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  1. Yes, they do. Google Earth might be able to help with a count too.
  2. I know it floods east of there - White Oak Bayou around south Inwood (Antoine & Tidwell). That's pretty far from you however.
  3. I've noticed that the nicer homes are found on the north-east side of Garden Villas. Its a unique subdivision to say the least.
  4. Alief is outside the beltway though.
  5. Touching on something said above, I've felt like the Dallas retail market is more for the professional (meaning someone who is in the retail industry - and not merely someone with a masters), and Houston is more for the consumer (meaning those who are fashionable - but not in the industry). Thoughts?
  6. Maybe all the anti-depressant & ADD prescriptions are keeping them all afloat.
  7. So hopefully now, they can do something more practical and useful with Galleria 3?
  8. Not nessessarily. The people that go to a theater are what makes it ghetto - not the name of the theater itself.
  9. Think of the worst thing you've ever done in a hotel-room. Now, imagine that happening by a different person at least once a week. People treat hotels like rental cars.
  10. I'm in no way defending houstonsemipro, as I like to take people downtown as often as possible - but at the same time, not all burbs were created equal. Sugarland Town Center, Woodlands Town Square, and Kemah Boardwalk are 3 suburbian destinations that pack more than chain restuarants (Chili's, TGIF, Applebees, or Black Eyed Pea) and lower end motels. These areas offer unique dining, 3 star accomdations and are sometimes actually more convientent for the out of towner. Another area is Westchase. I know I harp on it as the "next Uptown", but it really has a lot going. Just for kicks, go hang o
  11. I think it depends on what you're shopping for also, as to which city better serves you with selection. For an average joe like myself, I haven't found myself upset over a certain store not being here vs Dallas. I'd have to say, even if I were rich, I don't know if I'd shop at any of those stores on the 2nd level of Galleria 1.
  12. Its slightly depressing to go to SSP and not see the WTC on the top ten world's tallest buildings list anymore.
  13. This is great for us on the west side that have had to choose between ghetto tinsel-town Westchase, and the overly busy AMC 30 on Dunvale. I wonder where at on the property they're going to build it?
  14. Then why don't they spit & scratch in golf?
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