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  1. I think this would be a very kind thing to do, and if it results in even one job found it will be very much worth it!
  2. There may be some extensive drainage work that needs to be done, like was done on some other major routes in that area.
  3. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Boomtown Coffee on Congress?
  4. Saw that as my train rolled past in 1976. Did a double-take.
  5. Luxury flats for rich people, of course! https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/iconic-battersea-power-station-development-is-hit-by-covid/ss-BB18lrTo#interstitial=3
  6. People use convenience stores because they're... convenient. Doesn't matter if they sell gas or not. Just like the old corner store.
  7. gmac

    Where Am I?

    2201 Harvard
  8. Lived in one in another city for nine months and it was terrible. I would never live in any kind of high-rise again. Then again, I would never live in a part of town where there WERE high-rise buildings again. I like having some separation from my neighbors. Plus, I can't afford even the lowest-priced options, I would imagine.
  9. That would be a Moscow specialty 😉
  10. Interesting aside... this building was next door to Jimmie Green's place, and he bought it to tear down and expand his business (I assume). It was called the Bible Cyclorama.
  11. Not great quality at all, but this is from the January 28, 1955 Chronicle story about the opening of the dealership.
  12. "Don't Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk" is pretty catchy, too. Those people scare me when they zip past with no warning.
  13. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Of the many message boards I visit, this is my favorite thread. Thank you, as always, for the great photos!
  14. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Calhoun Lofts at UH?
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