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  1. They can shop at the GFR and take their chances after...
  2. I assume you're asking me. By private companies using eminent domain? Sure.
  3. Nope. I think the bill is much needed to repair our crumbling infrastructure nationwide. I just don't want to spend money on a fairy-dust land grab. You can bet I have already been in touch, since this boondoggle first came into being.
  4. I knew the rascals who are trying to build that rail line would get their snouts in the trough. Why spend your own money when you can snag it from Uncle Sugar!
  5. Pretzels. They need to have pretzels!
  6. Nope. I get much more upset by automobile drivers who flout the laws. I've never seen a cyclist kill someone else by breaking the law.
  7. Cyclists are fine as long as they follow all the traffic laws. Blowing through stop signs is a sure recipe to end up as an asphalt pizza with human topping.
  8. Especially if there are Germans marching down the boulevard under said trees.
  9. I was impressed with some of the ideas, not so much with others. The idea of moving Greenspoint apartment dwellers into high-rises is NOT a good idea at all, as it brings back bad memories of Chicago and London tower blocks that went straight in the dumper. The storm-resilient homes looked very good.
  10. Dawn Burrell was also an Olympian in track and field (2000) and the world indoor champion in the long jump in 2001. Her older brother, Leroy, is the former world record holder in the 100 meters and is currently head coach at UH. Quite a family!
  11. On the smaller floorplans, there is this note: ***Essential Employee Program - Maximum income limits on this floor plan. Call for details!
  12. "The 300-unit complex, called the Exchange, will have 50 percent of its units reserved for renters making between 60 and 80 percent of the area median income (or as much as $42,750)" This is the part that threw me. If 50% of the units are for lower-income renters, are those folks supposed to have some kind of secret signal that lets the complex know? I get what you're saying about not upsetting the other renters, but this is a bit secretive to me.
  13. Cheapest place at The Exchange is $1260 for a 530 sf studio. Yikes. I thought there were supposed to be some affordable units in this complex, according to some info previously posted in this thread.
  14. Wow! I remember flying Some Country (is where your baggage ends up) in the early 90s to MSP. Like a Greyhound with wings.
  15. You threw out a sweeping generalization about "suburbia", when there are actually very walkable neighborhoods in many of the outlying areas. People in Katy/Cypress/Spring can actually safely walk to stores, restaurants, churches, bars... you name it. The walk may be a half mile, or maybe a couple blocks, but it's eminently doable. What many people DON'T want is a bar right next door with the concomitant issues of noise and traffic. That's no more unreasonable than not wanting a bunch of storage units plopped next door. OTOH, if the bars/entertainment were already there when you purchased
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