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  1. Anyone planning to attend the Houston Modern Market Feb 22-26 2012 ? Looks interesting and proceeds go to good Houston Mod causes.
  2. Kamrath on the market in Dallas

    Would be great to see how the new owners furnish around such classic modern lines, crossing the fingers too that they dont mess with it
  3. Ashford Mod

    Well hopefully good news after all, good luck again pro-five-oh. Yes, I think we would all be interested to see what Spring Branch has to offer for the Mod seeker. And as always martini's go well with all mid-century modern events. Cheers, Rock.
  4. Ashford Mod

    Thats too bad pro-five-oh, I was hoping for an invite to the post sale rat pack martini party. Check out the Formica House thread listing here. Another questionable but would nice to have property owned by an unreasonable seller. Is the wooded ravine also part of the property? Rock.
  5. Ashford Mod

    Good luck and hope congratulations will be in order soon, pro-five-oh. Actually Im glad you drudged this old thread up as I have been with this site for years and didnt know it existed. I too have looked at the Harvest Moon house to buy. It was during that period in 2005. We must have walked the grounds looking in the windows a dozen times. Really wanted to get it because it just looked so cool. Wife said no. We found another great house to buy in nearby Briar Hills. The house finally sold and was happy to see the new owner seemed to want to preserve its midcentury modern look. I noticed it was for sale earlier this year and once again crossed the fingers that it would stay intact. Again good luck with your bid. Please keep us updated.
  6. May 3 Mod of the Month- 2 Open Houses 2-4

    Excellent, thanks again fish.
  7. May 3 Mod of the Month- 2 Open Houses 2-4

    Its fathers day and my daughter wants to take me to a mod open house today. I just waded through fifty mcmansion listings on HAR before I had enough. Anyone see any mod open houses for today?
  8. Old Parade of Homes Mod

    Thanks jmt for your May 20th update. As much as we would like to see this house remain original, you hit it right on the head when describing the electrical and paint situation. Cool MCM designs yes, mid-century technologies and building materials not so much. Just think of the electrical load of our modern day world would put on a electrical system designed only to have to contend with grandma's hamilton-beach blender. Continued good luck and be safe.
  9. Contemporary Arts Association Tour Houses

    Wow thanks, Willowisp, excellent list. I just got a new GPS so I used the addresses on tour X 1961 to test it out. What a slick way of checking out architecture around Houston, the turn by turn directions make it quick and easy to go from one property to another. I like it that you did not provide pictures with the listings as it makes it kind of a surprise to find out if the house is still there and what it looks like. For tour X all but one of the houses are still there. just McClelland House, 11207 Tyne Court is gone. But even if the house is gone you can still get a sense of flavor of the neighborhood and other homes of the period. Not to say there isn't pressure in the neighborhoods where the others are still standing. 7623 River Point Drive has a sign stating builder will build to suit and 16 Crestwood Dr has a construction fence around it. The tour gives great insight on the evolution of neighborhoods in Houston. You cant really blame a family for wanting to build something new to call there own. The same as the origional home owners did mid-century. True there are a lot of McMansions out there but also really great modern architecture too. Good that the locations are still very valuable and new construction of modern architecture is replacing some of the old ones. Cheers.
  10. Kim, Your going to get a million opinions on this subject. So here's mine. One firm stands out that I know that BenH notes at the top of his list. M+A Architecture Studio. A great "Mom and Pop" design/build firm, who's work has always impressed me. They are very popular on the AIA home tour. Good luck and keep us posted on your search, selection and construction.
  11. Old Parade of Homes Mod

    Hello jmt, Happy New Year. How is your project house doing? This is a great thread because of your photos, thank you for sharing. Hope Atomic Ranch magazine comes calling once it's complete. You are some very strong brave people, Im very impressed. Cheers! -Rock.