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  1. For clarity, I'm wondering if anyone has a company they recommend that does wrought iron work. I'm not seeking ideas on how to fix it myself.
  2. Our wrought iron fence needs some repairs. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. I just saw a post online that a new dessert shop was openning at 512 W. 19th St., in the same strip as Collina's and Penzey's Spices. Can't wait to try it. http://fredeatshouston.typepad.com/wwwfredeatshoustoncom/2009/11/dessert-shoppe-opening-on-19th-street.html
  4. I don't think it's related to Shade in the Heights but in case you're interested, the owners of Shade are opening a restaraunt called Canopy in Montrose. http://blog.cleverley.com/2009/11/05/claire-smith-announces-new-restaurant--canopy.aspx
  5. There's a post about Stella Sola on the Houston Press blog, Eating Our Words... http://blogs.houstonpress.com/eating/2009/11/tripletail_stella.php
  6. Isn't Prive and Heights Sports Lounge closed? Both look like they've been abandoned. If 11th Street is under new management, has the menu changed? I'd love to see something that isn't fried or full of grease on the menu. Also, the place could use a little TLC inside. There's so much potential with that location!
  7. Regarding #5, why not keep Shepherd Dr./Durham as the main thoroughfare to I-10???
  8. Home in the Heights blogger, Martin Hajovsky, recently posted this on Chron.com. Yale resident and longtime Heights volunteer Debra Broman is sounding the alarm about the possible destruction of the live oak trees that line Yale Street from Interstate 10 to Loop 610. According to Broman, a former Heights Association Citizen of the Year, the city's plans to widen the street pose a serious danger to these trees, almost all of which were planted by volunteers, including Broman, in the 1980s. No matter what you think about the need for Yale to be resurfaced (I know I for one am tired the poor qua
  9. I just received an email from the owners of Big Mamou and thought you'd be interested in what it said. Sounds like they are listening to their customers which is always a good sign. Friends and Neighbors, Rufus and I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and support. The overall response from the neighborhood has been terrific! We're still working from our "Soft Opening" menu, but we are adding items each week, such as bread pudding with Jack Daniel's Whisky Sauce and Pasta Wednesday (last week was a shrimp and crawfish linguini scampi-style). This week we are adding Dirty Rice t
  10. The article below was in the Houston Heights Association's Jan. 2008 Newsletter. I'm guessing they're just running behind schedule. 2008 City of Houston Construction Plans for the Heights Construction is scheduled to start in May or June on the Hike & Bike trail on Nicholson Street and the old MKT railroad right-of way. By the end of the year, bicyclists should be able to ride from 19th street to downtown Houston on the new trail. The city's Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Program has scheduled to rebuild portions of Cortlandt St. and Oxford St. in 2008. The project will remove all
  11. I went to the Big Mamou this weekend. I had the catfish poboy, my friend had the shrimp poboy, and we shared a bowl of gumbo. Overall, we were both pleased with the food - especially for the price. We both had a lot more than 5 pieces of fish/shrimp. It's a casual place where you order at the counter, grab a beer out of the cooler and then sit and wait for your food to come out (which didn't take long at all). I'm anxious to try them again once they have their full menu available. I also noticed a sign that said they would serve brunch starting the middle of April. Another friend of m
  12. They have a place on their Web site to make comments. Maybe we could convince them to add Abita to their beer selection. I'm sure they would appreciate suggestions from the neighborhood. http://thebigmamou.com/contactus.html I haven't been yet but plan on trying it out this weekend.
  13. How or why? There's plenty of retail space in that whole strip for them to take over to make it a huge store. I just wonder why they don't focus on quality of products and service instead of quantity of space. I don't recall too many comments about the current space being too small. Most of the comments have been about the expired products, lack of cleanliness and the horrible customer service from the employees.
  14. I've been driving out to Bunker Hill for my groceries too so I haven't been in the Krogers to see if there are any signs yet of a renovation or major improvements. Is there any signs of hope??? I wish they would do something. Although it will take a lot to convince me to switch back from HEB. Like everyone is saying, the selection is great and the employees are wonderful. Plus, no horrible smells.
  15. It looks like the Big MaMou is open now on Studewood. http://thebigmamou.com/index.html Has anyone tried it yet? If it's good, then at least we now have a Cajun restaurant in the Heights.
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