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  1. Found this obit for Houston Architect Mike Verges. Helped with the design on the Dome and studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and built a really neat Usonian style home off Hiram Clarke. His house at 4421 Simsbrook is worth a drive past if you are in the area. Anyone know of other homes he did in Houston? http://www.legacy.co...5048&fhid=10885
  2. I say paint! I think I have seen this house. Timbergrove? Cool place!
  3. No additional info on the property, but I just made the same comment to my husband Monday. It is a neat building.
  4. I thought I won the MCM jackpot when I bought my incredible patio set from the Wigton house. It is a really neat house and the family selling it had said they wanted someone to buy it and love it as much as they had. The window in the front was worth buying the house IMO. Hope someone buys it and loves it for what it is.
  5. Pineapple Express- the house where Gary Coles character lives is amazing. Mullholland Drive- the house in the scene where Billy Ray Cyrus beats the crap out of Justin Theroux. Funny stuff. Bottlerocket- Bobs house in Dallas- I think it is my favorite MCM movie house. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind- the house Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell buy together. The whole movie is very mod and hip. Crybaby- Traci Lords house when she is running away from home- the whole neighborhood looks amazing. Virgin Suicides- the Lisbon house I hate to admit this one, but the Cullens house in Twilight is pretty rad as well.
  6. Yeah, there is something about this house that just doesn't sit right with me too. I love a great mod house, but this one is just off.
  7. Auroras house is on 3060 Locke Lane, right off of Kirby and Westheimer. It still looks exactly the same as it did in the movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086425/locations
  8. Bonhomme is an awesome street. Drive down Treefrog at the end of it one day. You will forget you are in SW Houston. Yes, the schools stink, but there are some great ones in adjacent neighborhoods. Make HISD magnet vanguard work for you!
  9. And cheap too. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  10. I also went to Ed White. The atrium off of Jorine was awesome. The only time we were allowed in was for messy projects, etc. If I remember correctly there was a bird bath or a fountain in the center? I also remember the outdoor patio/classroom in the center of the school. I always thought it was an empty swimming pool when I was little. I wonder if I flash my HISD badge they will let me in to snap some photos.
  11. Ed White Elementary, Pat Neff Elementary, Fondren Middle School, Sinclair Elementary
  12. Hello all! Does anyone have any information on the mission style school house located in Booth? Thanks!
  13. In smelled it in Westchase at about 6:30 am and by Hobby at 7 am. Both locations it was strong like there was a fire near.
  14. There is an older house in Bellaire behind the high school on the corner of Pine and Ferris that I heard had a bomb shelter. There is a large hill in the front yard.
  15. Hello all! I thought MCM home enthusiasts would also be MCM furniture lovers too. I have an old Plycraft lounger and ottoman that needs to be repaired and recovered. Anyone have any good recs for mod furniture repair in Houston? Thanks
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