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  1. You can now see the first floor of the tower portion from the webcam. MainPlace is taking its shape.
  2. Urbannizer

    Car Talk

    Here are more vehicles expected to be availabe soon. 2010 GMC Terrain-Looks really great but, it has the tailights of a toyota Sienna. 2010 Kia Forte Koup- Another Honda Accord coupe anyone? There will be a four-door version as well. 2010 Subaru Outback- Ok to say the least, not a fan of Subaru's. blah. Acura ZDX- Concept car currently but should be available in 2011 or 2012 2011 Grand Jeep Cherokee- Yuck! What were they thinking?! Additional info here http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/ Thoughts?
  3. Another tornado warning, southwest of Houston....
  4. I live in Galveston during the fall, winter and spring months and Bellaire near 610 during the summer but, after this summer ends I won't live in Galveston, staying in Bellaire. Oh, sorry I resurrected this thread.
  5. Looks like construction has started again, also this development did not collaspe.
  6. I pass by the old Buick dealership almost every weekday, theres two garages, located on both sides of the building that face the street (one on Tremont, and the other on M); both are still in use. I don't know if the T-Shirt store is still open though, I don't pay attention.
  7. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=340 ...but, the site is cleared with a fence around it; a sign that includes the name of the developement and the developer's info.
  8. For those that are tooo lazy to watch the video. (Sorry for the quality, the video has bad quality as well.) I hope this will be built sometime soon....
  9. 11ft shorter than OPP at 490ft; OPP is 501ft.
  10. The towers in the video are similar to this rendering from 2007.
  11. Guys theres a video now of this developement in detail, there are two twin towers, 30-40 possibly 50 stories with spires. The video also includes metrorail, palm trees, mid-rise towers etc. The towers are very similiar to renderings I saw before yrs ago (Im looking for the rendering); are different than the others on the website. (Its on the right very small) http://crosstorian.com/southpointe
  12. More good news. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=...&id=6755237 Some of the projects include, extending the Seawall, a Seawall for Bolivar Pennisula and gambling. The Galveston city council will go into more detail on April 17th.
  13. It has been mentioned. Well I was in DT yesterday and took pics of Discovery tower, unforunaetly I did'nt have time to take pics of other projects u/c in DT. Parking garage, crrently on the 1st floor. Oh, I almost forgot about the Glass. (on the left)
  14. Channel 11 is going downhill; Ch.13 should be on BELO. Link please?
  15. Maybe they made the model before they redesigned Regent Square and/or the towers are not part of Phase I.
  16. If its Gensler im expecting a great design for this building!
  17. GameCrazy, Galveston Arlans (25th street), Galveston McDonalds on Broadway, Galveston
  18. This may be the wrong area for this thread but..
  19. They started on the Glass for Discovery Tower today.
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