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  1. Shouldn't be giving out breaks to anyone at this point. If you want to build, build, but you (the developer) pay for it.
  2. Very cool use of the property.
  3. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Looks like maybe the south deck of UHD?
  4. gmac

    Skyline update

    Tranquility Park is a nice park in a good spot for a park. Don't need another skyscraper downtown, especially in that location.
  5. Can't really disagree with that 🤣😂
  6. Yep. To prepare for building my new million-dollar mansion, I mowed my lawn today.
  7. gmac

    Where Am I?

    Harrisburg Hike & Bike Trail (near Bryan Street)
  8. How many magic doubloons is that?
  9. They should rename it Nextdog for all the "missing" fur babies. Often wondered how painful it was to give birth to that dog/cat.
  10. You're going to drive yourself bonkers wishing and hoping Houston will become something it is not, and likely will never be.
  11. I couldn't tell from the renderings where the unicorn stables are going to be located.
  12. According to this listing, not yet it appears. http://evergreentx.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Post-Oak-Site-Plan-181008.pdf
  13. Interesting sidetrack... Houston's "superneighborhoods". Lazybrook/Timbergrove is one. https://sites.google.com/site/superneighborhood14/home http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Demographics/docs_pdfs/SN/14_LazybrookTimbergrove.pdf I may be very late to the game, but found this quite educational.
  14. Structure is so large now I couldn't fit it all in the shot. Mindboggling how large these warehouse stores are. Will try and get some shots from the other side closest to I-10.
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