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  1. I started with the website before venturing into the forum. I think I joined the forum because I just like arguing, and what better thing to argue about (from my perspective) than Houston development/architecture/urban planning! I was a freshmen in college at UH when I really got into the forum back in 2001, and I remember having to rush my posts before running off to my architectural studio course! Made lunchtime quite hectic for me! Eventually, it just grew into a sort of obsession! Still is…sort of. But then, I see, it is quite the obsession for…well…most of us. I think this site
  2. Does anyone know what is under construction in the middle/upper right-hand corner of the last picture @cityliving posted?
  3. @Houston19514, far too many indeed! It’s all of these spacey out-of-towers moving here from points unknown... In general: they can’t drive when it’s raining; they can’t drive fast enough; they get nervous with the multitude of cars on the road; and they over signal their intentions when switching lanes. It is a pit maneuver - one blink while simultaneously jamming the wheel. That’s it. And lastly -this is the worst- they don’t know that you never, ever, ever intentionally stop traffic on Shepherd to turn left from the left lane UNLESS you see an opening wherein to avoid the soon-to-be tra
  4. Thanks! I’m not sure why I thought that was a drone photo…? In hindsight it makes sense that was not a drone picture.
  5. @hindesky might I inquire as to what type of camera you are using for the drone photos? I’m completely unaware of what sort of photographic device(s) work on a drone? I’m thinking of getting one in the next year for my own purposes - work related, and just wanted to know. (No doubt there’s a Reddit group for this, but I’d trust you guys a hell of a lot more than those folks.) Thanks!
  6. I think what @scarface is saying that it would have been better for the skyline -at least from the north approach- if Texas Tower had been built in a location that didn’t completely hide 609 Main. Conversely, the skyline from the south approach is much more interesting than just a few years ago.
  7. Post will sink or swim regardless of what anyone on here wants or thinks. I do think that OMA has done a tremendous job with what was a very nondescript building. I actually find it a much better repurposed building (overlooking projected uses) than what is happening in Midtown with sHoP at the ion. (Obviously I love that the old Sears is being turned into something for the greater good, and I’m thrilled to see what will come from ion… just architecturally they’re not really equal.) In fantasy world: I think I kind of would rather have seen Post & ion swap places…?
  8. Sadly this sits empty. I mean they demolished it to do nothing! Reminds me of the Robinson Public Warehouse at Montrose and Allen Parkway. Torn down for nothing. To be fair, the potential value in this property was in not having a 7 lane road serving as the demising line between Clear Lake and the property. I hope something commercial that’s related to NASA gets placed here, but it will likely be apartments.
  9. I don’t think anyone wants this project to not be a wonderful catalyst for the area. I hope it’s very successful, and I also hope the governmental entities (local, state and federal) can work towards solidifying the Postal Bend? (Maybe we can get a Kevin Costner statue to go along with the quirky development?) Reworking the roads would be huge to making an big impact here. Additionally, reworking heavy rail to shift a station element into this project (or a future phase) would be great.
  10. Our population density is greater though because of the townhomes. The city changed the minimum units per lot size back in the 1990s thus allowing a building boom of townhouses where once they weren’t allowed by code. I’ll have to dig it up but Houston has an average density higher than most other sun belt city’s… LA being the exception. This has also allowed us to keep real estate costs lower than many other places. LA has recently tried to follow suit in allowing garage apartments (the technical term is lost to me). So yes, we are much more dense.
  11. @Texasota Yes and no. It is not downtown. You’re correct though in that IT CAN BE. It should be - or godhelpus it’ll become NoWoDo or some nonsense! 😬 I hope it’s very successful, but some of that success is out of the hands of folks developing it. The city really has needed to address the aforementioned streets/bridges for some time. It’s ridiculous what exists there now. Maybe we will all have to attend council meetings. To that end is there an official HAIF shirt @editor [edit: I don’t want to come across as disliking this project, I don’t!, i just think it’s alone; and in
  12. I hope so. I think the vast majority of people who will visit this thing will largely just mill about, maybe spend a few dollars. Office workers from DT will make the trek on a nice Friday from Oct-April, but it’s too far from most offices for casual visits. You could UberEats, but then you could do that anywhere, and not just the food hall. And there are other food halls closer to offices. How many concerts will it take for OMA’s fee alone? Probably a lot. Particularly “post-Covid”. I think the mix of uses is great. I like the idea of the project, I just think it’s literally an i
  13. @j_cuevas713 One would hope. I still have reservations about just how successful this thing will be once the newness wares off. The one way to ensure it is a hub of activity is to make it a transit hub. If that happens then hospitality would be a logical add for phase 2, but you still have the problem that it isn’t really in downtown. But it would be worth a shot!
  14. A lot of firms had offices here in the 1970s-1980s. Then oil crashed, and crashed hard.
  15. You guys hating on Arquitectonica I see… also design architects for the Hilton Americas downtown next to what would later become Discovery Green. For those who don’t know Arquitectonica is a firm out of Miami, which, like many architects from the 1980s got their start designing Post Modern edifices that today border on the absurd and garish. I think both @Montrose1100 & @j_cuevas713 are correct. This project will allow similarly scaled development to become more than just a passing thought to many local and out of town developers. However, at least right now, this project appears to
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