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  1. This entire layout concept is hard to swallow. Its hard to support a concept that's so obviously still in the preliminary thought process stages. These are good starting points and concepts for conversation with public officials and should be posted on the planners office wall for inspiration but in no means should be distributed to the public. More time was spent on the artistic rendering than thinking about the circulation potentials for both vehicular and/or pedestrian use in the area. Are we talking trails, sidewalks, bus stops? Would this create a scene similar to McGowen where there is a constant transient issue of people constantly walking back and forth. Not to mention the lack of an existing land use analysis. Sorry for the negativity its just been one of those days.
  2. Blue USA built Cannondale M500 There are no scratches, dents or dings (I’m a little particular about my things; always been kept indoors) Aluminum Frame Coda 300M crankset Shimano STX rear derailleur Rotation Grip Shift (SRT-600 shifters) P-Fork (Pepperoni) Panaracer Fire XC pro 2.1 tires (they still have some rubber filaments on them) I've been holding onto this bike because of its hardnose P-Fork and its smooth operations on the street around town but honestly I never ride this bike anymore. She seems to take a back seat to my Specialized Stump Jumper. I guess I've moved on to suspension style bikes and just don't give ole blue the attention she deserves. I always had aspirations of converting her into a street bike but....... You won't be disappointed in this deal and I hope she'll get the love and attention she deserves. She's been one of my all time favorite bikes to own. Just respond if interested and all offers will be considered. MUST SEE $300
  3. I believe using any reel mower you need to stay on top of the lawn weekly because at the end of the day you are the one pushing it. Although I guarantee you the Sunlawn cuts better than your 1930's reel mower. The MM2 has 7 blades that never touch each other therefore requiring less blade maintenance, nicks, and sharpenings. You should come give it a test run. For $100 you'll never go back to the 30's style mowers again!
  4. Come on, I know the environmentalist in you needs these items! I originally paid $180 for the mower and $90 for the weedeater. I'll let them go for $100 to the first taker....... $100 to never buy gas or oil for your lawn equipment again. "Never buy oil or gas for my lawn equipment again, you say", "Yes sir, that's what I said" and for Haif customers only, I'll even include delivery. "Wow, now thats a deal." hahaha I'm to bored at work today. hahaha
  5. The entire handle is made of metal (more and likely powder coated green) with a neoprene style waterproof rubber padding. Anyone interested, please feel free to come test them out. This combo will not disappoint!
  6. I have a Sunlawn MM2 reel mower and a Black and Decker Cordless 18v String Trimmer and edger (weedeater) for sale.The Sunlawn MM2 model was designed to deal with thick turf grasses Bermuda and St. Augustine, a reel mower made for the southern grasses. The Black and Decker weedeater comes with two 18v rechargeable batteries and the charger. I've used the combo over the last two years to maintain my 'patch of grass' in an environmentally friendly manner, doing my best by using no more oil and gas than absolutely needed. Recently HOA took over all maintenance and I no longer get to use these and I'd rather them have a better home. Please reply only if interested. $125 obo
  7. Just call them in to the Constables with a description of their clothing or post their pictures on this site. I've even asked a few of them what they 'got' to tell the cops what their actually selling. Most the time it's sex.......sad but true. The Constables are typically pretty good about running them off. The more they get run off, the less their around, because of the hassle.
  8. Just found out the City of Houston Permitting Office will not allow Big Woodrow's to use the Red Star facility without structural updates in excess of $1,000,000.00. Big Woodrow's can't afford the city's requirements and will no longer be moving to Midtown and has plans of extending their lease at their current location on Richmond/Chimneyrock. The old Red Star building will be put up for sale within the next month.
  9. Just caught wind that Big Woodrow's purchased the old Red Star Bar in Midtown (Fannin/McGowen). By word of mouth only...........anyone know anything about this?
  10. The competition went over extremely well. I was impressed with the overall quality of all the presenters and their design solutions. I was ecstatic they displayed all the boards for viewing to see how everyone tackled the project. Some serious time and effort was put forth in all the designs and calculations. My hat goes off to the group called Edminister Hinshaw Russ and Associates (EHRA ?) I believe their firm is the cutting edge of proper design and water management for the Houston area. All of their projects in all three categories were VERY impressive as well as AECOM's roadway project, LLewelyn-Davies Sahni's urban design solutions (eventhough they didn't win), and Walter P. Moore for their win in the urban design category. I think the promoters/organizers of the LID competition can be nothing but satisfied with the results of this event. Way to go Houston firms for stepping up to the task!!!!!!!
  11. FYI there is currently a LID Competition under way in our City. Currently the firms chosen have been shorten down to three firms for each project. The first project is to design LID requirements into a Houston subdivision. The second project is using LID practices and applying them to major thoroughfare conditions. And third project is architecture design, based on proper LID practices. LID - Conserve natural resources that provide natural functions associated with controlling and filtering storm water.Use decentralized, small-scale landscape features and LID Integrated Management Practices (IMP) to work as a system to:Reduce the amount of runoff by mimicking the natural hydrologic function of the site and matching pre-development hydrology.Minimize the use of and/or reduce the size of pipe and other centralized control and treatment infrastructure.Lower the total cost of development when compared to traditional infrastructure design.[*]Minimize and disconnect impervious surfaces, lengthen time of concentration and promote bio-filtration of runoff to improve the quality of storm water leaving the site.[*]Minimize or eliminate the use of potable water resources needed for irrigation and where practical provide for the reuse of rain water.[*]Use enhanced quality of life values and reduced maintenance costs inherent in LID practices to increase marketability of the development and long term property values. http://www.houstonlw...html#Objectives These style competitions are exactly what our city needs to prove to Developers it is possible to design LEED and LID techniques all while saving them money and creating better quality of life developments for the residents and our CITY!
  12. The sign actually says it will be retail with office above........nothing about residential. Parra did say last year it would include residential but that must have fallen through the cracks....I think it needs residential in order to keep the homeless off the property after hours. More eyes on site the better....
  13. Yes the constables will actually show up and at a minimum run the folks off so you won't call again or ask the vehicles to move. We live right behind the empty lot on Caroline/Dennis and any time we call the constables they show up. The best method I've found is to walk my dogs and let them run free everynight in the field. The campers know I'm coming just don't know what time and its easier for them to sleep somewhere else then to bother with me and my dogs during the night. FYI Larger than life flood lights will be in place soon on the back of our house!
  14. I just wish they would put a fence around it until they figure out what they actually want to do with it. So I could let my dogs play! It would make a kick ass dog park.........walking distance of a lot of us dog walkers who don't trust their dogs enough to run free at balwin park.
  15. You hit the nail on the head! Why is Houston's Ghettos not nearly as bad as, lets say Detroit or New Orleans? Because they aren't concentrated into one centralized area. Even though Houston's population is around 4.7 mil, right now, our Projects don't get the negative publicity other smaller cities do. The same should apply to soup kitchens and etc! The more they are spaced out the better it is for all the communities.
  16. So after viewing over and over again people and churches from Katy, Texas coming to my neighborhood and feeding the Feral Homeless. I've come up with a plan that not only teaches them a lesson but would be fun too. I've decided to open a 'Search' in the residential sector of Katy, Texas between West Park Toll and I-10. This would not only be a Search sub-quarter but a soup kitchen, homeless shelter and pretty much a Homeless Resort. I would invite all the homeless we could accommodate and give them free rides to the shelter. Once at the shelter everyone would get free food, free showers, and a nice outfit. The catch is I really need the support of the midtown residents. We should come together to really help these folks who can't help themselves. Every Sunday we will travel to Katy and bring lots and lots of food for all the homeless that we've collected at church and work. Won't it feel so good to think we are helping people in need. And the best part will be all the churches and Katy residents that feel the need to help the crack heads out won't have to travel all the way to my neighborhood to feel better about themselves. They'll be able to feed and cloth the homeless at home. Yeah, a perfect world............ This was written jokingly so no body get their panties in a wad. Have a Good Day!!!
  17. I agree both places have capacity and moderate layout to handle future growth but both do not have potential for urban walkable neighborhoods. Washington Avenue Corridor is exactly what it sounds like, a one street show. In no way would I compare Washington to HWY 6 because of Washington's accessibility to I-10, Memorial Dr., and 45. The issues with Washington Ave. becoming an urban area is....... Washington Ave. Everything is going to be developed on Washington Ave, while you might be able to walk to one bar or one store there's no way to make it a walkable community without development happening within the residential developed areas and from the looks of progress everyone (retail/commercial) wants to be located on Washington. Midtown on the other hand, has access to 45, 288, 59, I-10, etc any direction you wish to travel. Midtown is laid out in grid format allowing traffic to spread out and not be corralled or funneled threw one street like the rest of Houston. There's at least one or two bars, restaurants, gas station, Pharmacy and etc. within walking distance of every resident in Midtown. Due to the commerce not being located in one centralized area or along one strip. I would have to say Midtown has more potential to become a traditional urban environment and Washington has more potential to be a Texas style urban environment both spread out and vertical.
  18. The Metropolitan Dance Company is actually going to be located on the corner of Dennis/Caroline. They are currently working out the bugs on a 30 year lease of the orange/tan warehouse. Metropolitan has already had the architecture plans complete on how they will use the space and plan on having studio's for lease for artist and/or photographers as well as having a public Cafe. Should be a great project that should really help out the slum area the day labor place creates on Caroline. Metropolitan told me 3-5 months before construction should start.
  19. Truth of the matter is the police aren't going to mess with you when half the time they don't even mess with the vagrants. When we first moved to midtown numerous people slept in the empty field at Dennis/Caroline every night because they had shelter from shrubs, low limbs, etc. We called the cops a few times and even met one out in the field and you know what they said "look, this area is a lot better than it used to be". Didn't ask the bum to leave or anything. That next Saturday the same cop past as a neighbor and I cut down all the lower limbs, Round Up'd all the low shrubs and picked up trash and all he did was slow down and nod his head at us. He realizes the more the neighborhood does for themselves the easier his job is going to be and he's not going to bust our balls over something like this. Besides I use the field to walk my dogs every day/night so keeping it clean keeps my dogs healthy, keeps the neighborhood looking good, and the dogs even help by keeping people from sleeping there all night cause they know I'm coming every night. BTW if we can get some paint from the city I'll help paint over the graffiti on Sunday..........
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