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  1. Houston Zoo Galapagos Exhibit, Houston Zoo - American Sealants. Inc (amsealinc.com)
  2. I experienced Meow Wolf's Santa Fe location in late 2019, and the Las Vegas location summer of last year. Very cool, and noticeably steps-up from our own Seismique (though I enjoyed Seismique as well). My husband and I got as far as "overthrowing" the front-of-house at Omega Mart, before heading out to see other attractions, but probably had a few hours of effort ahead of us to get to the bottom of the whole thing.
  3. The 2020 'Theme and Museum Index' report from AECOM is now available. HMNS retains it's no. 11 spot amongst US-wide museum attendance (albeit simply because previous rankings from 2019 are held, due to the pandemic). Interesting, and not surprising, to see the attendance drops. The .pdf of the report, here: TEA_408_342874_210923.pdf (teaconnect.org) (Local waterparks also hold at nos. 9, 14, and 15 across those in the States.)
  4. This exact roller coaster attraction, on display at IAAPA's 2021 Expo in Orlando, is to be called 'Rolling Thunder' at Big Rivers Waterpark and Adventures' upcoming 'Fairgrounds' expansion: After the expo, this will be broken-down and shipped to New Caney.
  5. Some Galapagos Islands exhibit progress - per views available to visitors - as of 11/15/21:
  6. I still think the last street section of Avenida should be demoed, and the whole, extended block be developed into something like St. Louis' Union Station: https://www.stlouisunionstation.com/explore A monumental observation wheel like that in Munich could be centered on the Avenida, but w/ the long part of the wheel footprint oriented due-north. Surround the wheel w/ family-friendly diversions, including something like a Legoland Discovery Center. This would give Houston the 3rd-largest observation wheel in the States, after those in Las Vegas and Orlando, and a collection of family-friendly attractions beyond Downtown Aquarium.
  7. Per the Online Visitor Guide, looks like the Hall of the Americas exhibit is closed all the way until September of next year (2022) - Online_Visitor_Guide.pdf (hmns.org) Also, a neat overview/walkthrough of the forthcoming Welch Hall: Matter & Motion: https://vimeo.com/448644590
  8. Hate to gripe about anything, but who approved this play equipment...: https://www.chron.com/houston/article/Discovery-Green-renovated-playground-16047416.php?IPID=Chron-HP-CP-Spotlight ...when these equip aesthetics exist: https://www.playlsi.com/en/commercial-playground-equipment/playgrounds/pioneer-park/#playgroundstory https://www.playlsi.com/en/commercial-playground-equipment/playgrounds/signal-butte-park/ (DG's new play features have a terrible color palate for the location, and the equipment is way too standard-fare.)
  9. Would be very cool if this is what’s slated for the lot...: https://www.usthrillrides.com/gallery?pgid=jg23t492-ddf3c54d-556a-4bf5-a312-1a609afa5d12 but, alas... likely not.
  10. Was able to make it to "Seismique" on its second day of operation - the area's new experiential art attraction, kinda comparable to Santa Fe's "Meow Wolf (House of Eternal Return)" - (Strangely enough, I opened the year with a visit to that latter, there in NM...) The "Seismique" museum attraction is the type which is much needed in the area: funhouse-y, and intriguing for a wide age range. Tickets are arguably on the steep side, but the cost makes sense for the type of immersive experience. It's advertised as having 40 rooms, but the actual number is closer to 30, as best I could count on the map on the museum's mobile app. https://seismique.com/ Worth a visit, to be sure, as you feel safe enough doing so. Lots of hand sanitizer throughout, and of course good on the mask-wearing.
  11. While the Green's new playground equipment is certainly fine-and-good, I kinda wish more modern and/or imposing equipment had been installed. Something like the new 'Hedra Tower' system from LSI, Inc. would've been cool: https://www.playlsi.com/en/commercial-playground-equipment/playgrounds/signal-butte-park/ ...or an overall plan similar to LSI's/Mesa, AZ's Pioneer Park: https://www.playlsi.com/en/commercial-playground-equipment/playgrounds/pioneer-park/#playgroundstory
  12. Flagship retail would certainly be great... I'd still love to see a City Target put in, right along the curved edge of Discovery Green: https://www.bostonherald.com/2015/07/21/opening-day-is-right-on-target/ Back over on Dallas St.: A monumental Lego Store, w/ a Legoland Discovery Center (on the 2nd level of mixed-use, would stretch above other ground-level retail). https://dallasfw.legolanddiscoverycenter.com/whats-inside/a-visit-to-the-ultimate-indoor-lego-playground/ An M&Ms store: https://www.mms.com/en-us/experience-mms/mms-world-stores And maybe even a Crayola Experience (maybe the 2nd level of mixed-use on the other development block): https://www.crayolaexperience.com/plano _____ Other urban diversion centers: Chicago - https://navypier.org/ St. Louis - https://www.stlouisunionstation.com/ Seattle - https://visitseattle.org/neighborhoods/waterfront/ San Francisco - https://www.pier39.com/ San Antonio - http://www.shoprivercenter.com/shops/?genre=fun ^Loaded with observation wheels, flying theaters, Lego experiences, aquariums, mirror mazes, miniature golf, etc... _____
  13. If I were Skanska, I'd try to bring back some of the spirit of the originally-proposed Nau Center for Texas Cultural Heritage, and get some tourism-related attractions in, there along the edge of Discovery Green: I'd put in a heavily-Texas-themed Flying Theater: https://www.super78.com/flying-theaters http://dynamicattractions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Dynamic-Flying-Theater.pdf (See also Seattle's "Wings Over Washington:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaMiqp3Y9kc ) And a put in a large/exploratory, adventure Mirror Maze, showcasing Houston's history: http://mirrormazesint.com/mirror-mazes-international-floor-plans/#infinit1200 (or even better, something more largely experiential like "Nat Geo's Encounter: Ocean Odyssey" in NYC: https://natgeoencounter.com/experience )
  14. Loads of info. in the following Dropbox links, as provided on a Grand Texas Development .pdf, which I found on LinkedIn: Grand Texas - General https://www.dropbox.com/sh/09mhlgabeuu0k7s/AAD4VgIO3aQXlWFL0BgaH59Na?dl=0 Big Rivers Waterpark https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eyomug9a1ry189r/AAASUo5qhCFvGny6HS7lv957a?dl=0 Grove Factory Outlets https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ol0latnncd3he6/AAC-_Cebt8CXPM1Dn69zpD7ua?dl=0 Grand Texas Theme Park Development https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2m1uf5ii4snalpy/AAABLPQ1j1qsGBX5MDZcRsFHa?dl=0
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