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  1. Heights Bridge was rehabilitated in 1997 - I believe the Yale St bridge was also rehabilitated in the same project. So why is the Yale bridge being destroyed and not the Heights bridge? Answer - politics. Yes Walmart is here, and a critical neighborhood bridge is being demolished. Professional engineers all recommended rehabilitation, not demolition and construction of a new bridge. The motivation to destroy the bridge is suspect and smacks of revenge, and another attempt to drive Walmart away.
  2. Heights Boulevard Bridge rebuilt 20 years ago? I don't think so. The lamp posts were replaced in 1991, that's all. The Heights bridge was built in 1922 and has not been rebuilt. Who says bridges are designed to last only 50 years? You think all Houston bridges built before 1966 are obsolete? The bridge should be refurbished, not replaced, and not require a two year shut-down. But, thanks to the political storm created by anti-Walmart fanatics we have a mess...thank you very much.
  3. Why is it the Yale St bridge is declared unsafe, but the Heights bridge is OK? The two must be the same age, at least they look the same and they have the same design. Maybe the city overreacted to complaints about the bridge and chose to replace it because of publicity created by the Walmart nimby's. It's more political than structural. Of course all bridges eventually need replacement - Unfortunately the Yale street bridge is getting it earlier than necessary. I do believe the anti-Walmart zealots are to blame for this. It isn't even an unintended consequence, The anti-Walmart's would burn down the city to stop Walmart. The end justifies the means with them.
  4. I think this sign is much too large and completely obnoxious. Is it legal?
  5. Since you're such an expert, Do you have information about income inequality in Houston? What are the numbers? The Houston area and much of Texas is booming, do you mean that there has been little effect except to the upper class? For instance, what about all the construction, who builds that stuff? In the oil industry has there been hiring of only upper class? Do you think there has been a decline of the middle class in Houston, a loss of construction jobs, a loss of manufacturing jobs, a loss of service jobs?
  6. I walk in the Heights all the time. We live near Heights and 20th, so walking to Shade, OH!, CVS, Becks Prime, Wells Fargo, McDonalds,and Krogers is easy (the wife won't go in that Krogers though). I also ride my bike around the Heights, even to Home Depot to get a bag of fertilizer every spring.
  7. A big addition behind an "entryway" that's the original small house is precisely a camelback. Camelbacks are disfigured with disproportioned large lurking rear ends. A well designed symmetrical two-story is vastly superior. Camelbacks in the Heights were rare until this stupid ordinance.
  8. It's time to face up to it. The problem with the ordinance is that it's forcing very ugly restorations upon the neighborhood. The ordinance and HAHC are ruining the Heights. There are lots of larger new homes in the Heights that fit in nicely with our look and feel. Some new homes aren't craftsman and they look good too. After all, the Heights has evolved to be diverse in many respects. I would much rather see some of these obsolete dilapidated bungalows torn down and replaced by nice new two story homes instead of having new construction being forced into ugly camelbacks. I despise the camelback design.
  9. Some of the art is interesting, some is terrible. I think the jaw gaping [dog?] with human teeth is amateurish and ugly.
  10. He's there most of the time. I see him lots of times taking out his trash for pickup and he occasionally has parties. I believe he is a surgeon. The pool is pretty much just decoration. He hosted a fundraiser for Ellen Cohen last fall. [bTW, she's essentially useless as far as I can tell. She must spend all her time in West U.] His home is a signature feature of my block. It's controversial with some of us really liking it, and others despising it. I'm in the first category.
  11. We're falling behind. Now by 462 votes.
  12. I personally appreciate all the new development on Studewood (Studemont is south of 1-10 and there is no such place between Heights and Studemont), including the parking that makes the development work/happen. We now have a place to go, to be proud of, to enjoy. It's been for the "better good." I also enjoy the newer homes in the Heights, and all the architechural variety. Unfortunately more of them are now forbidden, at least temporarily.
  13. Ha! You mean the Lance Armstrong costumes I see all these bikers wearing?
  14. I saw Bill Baldwin about a month ago in front of one of the Heights homes on tour. He said that there is a lawsuit that should be happening now that is considering the disingenuous designation of Heights Historic Districts in the first place on the basis of the City voting common areas for historic designation [i guess without City Council Approval]. Anyway, I wonder if there is any news about this.
  15. I haven't seen them on. Are they too bright? Do you object to the way they look?
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