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  1. Lots of homes need pressure washing. They develop a "bathtub ring" around the bottom where rain splashes onto the sides. Homeowner Associations send nasty-grams to residents to keep 'em clean. I see people just driving around neighborhoods, and when they see a place that needs their services, they stop and chat with the homeowner to try and strike a deal. Simple, easy.
  2. Thanks for that tip! I have a ribbon appear with the "x" when the viewer first opens, but then it disappears about two seconds later. And I couldn't figure out how to get it back. Your tip of moving the cursor up there makes it re-appear. That's much better! How the heck are new Windows 8 users supposed to know that trick though?
  3. Oh man, I hate messing with the registry. It seems like every time I do that, something gets seriously screwed up. And even though I take a registry backup, then the registry restore will fail for some reason and I'm stuck with a serious problem. I try to avoid doing anything with the registry at just about any cost...
  4. Yep, don't like the touch screen stuff. For one thing, it just leaves greasy smudges all over your screen, and then you have to clean it all the time. Why wave my hands all around, when I can just wiggle a mouse a few fractions of an inch. How about the new document viewers? For example, click a pdf file an the file viewer opens. Lo and behold, there is no longer that "x" in the upper right corner that we've always used to exit the document. So how in the heck do you get this thing off your screen now? You have to go google the internet to find out that Alt-F4 is how you exit. Excuse me? What idiot took away the friggin "x"? Attached: pdf file display of an IRS form. Yep, that's all the viewer gives you? See any control buttons anywhere? You get a plus and minus sign, and a scroll bar - that's it! How to exit when ready? Nope, no clue given. Need to do anything else? Tough noogies!
  5. Just bought a new computer, with Windows 8 operating system. So tell me what you hate about Windows 8! Gee, where to start... How about this one: If you want to create a new text file, you used to be able to right click on a folder, in the pop-up menu click "new", and in the next pop-up menu click your desired file type and enter the name. But no more! Microsoft, in all their wisdom has decided that this was too easy. You get only one "new" option now: "Folder". If you want to create anything other than another folder, well, tough noogies. Now you have to click to highlight a folder, then go to up to the taskbar "ribbon" at the top, click "home" and "new item". Yeah, that's it, a text file is now a "new item". What idiot thought up this change? Your turn. Go.
  6. There's no reason to feel guilty about liking something. Enjoy it. Who cares what other people think of what you like. It's none of their business. Like what you like, and don't let peer pressure make you believe you shouldn't. Don't be guilty, be happy.
  7. I ran across this unusual plant while hiking in San Felipe State Park along the Brazos River, west of Houston. It's a small bushy tree with lots of small bulbs on the tips of branches, and the bulbs are covered with soft spikes and lots of orange pollen dust. It has my usual plant expert friends stumped. The orange pollen was like the orange cheese powder in the bottom of a bag of Cheetos snacks. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Two photos attached.
  8. How do you figure that? Which burns more fuel and emits more carbon: 1) A 30-minute commute at 50 mph, or; 2) A 60-minute commute at 25 mph.
  9. I second that motion. I like having a place where you can still see longhorns grazing on a normal drive through town.
  10. What's a "growler"? A place that sells angry guard dogs?
  11. Get out of the middle of the road before you're run over!
  12. Thanks for carrying this research forward! Your research seems to match my previous intuition of the route of that missing segment of rail line.
  13. Yes it does! It now continues under I-10 and runs up to the dike, where it turns west and heads toward the Addicks Park & Ride lot.
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