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  1. Are these being built spec? If not, who is buying these? Anyone seen a listing?
  2. I think even something on the scale and glitz of the flagship store in Austin would fail in this location - this was a real head-scratcher to me from the very beginning. There is no market for this type of store here, at least not right now, and the nearby WF's serve to only cannibalize what little market this thing has... that said, I have no doubt that dropping this store in the Waugh location and it'd be a huge success. I fear this WF will be gone in 12 months unless the foot traffic in the overall BLVD place development picks up exponentially, like on the scale of City Centre.
  3. Is something replacing the current Willie G's on Post Oak? This little stretch of Uptown is getting crammed with towers.
  4. It's possible, but they were near the store's driveway off San Felipe.
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw survey guys on the property this morning, right by the Verizon store.
  6. All of the recent and planned residential development in the area follows a similar pattern, i.e. gated and completely closed off from the surrounding community, although on a much smaller scale in comparison to this Hines project. I can't really blame developers at this point because they are the first movers in this area and there is literally NO immediate neighborhood that homebuyers would want to interact with. If this brownfield to residential redevelopment trend continues, it would be such a tragedy to be left with dozens of similar style developments, completely cutoff from each other, islands to themselves, especially when you have the polar opposite in a 60 year old neighborhood immediately to the east.
  7. This is a bit of old news, but I couldn't find any discussion of it on HAIF, or really anywhere for that matter. Does anyone have any more information on this development? http://www.hines.com/press/releases/10813.aspx
  8. Seems like an odd location, that area is not very accessible
  9. Not to get back on-topic or anything, but did anyone else happen to see the LA Fitness tent up at the Studemont Kroger a couple days ago? I didn't have a chance to stop but I would imagine it has something to do with this development.
  10. Long story short - my previous apartment complex had the nerve to charge me for carpet cleaning and touch up paint for an apartment they ADMITTEDLY gutted down to the drywall and subfloor. They say that they are within their rights to do this (i.e. they get to collect hypothetical charges), but in my mind it seems at least highly unethical, if not an outright fraud to make me pay them for costs they will never incur. This is completely aside form the fact that carpet and touch up paint are usually defined as normal wear and tear. What kind of recourse do I have in this situation outside of taking these crooks to court? Will talking to the TAA lead to anything substantial or is that a dead end? The dollars involved in here are immaterial, but I have had a litany of issues with management since they acquired the property from AMLI at the end of 2012, and I consider this to be the last straw. I am absolutely frustrated and feel like I (along with all other tenants) are getting swindled here, so any advice is appreciated.
  11. For what it's worth - I had a conversation with a Chevron employee who just moved into my apartment complex this weekend, he was just transferred in from CA office. He seemed to be aware of the new tower...
  12. Given its proximity to their HQ, my guess is that it's for Apache employees. Southwestern Energy did something similar recently by raffling off several CNG cars to employees, I wonder if Apache is doing the same? Edit: Bingo http://www.apachecorp.com/News/Articles/View_Article.aspx?Article.ItemID=2905
  13. There is quite a bit of on street parking on Memorial Heights drive, which is a short walk to the pedestrian bridge running by Studemont.
  14. Looks like the Dallas location has a 54 hole mini-golf course... and a nice one at that. Just wish it was a little close into town.
  15. Westheimer at River Oaks Blvd... this light is agonizingly long for no apparent reason. Very frustrating when heading east on Westheimer getting stopped at Buff. Speedway, then this stupid light just a block away.
  16. I doubt they are remodeling as the complex is less than 2 years old... I'm just trying to think where this could probably go? Maybe on that Interfin lot that's on the NW corner of Weslalyan & W. Alabama?
  17. The comments in the chron article are hilarious
  18. Wasn't that the old name of their 33 Thirty-Three development on Weslayan behind the Costco?
  19. Article in the Chron today about Phoenicia Most interesting is the quote at the end from Finger... total speculation, but nice to hear nonetheless Either The Finger Companies or another developer will announce a new residential tower within a year given the increased activity in east downtown, he predicted. "If you look south of here, there are so many parking lots that could be developed. I want everyone to send me a thank you note when they start building here," he joked.
  20. Not that I think this will ever get built, but I'm left wondering why? What is the purpose of this thing? Is it supposed to be an Olympic village? I snipped a few renderings from Urbanica's site - there are several more not included below.
  21. There's a small "trash box" outside each apartment... I'm pretty sure every Camden has this
  22. The highrises are part of a different development, River Oaks District, which has been delayed.
  23. Anyone else see the "clothing optional" sundeck?
  24. Looks like a shot of Deloitte's new space, probably under construction at the time
  25. Has there been any official news on the River Oaks District / Westcreek? That was one of my favorites. Also, hello HAIF! First time poster, long time reader (or lurker )
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