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  1. The Astrodome has served as a backdrop in a several major motion pictures. But it's about to play the starring role."The Dome" is a documentary film2.gif about the first modern domed stadium, which opened with much fanfare in 1965.

    The film is currently in production and should be completed by the end of the year.


    The documentarians are aligned with another group, trying to convince Harris County to build a set of movie soundstages in the vacant sports stadium.

    "If Houston can provide a world-class unmatched facility for filmmakers to come and use," said "The Dome" producer David Karabinas, "there's no reason to think that all that money, all those filmmakers wouldn't come here and use it."

    A proposal to turn the Astrodome into a 1200-room hotelmag-glass_10x10.gif and retail outlet failed to take root when financing could not be found.

    Meantime, Harris County continues to pay the note on the dome. The debt currently stands at $19.3 million and is scheduled to be paid off in August of 2012.


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  2. grand-texas-site.jpg

    A California real estate agent who relocated to The Woodlands 5 years ago has plans to build a “Texas”-themed theme park on a foreclosed and forested site in Tomball currently zoned as a subdivision. The 100-acre attraction, which developer and EZ Realty broker Monty Galland envisions as “a combination of an adventure park, museum, retail center and agricultural classroom,” will strive to encompass and celebrate “all that is Texas, Texas History and the Old West.”


    He plans to open the first phase of the park at 11598 Holderrieth Rd., between the railroad tracks and FM 2978, by next April. This would include an indoor entertainment center with rock climbing and a mechanical bull, a play area with pony rides and petting zoos, and a “family-friendly” paintball facility. Planned for the following year:

    Wild Texas Frontier, an island filled with activities for all ages, including high ropes courses that traverse a river, canoeing, catch & release fishing, and a giant maze; and The Mansion, a reception hall reminiscent of the Texas State Governors Mansion, which can be used for a wedding reception of up to 400 guests or more intimate business functions.


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  3. By Heather Clark - Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico, Colorado and Texas are applying for federal funds to study the viability of a high-speed rail system in the hopes of putting new life into passenger railroads in the Intermountain West.

    Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said Thursday the 720-mile high-speed rail system would travel at speeds of 110 mph to more than 200 mph from El Paso, Texas, through Albuquerque to Denver.


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  4. 6907622_600x338.jpg

    HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You'll soon notice something different on the roads. There's a new addition to Texas license plates.

    Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Leo Vasquez showed off the new license plates the county will start selling in about a week.


    They will also have a combination of seven letters and numbers to provide enough combinations for vehicles in Texas for 35 years.


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  5. Hundreds of old historic trees are being torn down Wednesday in Galveston. Not everyone is happy about it, but it's a step the city says it needs to take as it continues to recover from Hurricane Ike.

    The city started cutting down trees in its public park. Over the next couple of weeks, it will move on to the airport, city building and local right of way.


    Within the next two weeks, city crews will rip out as many as 11,000 dying and damaged trees from Ike's salty storm surge.

    A forester with the Texas Forestry Service, Pete Smith, is one of the unlikely executioners, deciding which trees will come down.

    Even after ten months, Smith admits he would like to give the trees more time to recover, but the city is working against a deadline of September 12 to qualify for 100% reimbursement from FEMA.

    Smith says the replanting of trees could start this November but, it will likely be at least ten years before we see anything resembling what Galveston used to have.


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  6. I don't know how long this has been in the works, CityKid stumbled across this. The official name for the theme park is 'Grand Texas'.

    The developers of Grand Texas, a western theme park set to open in south Tomball in the Spring (2010), are hopeful their project will accomplish many goals: family friendliness, community gathering, education and fun.

    The wooded property, located on 100 acres on Holderrieth near its intersection with FM 2978, is just inside city limits. The Potpourri, in a previous story, stated the property was just outside city limits.

    The land is currently in the engineering phase, then must be closed on before it can go through rezoning. It is currently zoned for SF-6, which would open it up for development of approximately 600 homes. Before changes can be made to the zoning ordinance to reflect a theme park, there must be two public hearings and two recorded votes, which are not yet scheduled.

    Monty Galland, one of the developers of the property, said he hopes Grand Texas will be a place for families and kids of all ages to to experience the grandeur of the old west and Texas in the 1800s. He and his wife moved to the area from California five years ago, when they fell in love with Texas, its people, and the lifestyle.

    “Here, there’s an enjoyment in the simple pleasures, and that’s really what (Grand Texas) is about,” he said.

    Grand Texas is supposed to consist of several areas, including Boomtown, an indoor entertainment center with rock climbing, a mechanical bull, a giant arcade and other activities; Flint Ranch, an agriculture based play area with pony rides, petting zoos, pig races, hay pavilions, peewee rodeo and exhibits on farming and ranching; and Gunslingers, a state of the art, family friendly paintball facility with four themed fields made out of movie sets and one competition, airball field as well as target ranges. Galland is hopeful these areas, which will incorporate rail and oil history as well, will open in April 2010.

    According to the website, Grand Texas also is to boast Wild Texas Frontier, an island filled with activities for all ages, including high ropes courses that traverse a river, canoeing, catch & release fishing, and a giant maze; and The Mansion, a reception hall reminiscent of the Texas State Governors Mansion, which can be used for a wedding reception of up to 400 guests or more intimate business functions. Galland hopes these parts of the park will open within a year of the park’s projected opening in Spring 2010.

    There is to be no admission fee into the park, though some activities will have ticket charges.

    Galland said he wants one of the park’s major focuses to be on education and field trips for children, especially at Flint Ranch, where agriculture exhibits will take children from “the egg to the chicken.”

    “I believe when you understand cycles of life, you have a better understanding of life in general,” he said.

    He is hopeful the park will be involved in local FFA programs, perhaps providing opportunities for small animals to be housed.

    So far, he and his wife say they have received positive comments on the project from their web site, www.grandtx.com. Comments have come from teachers, thrilled at the possibilities of future field trips.

    Some residents, he said, have expressed concern about traffic and noise, but he believes those will not be issues. He said there is to be approximately 120 feet of forest space surrounding the park, and he would like to maintain as much forest and green space within the park as possible, to be “green” and also keep the old Texas atmosphere.

    more here:

    Tomball Popturri

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  7. Today on the 6:00pm on channel 13 (abc13), they will show plans for a new theme park planned for Tomball. Is Earth Quest's location considered Tomball? Or is this a totally different theme park? The plans they showed in the previews looked similar to some of Earth Quest's plans.

    No. Totally different theme park.

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