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  1. Speaking of new development. I noticed that a rendering of a new mixed retail/office building was posted on the corner of Austin and McGowen this weekend. It looks nice. This will be very exciting if it happens.
  2. I went to the Auction House website and looked at the listing for this building. It was listed as "Passed" and not "Sold". I have a feeling that it didn't sell in Auction.
  3. The Auction on this building goes down today. Will it be public record who wins the bid? How can we find out this information?
  4. Does anyone know who I need to petition or complain to in order to beef up patrols in th Baldwin Park area of Midtown? I have noticed a significant increase of "random traffic" mostly due to the day labor place on Caroline. There are numerous cars parked at the empty lot on Caroline and Dennis with people living out of them and now people are starting to camp in the lot behind the DayCare Center. I have called precint 7 on numerous occasions but nothing is being done about this problem. I think it's extremely dangerous to have this many transient people within such a close radius to daycares, parks and neighborhoods.
  5. It looks like the Dance Company project fell apart. I noticed last week that the building on Caroline is going to auction on November 15. I wonder who will buy it and what it will become now...
  6. I think Crave rocks! I have eaten there a few times and the valet situation has never been a problem. If you have a problem paying $5 to park and you are there during valet hours then find a spot on the street. You are in a big city! If you were in any other of the top 5 largest cities in the U.S. you'd pay a hell of a lot more to park. If you live in Midtown just walk there. It's healthy and better for the environment.
  7. Anyone know what is proposed for the empty lot on Austin and McGowen? I noticed a varience request today for La Plaza or something like that.
  8. True. I'm speaking specifically of tagging. For instance, on the back of the daycare, fortune cookie factory, residential fences, etc. Tagging is an eye sore and brings down the value of the community. I really don't think someone spray painting their "street" name on my fence is art or authorized. However, I am sure it is intentional.
  9. While we're at it we should add a paint over all the graffiti project!
  10. Where exactly is this building? I noticed some construction at the building on the corner of Tuam and Fannin yesterday. This looks like it is on Caroline though?
  11. I am very aware of what loft living is all about. What is going on at the flophouse on Crawford is not a warehouse that has been converted into a trendy open space for single family living. This is a place where people can pay $7 for a cot. There is nothing residential about this property. As shown in the posted picture it has a big hole in the side that is covered with plastic. So my question is: How are codes not being violated? Just a huntch, but I'd also bet that the cash money that is being collected for these people to stay is not being reported as income for tax purposes.
  12. I'm fairly new to Houston, so I'm not 100% clear on the zoning (or lack of zoning laws) in the Houston area. However, how is it legal to have people living in a building that is listed on tax records as a "warehouse"? This seems like it should be a violation of some kind of law in itself.
  13. I ate here on Friday and it was fantastic! The ambiance is really cool. It was much trendier on the inside than I expected. Prices were really reasonable and you get 25% off the bill at Happy Hour! I have a new Happy Hour spot.
  14. This guy may have my bike too. Let me know if you see a silver beach cruiser. Someone actually pulled put the slats of my wooden fence to squeeze through and steal my bikes! My neighbors hose pipe has also been stolen...It's amazing what people will take. Pretty much if it is in your yard and not chained up they think it is fair game. I agree that the more people become aware and actually call the constables to report vagrancy the better our neighborhood will become. We cannot get complacent. I think our neighborhood is great, but it has the potential to be even greater. With our location to downtown our home values will only go up if we can somehow get a handle on the foot traffic of people going to flop houses and the people selling drugs out of the 4-plex on Tuam and Austin. As a side note, I also hope this house will be bought and turn down but with the real estate situation I don't think this will be happening anytime soon. The only way that the situation will get better if all neighbors get on board to clean up the neighborhood. My husband cleans up the trash in the field on Caroline and Dennis weekly. Last week a home owner from the other side of the fence had the nerve to come over while he was picking up trash and ask what he was doing. He was furious that my husband was behind his house picking up trash. They had words and my husband finally told him that he was trying to make everyone's property look better because some people are too lazy to do it themselves. Sorry if this is a rant but I also am passionate about this neighborhood and my investment in it.
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