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  1. Time lapse video of dome being inflated.
  2. Heck, I eat dinner at 4:30-5:30 almost every day.
  3. gmac

    1411 W. Alabama

    Key Maps Store previously EDIT: Interestingly also the address for Seawall Specialty Co., which had many historical prints/publications.
  4. Great shots @ChannelTwoNews! Especially like the second photo. These show just how huge the project is.
  5. gmac

    Where Am I?

    2219 Canal St.?
  6. Because right now it exists only in people's imaginations. I have ridden tens of thousands of miles on trains in my life. They serve their purpose, but not here, in my mind. I understand that others heartily disagree with me.
  7. Just as most of you love skyscrapers, a concept I find to be outmoded (I'm more of a low-rise architecture fan), you appear to love this fantastical train idea. I would prefer public investments go to designing and implementing highway changes/upgrades to safely handle autonomous vehicles. Let's see what happens. I'm willing to bet that if this thing does come to fruition it will cost north of $40 billion and a large chunk of that will be taken from the public wallet.
  8. "...monies we hope to receive from President Trump's infrastructure stimulus through the Department of Transportation" that money is not a loan The original proposals for this project touted private money only. They assured folks that no tax money would be used. As expected, that was a lie.
  9. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Beautiful vista, by the way!
  10. And so it begins... private tentacles reaching into the public trough.
  11. One more clip, this time from the Jan. 9, 1910 Houston Post
  12. Here is a clipping from the May 22, 1909 Houston Post about a race meeting at Harrisburg Road Track
  13. 60,000 actually, but incredibly impressive nonetheless The protesters on horseback have to be the most Houston thing ever.
  14. Found a small ad for the Fannin Hotel at 609 1/2 Fannin in the 1930 Chronicle. "Heart of city. Special rates. Preston 9747." In 1953, the address was given as 3920 Fannin. It seemed to still be there until at least 1970.
  15. The photo indeed came through! I couldn't find any other listing for a "Fannin Hotel" in Houston, but it's possible I missed something.
  16. The Fannin House? Here's a selection from an old book (https://archive.org/stream/houstonahistory00writmiss/houstonahistory00writmiss_djvu.txt) -- "With the outbreak of the Civil War, the inns were again as crowded as in the early days. Men complained of being obliged to sleep "three in a bed." Rank ing Confederate officers hurried -in and out of their favorite hotel, the Fannin House, which had been built on Fannin Street, near Congress. The Old Capitol, enjoying a renaissance, glittered with gold braid and sabers. But the Houston House had become a ghost. Where it once stood now rose the brick walls of the Perkins Building. As in the old days, arguments sometimes led to violence. Col. G. W. Baylor, commanding soldiers encamped at Hempstead, charged Maj. Gen. John A. Wharton with being a demagogue: "You, sir! You have always borne upon me!" They met again at the Fannin House, and after heated words General Wharton struck at the colonel. Baylor shot and killed the general. Two famed inscriptions appeared on the printed bill of fare of the Fannin House when it came under the management of Colonel Hadley, who had directed the Old Capitol in its days of prominence. One was: "Children at the first table, full price. At the second table, half price." The other appeared in bold type at the bottom of the card: "For Entertaining a Drunken Man, per day, $10."" May be the same publication as this one, which is as racist as one would expect from those days -- https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/51498792/houston-history-and-guide-pdf-southern-usa-visitor-information
  17. For you it may be more distracting and less productive, but for many it is more productive to work from home. Not as many chatty Cathy/talky Ted types interrupting all day.
  18. A little bit touchy, are we? I'm not real fond of our government employees using their positions to get favorable treatment, which is what happened in her case. But if you're OK with it, great. Rock on. You do you, hoss.
  19. I thought I recognized that name from somewhere... https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/there-is-video-of-the-dwi-stop-of-district-appeals-court-judge-nora-longoria-after-all/
  20. Sorry to have confused you with links to facts. You obviously have an agenda, so have a good day, sir.
  21. https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/fwe15 https://houstonhistorymagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/jospeh-finger.pdf https://houstonhistorymagazine.org/2014/07/macgregor-park-a-gift-to-houston/ I could go on, but why? Google works for you as well as it does for me, @hbcu
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