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  1. Sure wish someone had pics that they could post - any incarnation of that hill!
  2. My mom was telling me about a disco club that was on West Alabama Street near the Galleria and she and my dad can't remember the name of it. Anyone remember? Please help us solve this mystery..haha! Thanks! Oh yeah, and does anyone know where the 80's club called "Wave's" was? I am thinking it may have been somewhere on/near the Richmond strip.
  3. Believe it or not Spanish Village on Almeda once had a stand-up Ms Pac Man machine...the Pac-Man & Ms Pac-Man sit downs at Eddie's Pizza on Richmond..APB was in the line of video games @ Meyerland General Cinema Theatre..Baby Pac-Man (& every other video game imaginable) at Showbiz Pizza on Weslayan..Paperboy, Gauntlet, Spyhunter & Marble Madness at any arcade at Astroworld..the Tron games at the West U Pool & WaterWorld..Elevator Action at a Safeway somewhere in Houston..Out Run & Toobin' at Amc 14 Meyer Park..Hard Drivin' at Tilt in The Galleria..Rampage in the second arcade in the food court next to Physical Whimsical at Sharpstown Mall..Double Dragon at Windsor Theatre...more may come to me later!
  4. First it was a ski-mountain...then it was a waterslide with arts and crafts rooms and a huge pirate ship to play on...then it was a nursery which looked cool during the holidays because the entire hill was nothing but lights and Christmas trees!...then it was Lone Star Amphitheatre which surprisingly hosted some big name concerts. The hill simply disappeared due to the right of way for Westpark Tollway. Since there's nothing left to do in Houston anymore, I would think it would have done well in this day and age....either some cool waterslides or...imagine it covered in a racetrack for go carts going up and down the hills and bends!! Houston's "fun" days are over! There will always be something to say and something much better about the ambience, fun and excitement of a simple arcade, putt-putt, theme park, go-kart-track, and waterslide versus sitting in a room staring at a tv screen with a 50 button video game controller in your hand! I don't knock video games, as I am an avid player and collector myself. But we have to admit....things are different!
  5. The Hollywood Video on Weslayan at Bissonnet was a Color Tile!
  6. Anyone remember the old building near or in downtown...I think it was on Travis...it was painted black and turned into a haunted house...had a huge painting of Freddy Krueger on the front...anyone have pictures? links? remember the name? remember where it was? There was also a haunted house on buffalo speedway where a little hidden strip center was on the right hand side just before you hit South Main...I think it had some night clubs next to it... There was one out somewhere in a shopping strip...would've been around 1989-1991 or so....all I remember was trying to feel my way around and one room had a big spotlight and a loud train whistle making you think a train was about to run over you...I almost want to say there was a James Coney Island in the parking lot... It seems like there was one near Pierce Elevated or 45 going over downtown where you could see a multi-leveled brick building with neon lights in the windows...maybe it was called the Haunted Hospital??? And of course, the first year of Fright Nights at Astroworld...(it was changed in later years to Fright Fest)...we saw Freddy Krueger in costume get out of a limo by Cyclone as he was escorted into the park on his way to make his special appearance at the huge haunted house they had set up in the Festhalle...someone got shot in there that night...it was one of the best darn things I've ever been to - that exact night at Fright Nights at Astroworld...the old putt putt course in the park was transformed into a massive graveyard haunt...the 80's were an amazing haunted house era in Houston!
  7. www.sixflagshouston.com has videos of the Houston Busch Gardens on their "videos" portion of the website
  8. I always thought it would look cool to have the different bridges downtown lit up with christmas lights...I think the Main Street bridge would look amazing with its arches lit up outlined in lights.
  9. Bertha's was really good food! I was very sad when it finally closed its doors...in the early 80's I remember it being in a really old building somewhere in downtown...then she moved it near the Alley or maybe it was even inside the Alley Theatre building in the upper levels...then it made its final home on Montrose in a shopping strip (that is still there right next to Diedrich's Coffee)...that's a place I really wish would make a comeback!
  10. Anyone have any idea when the blue lights will be turned on for good every night? I've driven down there a lot recently...I've seen the lights that have been installed, but I haven't ever seen them on...
  11. If you look on buffalobayou.org's website under the tab "Master Plan" you can see how they plan on reinforcing the banks of the bayou which will make the water a more greenish color (the brown is because of the mud and dirt erosions from the sides that constantly mix with the water)...and there will be canals constructed..one north canal connecting White Oak and Buffalo Bayou just upstream from the McKee Street bridge and a south canal connecting the Elysian Viaduct part of the bayou to a more downstream area...all of this will relieve flooding...they are already offering pontoon boat tours for a cheap price along the already developed part of the bayou. What I think they should do is line the arches of the Main Street Bridge with clear globe lights to make it stand out more and add some patio restaurants and clubs all along the bayou downtown....granted they make the changes to fix the flooding problem...it can be done...who knows...I sure wish Bush Gardens would open a jungle-like amusement park right along the bayou outside of downtown!! Just imagine a huge looping crazy coaster whipping along the banks of the bayou!
  12. Yeah, was that what it was called? "Mountain Park"? Was that the waterslide and pirate ship and arts and crafts amusement thing or the ski slope thing. I remember going to a birthday party there in the very early 80's! Must've been pre-WaterWorld!
  13. Here's a ton that I remember from the 80's! Pipe Organ Pizza (they still have these in other states) - they had great video games and cool prizes!...Golden Chick - I think there was one where the Dolce Freddo/Ben & Jerry's is on Kirby near Rice Village...Tamale's was a cool restaurant located in Rice Village where Fu's Garden is now...Charlie's Hamburgers were allllll over the place - Rice Village on Times, Spring, Katy...Poor Man's Country Club was a cool sports bar that had barbecue on University in Rice Village where the bank next to El Meson is...The Bagel Manufactory was on Rice Blvd in the Village...El Pollo Loco had many locations including downtown and one on Kirby near Rice Village where the dental place is now...Destefano's Pizza was a very very 80's little league sports bar pizza restaurant (Moon Patrol & Ms. PacMan were all the rage) where Andre's Wigs is now in Weslayan Shopping Center (near the Randall's) off Weslayan and Bissonnet...there was a Wienerschnitzel where the Wendy's on Westheimer in the Montrose is now. I still believe that Two Pesos was such a better restaurant than Taco Cabana! Their chicken fajita tacos were something West U families frequently went out to eat!....what else....Eddie's Pizza was in a little shack in the parking lot of Windsor Plaza on Richmond (across from where Best Buy is now)....the old house on University near Rice that has housed Mr. Gatti's for awhile now started out as something called "Z's Pizza"...Bertha's was absolutely the best Mexican food in town - she had one downtown in an old stand alone building...then she moved it into a skyscraper....finally she moved it to the far right corner of that shopping strip on Montrose (next to and across the street from where Diedrick's coffee is now...The Cultured Cow was a great "frozen yogurt" place that also had great baked potatos - there was one in Rice Village across the street from where Ruggles is now and one in Galleria II where Dylan's Candy Store is now...Big Frank's was a great "Chicago Style" hot dog restaurant on the corner of Sunset and Kirby (it's a bank now)....I really really miss these places: The Antone's in Sharpstown Mall was huge and had barrel tables with barrel chairs out on a patio...the Antone's on Main (where Taco Cabana) is now was a neat location....The Orange Julius in the Sharpstown Mall food court was somewhere we visited each time we went to the mall - back then it seemed like more people went to Sharpstown more often than the Galleria!....The Village Cafe was a short lived restaurant right on Kirby in the Village - there's a bike shop there now and on the front you can still see where the patio was!....on south Main near the Dome there was a huge Gabby's barbecue place that was very very popular...on Montrose just north of where 59 crossed over there was a shaved ice drive thru called Snow Biz that was open until late and had probably 50 or so flavors! - I think the building became a Bambolino's, which I think was recently moved to Westheimer near Hugo's.....Anyone remember Albritton's Cafeteria? there was one on Bellaire in that shopping center that contains Antone's and Eckerds. There was a Ruby Tuesday on Holcombe in the Barnes & Noble, Randall's shopping center - it is a Chik-Fil-A now. All these memories...and great eateries! Such a shame they're all gone!
  14. For years I have walked the banks of the bayou dreaming. When I felt brave I would walk the south bank just below and behind the phase II Bayou Place building. Anyone ever noticed the cement supports jutting out of the building in an "L" shape that overhang the bayou? Why not just cover the supports with walkways/patios and add in some restaurants and shops? On stilts surrounding the building you could extend it vertically to add more retail/restaurants or even have a divided hotel on one side residential on the other with balconies overlooking downtown, hobby center, the aquarium, etc. We'd have the whole "riverwalk" thing goin' on...plus it would tie into the Sabine to Bagby remodel. For concerns on the "open the view" idea...just add lots and lots of glass to the redesign...big sheets of thick glass...from Hobby you'd see a beautiful new building..and through the building you'd see the glow of the Aquarium. All of the land behind Hobby Center and just a little south will be a sloping hill of grass down to the bayou once the Sabine Bagby walkway is complete...so we'll get our greenspace...I think we should utilize the Albert Thomas structure that is already there. It would be really cool if they placed all kinds of colored lights all over the place under the freeways...maybe even paint the cement freeway supports in a unique way. Just a little bit of money and a little bit of work could go a long way!
  15. There are too many good Mexican Restaurants in Houston to pick: 100% Taquito for amazing tortas and authentic Mexican food Guadalajara has really good flautas Ninfas and Cafe Adobe have great burritos (try them with chile con queso on top) Jalapenos on Kirby has really good enchiladas verdes The original Ninfas has some killer margaritas and some great food For greasy 1950's style Tex-Mex go to Spanish Village For some of everything (Cuban and Tex-Mex) go to El Meson
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