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  1. It was much stronger than natural gas. NG has a sweetish smell, this stuff was more caustic. I would say it was much more gasoline like, I doubt very much something that causes that much widespread grief across most of southeast Harris and all of Galveston counties to be more than “just an odor.” Typically my neighborhood doesn’t really experience any foul air from industry, at worse there are brief smells for an 10-15 mins on occasion (like 1 time a month or so). I’d describe those as far “softer” smells than what wafted over the area from 10PM Sunday - 10AM today.
  2. I agree with that sentiment @hindesky. Look, Amber Alerts are one thing, but I’d reason AI could be utilized to make rolling alerts for timely messages. No point issuing any alerts in Houston or Dallas if something happened in San Antonio mere minutes ago, there’s no way that person could travel that distance. I suppose the argument could be made that family/friends could reach out to them, or law enforcement and provide information as to objectives/destinations? But even using that reasoning it would be hard to justify issuing a broad state/regional alert, since most of us wouldn’t know any more about an relative that law could find by doing a quick background search through the FBI. The blue alerts are political grandstanding at best. I just don’t see the reasoning, just issue an alert for a public danger. It doesn’t matter if they shot a cop or a regular person. Killing is bad equally across the board.
  3. Yes those are known facts. The lack of emergency communications following the single post regarding the fact the leak apparently is not H2S is concerning. Do you live in an area impacted by this?
  4. Well folks. I spent a sleepless night here in the eastern part of Clear Lake City with the -at times- noxious smell seeping through my home. I’ve posted/emailed/all but called local leaders to complain about the lack of information. Seems to me a leak with smells strong enough to cause nauseous feelings, headaches and the like for hundreds of thousands of area residents warrants much more than an “all is clear” signal from the Harris County Pollution Control agency. Anyone else dealing with this, and if so any additionally points of contact to really spread the wrath around to those deserving folks who should have been alerting everyone via multiple methods would be great.
  5. Probably RO has some rules for this sort of occurrence in their neighborhood development standards? Plus that neighborhood is in a different realm than the anti-Ashby’s.
  6. So, let me see... The first proposal was a 22 floor “active/wealthy” senior living building that was ultimately canceled - lawsuit pending regardless! In true Houston fashion they come back to the same HOA who filed the pending lawsuit on them and present them with a 33 floor building and this is ok? Fascinating. I wonder if this concept will play out elsewhere on the properties mentioned in the article? I would hate to see the shopping center across from Lamar High go, but I’m sure eventually it will.
  7. Does anyone know how the other Aga Khan projects have proceeded around the globe, since this method could be the way they have always operated? Secretive for little reason other than their founder wants it this way.
  8. ^indeed we are! Amazing just how much my home had increased in value these last five years. That would be great if we wanted to sell, but we want to stay so the increases aren’t great
  9. ^ back in the old HL&P days. I suspect the Houston Center development was taken into consideration if the substation was built closer to the later part of the dates @Houston19514 mentioned. Full build out of that complex would have been something. A shame the city didn’t have the resources, or clairvoyance to do something better when Toyota Center was built.
  10. @H-Town Man from all of the articles I’ve read NYC downtown is exclusively the area in Lower Manhattan centered around Wall Street and the World Trace Center complex. Is Chicago’s “downtown” considered within the Loop, or does that boundary broaden a a tad?
  11. Developments like this are really exciting. The potential growth we have here for life-science /biomedical sciences is really taking off. Thanks for the article @Highrise Tower. That said, the photographer sure captured an unflattering photo of the developer and A&M chancellor! Yikes!
  12. Maybe. We don’t know. Rice is in a different universe than Saint Thomas, so I imagine whatever Rice does will be bigger, better. St Thomas is a quiet, quaint little school with a small alumni population. But, they do have a phenomenal location in terms of a “cool/hip” area, this despite the fact Diedrichs has been gone for a decade now. And this shouldn’t take away from Rice, but Montrose just has a stronger identity as a unique neighborhood. Maybe this will be the beginning of a “Silicone _____” (what the hell do we call a Tech-savvy Montrose?!)
  13. Tough crowd at times. I think the aspiration was “imagine if there wasn’t 24% vacancy caused by yet another tumble in oil prices because of a global pandemic that has fallen directly on our heels just as we were emerging from our previous recession. Oh, and imagine if Houston had developed like - all other cities - and the downtown was the hub of most of our urban activity, and we didn’t have 4-6 other major urban developed areas spread across 600 SqMiles of land.” I think that’s sort of what they were going for, as, reality is pretty obvious. Of course you are correct about the current state of affairs…
  14. Of course they are. But I still loathe dealing with them. I wonder… how much of this would be an issue if say, Houston had a zoning law? I know…I know… but maybe there would be better planning to have located this next to the highly undesirable interstate/back-side of GRB, and not …hmm…squints… throws dart arbitrarily at a map of downtown blocks. There! Right within view of the big new Hilton Americas and Toyota Center.
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