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  1. get the project started!!!! I remembered the bowling alley, Judy's, etc. from the 70's. It would be cool thing to put together.
  2. Confederate House, Red Lion, On the Board where Sullivan Steak House is; bring them all back, please!
  3. I am game; have by metro pass and a map! Ready to go!
  4. wasn't that doctor intoxicated while on the job?
  5. Ouch, what else does Galveston have that I did not know about?
  6. I am going to miss that HEB store. It was nice having it down the street when our family stays in Galveston. I was naive to think not that much damage had happen and if it did, rebuild would take no more than 1-2 months. What a ripple effect the hurricane and other external events are having on this wonderful community. I can only image that small-to-medium size business owners with commercial insurance are getting less settlement from the adjusters due to some inverted pos/neg technical insurance provision language that gives the Commercial underwriters a significant hedge at the expense
  7. When the aviator movie was out in 2005?, I believe the Houston Chronicle did an interview with one of Howard Hughes neighbors and class mate at school. I believe her name is Mrs. Pressler and she would have been in her early 90s.
  8. I remember that building across from the Texas Department of Transportation and adjacent to Southern Lumber Company was called "Patroskis Deli" in the late 70's and early 80's. The owner of deli used to live in Timbergrove Manor just North of the Deli. Its been remodeled and of course, has another owner. Hope this helps!
  9. I worked for a capital management group in Houston in 1996 that received a commercial project perspective on the "Heaven on Earth" or former "Holiday Inn" hotel and its marketers were seeking $60,000/unit. I believe the hotel has 410+ hotel rooms. From my perspective, the pricing was quite distended even for 1995 - 1999 property speculation.
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