tricon houses, you better hurry on them if you plan to get one because last time I checked on HAR.com (yesterday), there was only one left for purchase. However, I have been in touch with Tricon management and they said that they have plans to purchase the empty plots of land in the community to build more houses. I don't know when they would start on those... I'd imagine once the economy gets better. With the hope of that happening, there will most likely be more Tricon (or other builder) homes than former Waterhill homes once the entire community is complete. There is even talk of changing the name of the community to rid itself of the Waterhill name.
  18. Not necessarily. Its probably to make the drive over the tracks smoother for vehicles. It's a design I've seen plenty of times around town.
  19. I really hope this concept gets put into action. EaDo has some really horrible sidewalks. Well, the streets that actually do have them currently. It's too patchy right now. When the wife and I want to walk into downtown for a meal or whatever, half of the journey is walking on the street hoping we don't get run over.
  20. My wife and I just started recycling plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper around the house. We searched the City of Houston's website and it said that there was a recycling center around the intersection of Ennis St. and I-45. But when I went there this past weekend to check it out, all I saw was a rundown office complex. Does anyone know of a recycling center in East End? Or perhaps the closest to the East End, if there are none inside the area?
  21. As far as I'm concerned, I-10 is the Katy Freeway from downtown all the way to California.
  22. That part of town with all the refineries is super ugly. The palm trees only help improve the look of the area. I passed down that area a few weeks back and I didn't notice anything with the trees. But you have to understand that Texas is not a palm tree's native environment. So it is probably our heat that effects them the most. Air polution is heavier in Los Angeles, but the palm tree seems to grow just fine over there.
  23. METRO has plans for the North Line to extent to IAH in Phase 3 of the METRO Solutions plan. Don't expect it before 2020 though.
  24. More info on the route from Metro's website... http://www.ridemetro.org/Services/Bus/Quic...ureService.aspx
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