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  1. Words cannot describe how ugly this building is. If they had kept the rounded edges like the original design, this building would have looked much better. Yes it looks better from the front, but not many are going to see it from that view. Most people are going to be driving down I-10 saying to themselves WTF!?!
  2. Who designed this?!...the building is so fugly..not ugly.....FUGLY!! that crown makes the building look evil...like it should be Dr.Evil's secret hideaway are something...horrible!!
  3. I did the best i could...I think this is where embassy suite will be..not sure.
  4. Get a HP Pavilion dv1710us. I got mine on sell at Best Buy for $399. In my opnion dv1710 is the most bang for the buck. It's lightwieght, Fast, reliable & the picture quality is fantastic!!Here are the specs. Full Specifications CPU and Memory Processor Brand Intel Processor Class Celeron M Processor Speed 1.46 GHz Installed Memory 512 MB Maximum Memory 2 GB Memory Technology DDR II SDRAM Cache Size 1 MB Storage Hard Drive Capacity 80 GB Included Drives DVD
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