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  1. yes! 1960 is the main artery for northside.. why make it look like trash the way it does now? green medians and get rid of that clutter of signs and countless driveways
  2. From chron.com.. Medians divide FM 1960 community I personally think the medians will decrease accidents a lot, especially if they make the medians a dedicated left turn like it is on westheimer, accidents have gotten way out of hand. Plus, if 1960 becomes safer, more people would travel on 1960 instead of avoiding it and can increase business for area merchants. Any other thoughts?
  3. yeah thats pretty much accurate.. UHD..UHV..UHCL are under the UH system but not under UH-Main campus.. just like UT-San Antonio and UT-Arlington, etc are under the UT system but not UT-Austin.. Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch run under the UH System since they offer classes from UHD UHV UHCL and UH-Main
  4. UH wanted to expand to the Northwest but was blocked by Prairie View A&M and the THECB sided with A&M. They thought UH expanding to the northwest would compete with their school for students in the NW. There are more then enough people in the northwest to serve both schools and not only that the they mainly serve two different populations anyways since Prairie View is a historically black university. UH is now able to go around this by collaborating with Lone Star.. which maybe why Lone Star is trying to acquire land. http://www.thedailycougar.com/board-consid...ystem-1.1361692
  5. the new calhoun lofts are for grad students, and i'm pretty sure if they dont get enough grad students they will open it up for upperclass man as well.. also there is a plan in the works to build new dorms off of wheeler in the summer so UH is definantly making an effort to increase the on campus population
  6. UH I believe has now approved the construction of three new buildings, with two of them being around the business/engineering section and the third to be an addition to the optometry school. http://uh.edu/plantops/fpc/Bauer_Business_Building_III.html http://uh.edu/plantops/fpc/Engineering_Stu...s_Building.html http://uh.edu/plantops/fpc/Optometry_Addition.html as a UH student, I'm thrilled that the school is expanding.. but they need to start focusing on other parts of the campus instead of that corner where Bauer is.
  7. yes i hope that this can be a kickoff to revitilizing the area since the building looks old and unused its finally being put to some use and UH can lead the way in wind and alternative energies. only fitting for UH being in the middle of the energy capital of the world.
  8. This was just posted on the Daily Cougar.. "The UH-led Lone Star Wind Alliance is a cooperative partnership between corporations, such as the Houston Advanced Research Center, British Petroleum, Huntsman and Shell Wind, and several universities, including the University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. The goal of this partnership is to research wind energy, train faculty and develop undergraduate research, Birx said. Another major step was the purchase of an industrial research facility. Schlumberger Complex, a 550-acre complex, will serve as the future site of the UH E
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