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  2. As I remember, two of the anchor stores were Joske's (later Dillard's) and J.C. Penney. The Wiki link to old Mall is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town_&_Country_Mall Also, we used to go on the roof of the parking structures and watch the fireworks on July 4th.
  3. When I moved here in 1979, my dad bought me a street map. The key was to the left of Gessner. That was as far west as Houston went! There was literally NOTHING past Gessner! I spent my birthday that year driving up and down Highway 6 looking for Bellaire. Unbeknown to me, they didn't intersect at the time. Not funny then, but VERY funny now.
  4. kayzer


    Westchase was a fun place in the late 70s-early 80s. The secretary where I worked lived at the Woodchase Apartments. They had an art moderne look, with bright blue awnings. This nod to retro in new construction back then was pretty unique (pre-Transco Tower). I thought they were the coolest apartments in town, along with the St. Louis, until the Winwood Apartments were built southwest of there. I happened by Gessner and Westheimer the other day and was mad that they "remodeled" the Woodchase. Now it looks like another dump apartment in Houston. Dumb, dumb developers!
  5. Awww...those Victorians rock!
  6. This needs more publicity to push it over the edge. I signed it, though.
  7. No doubt. And sitting on the market forever. If that house had been renovated properly, it would have been snatched up. Stats don't lie. I wish city ordinances would mandate tax breaks for houses with vintage architecture and that new construction is sympathetic and in keeping with the architecture of the neighborhood. Houston does this crap all the time, and it really fries my okra!
  8. I found out Spring Woods HS was built at the end of the mid-century mod era, in 1965. Thanks, Kelly!
  9. kayzer

    523 Electra

    I'm not surprised about that. When will developers learn? Actually, I prefer the house next door. I almost thought that was the one you were talking about.
  10. Yes! I would like to know. In many cases, this is the first step in getting a structure recognized. (Protected, of course, is another matter, I assume.) Like many people, I aspire to own and preserve a historical building or house. If anyone could apply (and not just the owner, Homeowner's associations, or a preservation group), think of the number of houses and businesses that could be saved in Houston for future generations to admire and enjoy. Compared to many, older cities, we have relatively few architectural footprints left in Houston, recording who we were and what we've become through our history. Our movie houses are gone, along with much of our old business district. Because our big growth spurt came after WWII, mid-century modern is as identifiable with Houston as arts & crafts is with the Midwest and Victorian with San Francisco. We have a better chance than ever to save significant homes/neighborhoods; the Federal government seems more willing than ever to work with us.
  11. There's a cool mod east from there, next to a huge newly constructed house on the opposite side of Tosca. Even the stone walkway is really sweet. It's one of my all-time favorite Houston houses. I think it's something like "12823(?)". I really love that neighborhood.
  12. I moved to Sugar Land when it was Sugarland, but way after segregation. I was told that the old part of town with numbered streets were the white houses and the part of town with lettered streets were for black residents. With this in mind I recall the old M.R. Wood School on Avenue F, which I thought had a very nice design. It apparently has now either been torn down or rebuild beyond recognition. I realize that it probably needed to be enlarged, but I'm sad that another of our old buildings have been lost. Question #1: Where is the former "Sugar Land High School"? From 1950 to 1953, Ken Hall rushed for 11,232 yards for Sugar Land High School. Where is that school today? Question#2: Are there any older existing schools in the area? It seems they all have been torn down. I know both Sugar Land and Mo City each have an old auditorium, but I think that's about it. Of these 3 cities, Stafford is the oldest established town, yet, I have never seen an old school that serviced it. Question#3: Do either Mo City or Stafford have areas which were once segregated and where are they located? Question #4: Does anyone know the history of the large house facing South Main (90A) near Present Street? Question #5: Does anyone have a photo of the old M.R. Wood School they could post? Any information or memories you'd like to share would be awesome. Thanks.
  13. I've been a First Colony resident since '79. We do have mature oak trees and excellent schools with established instructors. Teachers aspire to teach in First Colony Schools; it's a plumb job. Clemens HS is top-notch...check the stats. I see kids walking home from school, often without adult supervision, under huge shady trees looking very happy. Colony Bend Elementary is excellent. There is a lack of after-school programs...however there isn't much interest as there are a lot of stay-at-home or home business moms here. Many kids go to hang out or work in the family business after school. We have three restaurant owners on my street alone! There are about 50% families and 50% empty nesters/or with older kids (like me)...so there is always someone outside gardening or working in their garage during the day. Most neighbors say "hi" and look out for each other; it's very safe. My only complaint is that neighborhoods built in the late 70s-early 80s were often built hurriedly due to the huge jump in population (mostly Rust Belt & Calif. refugees). Sometimes very cheap materials and/or workmanship was involved. Thank goodness, my dad was in construction and knew what he was looking at. Move here...pick a good house that was well maintained, have it inspected and you've got it made. When I moved here there was NOTHING except the town, the prison, Aztec Rental and the sugar mill.....now it's all real purrrdy!
  14. I recently took a class held at Spring Woods High School. I thought it was quite an interesting building, with the curved walled entrance and the courtyard in the center. Does any one know when it was built? I'd like to hear some of your favorite schools. Pictures would be a plus!
  15. I'd for sure get mold and asbestos issues cleared up, but it looks solid and could be spectacular with the right buyer. I agree that it's rather a high asking price in today's market, esp. for a high-end fixer-uper. The low-end quality of the photography doesn't measure up to the high-end property being promoted. That MUST be addressed. Hope a deal can be worked out. It's a fine looking mod.
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