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  1. https://news.cision.com/skanska/r/skanska-signs-new-tenant-lease-for-office-tower-in-downtown-houston--texas--usa,c3267109
  2. These are photos of an existing project. I don’t understand why some developers do this instead of posting an actual rendering.
  3. Quick search does wonders. :) http://test21.kalibratecms.com/
  4. Urban Genesis continues to push out new multifamily. These two may be a part of the Arts District
  5. You’re not alone @monarch I too prefer the previous design as it appeared to be more sophisticated and upscale. This one is nice as well; reminds me of something you’d see in Dallas. Nevertheless, good to see the project is moving forward.
  6. Spotted at Discovery Green. Saw a number of people riding them around.
  7. Regent Square with @Highrise Tower. Retail component along Dunlavy coming together.
  8. Been an active member since 09’ and @Highrise Tower is the first HAIFer I’ve met in person haha. He noticed I was in town via Instagram. It was fun, wish I had more time. Would like to meet other members in the future.
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