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  1. I remember very vividly the 1989 freeze. I was still a child, and recall putting on this puffy ski jacket and those LaCrosse “waterproof” boots. I quickly found out if you shuffle your feet into snow/ice those boots tend to lose some of their waterproofing by way of seams and shoe laces.
  2. Of course we are talking about a city which has grown from a metro area of ~2.5 million to 7.2 million in 40 years? So, just in my own life the metro area has grown by over 4million. So 1/3 of folks here today were either born here or lived here back in the early 1980s. The other 66% are either younger or moved here or both. Also, people generally do not know much geography or history.
  3. @Houston19514, right. What I meant was “most of the lower income/subsidized/HUD supported housing within the County has been constructed on Galveston Island.”
  4. Ok. Thanks @TylerW. I was just curious if there is any 10-20 year plan for that site.
  5. I forget the statistic exactly but I think almost ALL of Galveston County’s government subsidized housing is in Galveston, this despite the fact the vast majority of people who reside in the county live on the mainland. League City is by far the largest city within the county (population north of 100K), with Texas City also being a big population center. These two also have greater access to a larger base of jobs than what is solely on Galveston Island, which, aside from the port and UTMB is highly dependent upon tourism.
  6. Any estimate on start of construction for the next high rise within this development? Also, and this may be a “dumb” question, but is there any idea on whether the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas would sell that land in the next 10-15 years? I wonder if the developers know something we don’t? (Probably not, but just asking anyway.) *edit for clarity
  7. Ok. I don’t like it. Is that not clear? You are welcome to your opinion as well.
  8. Shamrock Tower? Woulda been better than the suburban McDonald’s that was located there. I would assume the development will not just be focused solely around Baseball. I hope. 😬
  9. This building is the visual equivalent of a skin tag. I never really liked his developments - I find them garish, but he was at least quirky with his earlier developments. His latest developments (am I correct in that he was a part of Marlowe?) are just bland. Oh well, to each their own. I do like the added density.
  10. Isn’t that what Crane mentioned? Either that or the Atlanta development, which should be very fresh in his mind having visited it over the course of the World Series last season.
  11. I seem to have missed where they have any Houston projects even listed. Texas wasn’t a selection for locations. Would be nice to see what they have been working on locally - that said, it is possible I missed it! They certainly have a lot of work in Boston. Which reminds me that Houston really lost out when the big firms: CRS, 3Di and Morris all floundered and either went out of business, or merged and then eventually lost clout as original/key designers left and/or died. What’s our largest local firm? Kirksey? pagethink (or whatever they call themselves now)? Houston has no major firm with national exposure.
  12. I realize this is an early rendering, looks like there is still quite some refinement to be done - which, you’d expect a project of this size and scope to wait and release a more final rendering. A building such as this would look better surrounded by other tall structures in either Downtown or Uptown. I am not a big fan of this or the X Houston high rise.
  13. I’ve long known about Olivewood Cemetery being an important historical burial site, particularly for African Americans; I was completely unaware it is listed in the UNESCO “Routes of Enslaved Peoples Project.” Sadly, it is also listed as one of the “America’s 11 Most Endangered Historical Sites” for 2022, by the National Trust for Historic Places. http://www.descendantsofolivewood.org Begs the question on whether there should be other UNESCO sites here in the greater Houston area?
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