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  1. Thanks for your reply. It was a very hard decision, but we ended up going with The Village mainly because it is right next to a shopping center, thus hopefully avoiding the need to buy a second car for the time being. Who knows, though, with the heat of summer (most of the year I've heard) I may break down and end up getting a set of wheels anyway. Will have to check out Hotel ZaZa someday just so I can be reminded of Paris' charm...when I'm sober! ;-)
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I, too, love Hermann Park and am partly attracted to The Amalfi because of the park and the museums. However, I wonder how much I would enjoy the park once the temperatures soar. Is the light rail used often? Having just moved from Paris, I was very dependent on public transportation, but I'm not sure how popular it is here in Houston...
  3. I just arrived in Houston this weekend and have been searching for a new apartment for my husband and 9 month old. It's been a grueling process, but I think we've narrowed our search down to 2 complexes: The Village at West University (at 5151 Edloe near the 59) and The Amalfi at Hermann Park. I've read all the reviews of The Village on apartmentratings.com but for some reason can't find a single review of The Amalfi anywhere on the internet (they opened in May 2008 I believe). Does anyone have any experience or feedback regarding either of these 2 complexes? The Village seems to be in a prime location in terms of walking distance to Kroger, shops, and restaurants, but the crime (apartment and auto break-ins) that I've read about is worrying, especially since I have a 9 month old. Apparently TV Max is also a problem at The Village according to the reviews I have read. I fell in love with The Amalfi as soon as I saw it, but I find it kinda weird that I can't find a single review of the complex online. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...many thanks!
  4. Thanks for your tips. We arrived in Houston yesterday. I'm definitely going to check out the library with the children's books/reading sessions. After driving around different neighborhoods, I've gotten the feeling that there are plenty of fun things (in close proximity) to do with kids in the museum district. Any ideas if that area is relatively safe? I liked what I saw but lack an insider/native perspective...
  5. Many thanks for your input. We arrived in Houston today, and based on what we've seen around Hermann Park, I think we're going to aim for that area. It especially seems to be full of child-friendly activities... Many thanks for your input. We checked out a few areas today (we flew into Houston today) and have added Memorial Park to our list of places to check out this weekend. Will definitely keep your tips in mind...
  6. I'm an American that is moving back to the US from Paris, France. My husband works for an international energy company in west Houston around the I-10 and the 6, and we have a 9-month old. We will be renting an apartment, as we don't know how long we'll be in Houston. I would like to live in an area where I can take my baby out and about without having to spend too much time in a car. In fact, I would prefer to be within walking distance from an assortment of family-friendly activities (park, zoo, museums, library, etc.) and shops, grocery stores, etc. However, I realize I may be deluding myself after everything I've heard about Houston being a car-town. We've been told that we might like the Hermann Park and W University Place areas (despite the long distance from my husband's work). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
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