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  1. arche_757

    New Dallas Development

    Nice picture. You know... I remember when Victory Park was started. Everyone should note that it clearly takes a decade + for large scale urban renewal projects to materialize into true unique/identifiable areas.
  2. The Shamrock was a icon, but the Prudential Building was a better work of architecture. As for medical construction in this town - time and again we've seen medical construction stay the course through oil busts/downturns.
  3. arche_757

    Nau Center for Cultural Heritage

    ^Yep. Hence why I compared it to that museum. Very similar.
  4. arche_757

    Nau Center for Cultural Heritage

    I always did have a feeling that this - museum to showcase our museums - was completely unwarranted and unneeded. Sad that this actually got kicked off before they found out they couldn't afford it. But this leaves room for something better than a cheap rip-off of the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin (which is a really sad museum for a "STATE" museum of history).
  5. arche_757

    Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    Is it? Most building cores are large. Remember this is a 40 floor apartment tower. They've got to provide emergency egress for the hundreds of people who will live here. Not to mention the US does not allow emergency egress via elevators (despite them being housed in 2-hour rated firewalls), so stairs are the ONLY way to evacuate in an emergency that is allowed by code.
  6. arche_757

    The Park Moderne

    Umm.... I ...uh... think these are conceptual?! Based on what I saw on their website. That and there's no way that the first building has any HVAC/structure etc. taken into account based on shallowness of the floor depth between floors. Could be they are pumping air and have run plumbing etc. around a core? But that seems kind of odd. Few other condos have that. Limits having a spa tub or shower with a 12th floor view of the skyline! Seems very conceptual to me. Could be wrong?
  7. arche_757

    Houston sightings

    I don't think the Anglo population is declining? I think that the other populations are growing and the anglo population is stable? Regardless I think the voter ID laws are a way of combating some democratic votes... Frankly I'm in favor of Texas splitting into 5 states! No reason Houston should EVER be affected by some senator or congressman/woman from Pecos or the Valley or elsewhere. Won't ever happen, but if it does - I won't fight against it.
  8. arche_757

    The "Armpit of Houston"

    Gulfton is the most densely populated area in Texas. It is an example of what other parts of Houston will become. We cannot accommodate another 4-5 million without looking towards high density neighborhoods like this. I agree with Slick that its interesting and there is some really fascinating cafes there. Though I think there are certainly lessons to be learned. I wouldn't ever call it charming. But I do not think of it as the single worst area in Houston.
  9. arche_757

    The "Armpit of Houston"

    The armpit of Houston: the 1/4 mile either side of I-45 from 1960 south to the 610 North Loop interchange. The "armpit of Greater Houston" : Bacliff and/or San Leon. Enough said.
  10. arche_757

    Can the Boom Continue?

    I never said it wasn't logical. Unfortunate. I've never been too impressed with Anadarko...from their architecture on up.
  11. arche_757

    Can the Boom Continue?

    1/3? Exxon? I read it to be 12%. Never mind. I think you were refering to Anadarko. Oh well. Huge number for them to cut, but they're also taking one of the most pesimistic approaches from any of the energy firms cutting costs. I think it odd they'd go to that extreme, yet firms like Halliburton (who rely on actually drilling) aren't cutting figures to that extent. Probably because Anadarko is not as strong of a company as previously thought. Also, not all the jobs at places like Nabors are people in Houston. Nor are they jobs we might think they are. Some are guys pushing hand-trucks (as the English would say) in a warehouse making whatever minimum wage is+$2 extra. Its not all doom and gloom, but its certainly alarming how quickly things crapped out here in Houston. Sad really that the rest of the local economy couldn't have started enough momentum to really augment the slip in energy spending. Oh well. That's reality.
  12. arche_757

    Can the Boom Continue?

    ^Nabors moved their HQ to either Switzerland or the Bahama's several years ago...of course the majority of their corporate employees are here in Houston. Exxon also slashed their budget - but I think some of the bigger oil companies are simply being "protective" at this time (at least how my simple mind reads things) and projecting less growth for the rest of this year and 2016. 2017 is the unknown. Lets recall that when Nabors says "....we're cutting 6,000 jobs..." that's not all in Houston! That's everywhere. A lot of the energy firms cut the jobs in the MidEast first, then trimmed fat back home. Or so I've seen.
  13. arche_757

    Can the Boom Continue?

    Something that doesn't get mentioned --- just how many of the construction jobs in this region are directly tied to energy? I'll wager at least 40%
  14. Really craving Red Lobsters Butter Biscuits!

  15. arche_757

    The Gateway on Cullen: 4-Story Student Housing

    I'll go out on a limb and say that neither design was very good. I can't see the more contemporary design aging very well. The sea of parking is much cheaper than a parking structure.