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  1. It appears it will be a Smashburger, they just completed one off HWY 249 and Louetta
  2. I noticed off of Highway 249 North between 1960 and Gessner that the Willowbrook Commons has been demolished. Has anyone heard or seen what will be going in place of the Willowbrook Commons????
  3. I noticed that construction has started at the old Circuit City off of 249 and 1960, has anyone heard what is going in that space?????
  4. I have noticed construction going on behind the Luxe Bar & Lounge. Has anyone heard what they planning on building in that location??? The Vintage Park website does not show what tenant will be leasing that location????
  5. I heard from one of the employees that they are opening this coming Friday Nov. 6th
  6. Has anyone heard when this location is scheduled to open????
  7. I just drove pass the Luxe Bar & Lounge this mroning and saw a construction crew, so it appears they are moving forward with opening this location
  8. I was referring to the west side of SH249 where they just completed the the new SH249 bypass.
  9. I noticed that they have cleared the land across from the intersection of SH249 and Holdrieth, has any heard or seen what they are planning on building?????
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