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  1. Where else are they going to park? At least this design keeps them above the flood waters.
  2. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I think you meant to say that the high-speed rail folks have made wildly overstated claims that are grossly untrue. Their numbers were pulled out of something rather less savory than a hat. I get that some of you want a magic train. Problem is, the money is just not there to either build it, or keep it operating, without huge public subsidies.
  3. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Losing how?
  4. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    There is a serious fight against this project in the countryside, and the backers of the HSR don't have the funding to make it happen yet.
  5. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    PR BS. That fantasy train isn't getting off the ground any time soon.
  6. Goodell Monorail
  7. Goodell Monorail
  8. 100 Years Of Magnolia Park

    Don't know if this helps, but -- Christian Temple Assembly of God The merging of Oak-Lawn Assembly of God and Magnolia Park Assembly of God formed this church in 1976. Don and Susan Nordin are pastors of the church located at 9701 Almeda Genoa Road. (
  9. Downtown Apartment Market

    Truth hurts, but it's still the truth. When Target sees that it can make as much money as it deems necessary, it will likely open a location downtown.
  10. Downtown Apartment Market

    I'm sure if Target execs thought they could make good money in a downtown Houston location, there would be one.
  11. Cars Ruining Cities

    Got a link to any proof of this?
  12. Cars Ruining Cities

    Your numbers are highly questionable.
  13. Who is protesting? I'm just disagreeing with you, because I think you're wrong.
  14. You're a liar, apparently, since you did just call me a name. Look, I know you probably are deeply in love with your idea of a perfect "downtown" filled with soaring skyscrapers, etc. It's also possible for others, i.e. me, to prefer development to go in another direction. Architecture isn't just about BIG buildings. I find great joy in a perfectly designed farmhouse and well-thought-out neighborhood of affordable homes. I wish the city government had spent as much money on revitalizing areas where poor people could still afford to live, but that's never going to happen when developers are the ones keeping the politicians' pockets lined with cash.