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  1. Those facilities should have been built in or near downtown before they went with the luxury high-rises. Economically disadvantaged folks would likely do better getting on their feet when they are close to the organizations that support them, with decent transportation options.
  2. Are you really surprised that this is a problem? Almost every major downtown area in the U.S. suffers from the same issue, no matter how much "revitalization" has happened. Where are these folks supposed to go? There's no affordable housing and extremely limited mental health treatment opportunities.
  3. "Food" doesn't necessarily have to include liquor. You can have a grocery store that doesn't sell booze.
  4. I think people should be able to build/buy whatever type of home they prefer. Crazy concept, I know.
  5. Wonder what effect the roots would have on the surface after a couple years. It would indeed be good to have them, and they seem to work in Target and grocery store lots around town.
  6. Breaks my heart to be ignored by someone as astute as CrackpotandGrovel. As to your question @cspwal it would be beneficial for that lot to become a decent small grocery store. The new HEB at 288 & MacGregor will be great for the Third Ward as a whole, but a smaller-footprint place could be very successful at McGowen & Scott. Given the history of Houston, though, it's more likely to be a nail shop and a liquor store.
  7. No, you wrote "for the property zoned for commercial use" which is clearly incorrect. Just take the (minor) L and move on.
  8. How about we DON'T rebuild it and just have businesses located in widespread places? "Downtown" is such an outdated idea and causes so many issues. I would like to have a big park with a nice water feature for all the birds and wildlife where City Hall is 😁
  9. I would be super pumped if that happened! 😂
  10. Can't be true. Golden doesn't have salt bagels on the menu.
  11. Your plan is no good once the electric car movement gains momentum. Then how do we charge people? Those vehicles don't use gas, but they certainly use the roads. Per-mile charges are forward-looking. If you drive a lot of miles out of state, oh well.
  12. What's this "we" kemosabe?
  13. Is this what you were looking for? https://houstontx.gov/planning/Publications/listsrv/WebeReport.html
  14. If that's a bike lane pictured, it's a death trap.
  15. Probably because he/she doesn't live on Pecore.
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