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  1. I am looking for some help on how to build a deck that would be flush with the rest of my landscaping. Here are some photos of what I am looking to build. Any ideas on the basic framework for this? Photos will be posted soon on my whole backyard landscaping. Questions about the deck build. Would the wood on the deck be touching the soil below or should it be dug down to avoid direct contact? Draining concern -Should I be concerned about digging the deck lower than the rest of the landscaping? What type of wood should I use that would be long lasting and econimical? Share any other concerns I should have about having a flush deck.
  2. Are these examples from your home? Where did you get the kitchen green tiles? Thanks, Jorge
  3. I had an old plycraft lounge (like herman miller) restored by corporate outfitters in the warehouse district Houston. Good prices too.
  4. I recently bought a mid century ranch that has had the kitchen remodeled. I know it's not a mid century kitchen for you purists out there. However, I paid for the remodeled kitchen in the purchase price of the home so I will not be remodeling it since it's all new. I do need to put up a back splash because I'm getting oil slashes behind the oven. Can I get some suggestions on tile types that will add some color and not be out dated in 5-10 years. I've been considering glass mosaics 1x1, glass mosaic subway tiles or basic white 3x6 subway tiles from home depot. About the kitchen:The countertop is a sandy colored granite with some black speckling. In the dinning room directly across I have the color theme of light green via my saarinen executive chairs (wood leg). The colors in the kitchen are very neutral and will accept just about any color. Please help! Thanks Jorge kitchen.html
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