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  1. It's strange that the Post would misidentify the Lt. Governor, Allen Shivers. "Gov. Jester's death, attributed to natural causes by Justice of the Peace Tom Maes and Dr. Howard L. Evans, automatically made Lt. Gov. Allan Shriver chief executive of the state."
  2. How about a replica of the Laura, the first steam ship to navigate Buffalo Bayou to Houston in January of 1837?
  3. Of course there will be GFR. Every U-Haul store that I've been to sells moving boxes, tape for the boxes, and locks for the storage rooms. You don't even have to be renting a space to buy this stuff. Maybe it will incorporate a Starbuck's too. Folks will need a little jolt to unload all there stuff into their storage spaces.
  4. There's this in West U. The coolest thing about it is the loom in one of the second story rooms. https://www.har.com/6701-brompton-road/sale_2845458
  5. What a great mid-century mod! The bathrooms are so right especially with the angled-front drawers in the one with the pink tile. I sure hope the new owner resists any urge to "modernize." There is a ranch in my neighborhood built in 1960 for sale (already under contract actually). It is truly a time-warp and appears to be in great condition and well maintained. Unfortunately(?) it sits on a 10,000 square-foot lot so it's future my not be a happy one. https://www.har.com/6623-vanderbilt-street/sale_62136555 The listing even shows a McMansion under construction directly across the street to suggest the possible fate of this house. I guess if one is plunking down $1.4M (+ the price of demolition) a 2,000 sq. ft. 60-year-old structure just won't do. One will notice there is also an image of a pretty nice mod immediately to the south of the subject property. I would guess its future is also precarious.
  6. I like the photo with the palm too. I wonder how Tradition compares with Brookdale further north on Buffalo Speedway price-wise.
  7. Sonokrete can be applied from 1/4 to 3/4 inches thick depending on how much sound attenuation is desired. So, yes, it can hide some finer details on original plaster. Looking at the image on this thread I expect there wasn't much, if any, fine detail to begin with but I am not certain.
  8. Sonokrete is an acoustical finish. It should not change the look of the original plaster ceiling but hopefully attenuate the reflected sound in the space. Vaulted, and especially domed, ceilings can do some wonderful acoustic "tricks" like reflecting a quite conversation to the opposite of the room.
  9. If this is the airport I think it is my father took flying lessons there in the early 1980's. He told me then they had to be very careful to stay out of the IAH flight paths. Smaller commercial and charter flights could operate out of Conroe there would not be much room for screw-ups. The fact that the Conroe airport has co-existed with IAH all this time is encouraging though.
  10. Crocodile Dundee called it a [noy-ff] as in "Now that's a noy-ff."
  11. Might "Brewster McCloud" become a local cult classic along the lines of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show?" Of course, one can sing along to "RHPS."
  12. I might also add "The Big Rich" by Bryan Burrough. It is not entirely about Houston but it is the story of four Texas oil men and their families that made fortunes in the oil industry, one of which is Hugh Roy Cullen. I can also highly recommend Kirkland's "Captain James A. Baker of Houston." I believe it is the quintessential history of Rice University and Baker's tireless efforts to bring that institution into being in the face of very difficult circumstances. Thanks, mkultra25.
  13. I got no sound on the video except for the commercials but I get the gist. So where is the detention area being built to compensate for all that impervious surface? Maybe the plan is to turn the dome into a big cistern. 😖
  14. Yes, the city has many underground parking facilities that almost never flood. It takes something like a Harvey or lack of maintenance of drains or pumps to cause any true trouble.
  15. It looks like this building will have basement-level parking which should allow for more extensive landscaping. Just remember to move your car when it starts raining.
  16. Houston’s Forgotten Heritage, Landscape, Houses, Interiors, 1824 – 1914. Dorothy Knox Howe Houghton, Barrie Scardino Bradley, Sadie Gwin Blackburn; Texas A&M University Press. +1 on Houston Lost and Unbuilt. Stephen R. Strom; University of Texas Press. Mr. Strom was the former curator of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center (The Texas Room) in the Julia Ideson Building, Houston Public Library.
  17. Specwriter

    201 Fannin

    Rivited. See the first image of ekdrm2d1's February 1st post. We're loosing some interesting period stonework on the facade but "wadda ya gonna do?"
  18. I wonder if Junior's will have samples. I know, that is awful but I couldn't help myself.
  19. I agree with Luminare and add my opinion that the movie theaters most likely to succeed inside the loop are those that do not show main-stream movies. Think smaller, more intimate, and better designed theaters; indie productions; and more limited hours/days and showings. Of course this will mean higher ticket prices but for a quality movie and viewing experience I believe a sufficient number of people will pay. It's not like these places will put Landmark or Edwards out of business.
  20. Truer words were never written. I started shopping at HEB when I went away to college. There were no HEB stores in the Houston area at the time and Randall's was in its ascendancy in the late 1970's and early 1980's in Houston. HEB has adapted to the changes in the market better than Randall's. Note too that HEB does not have a single model. The new super store at 1604 and Bulverde in San Antonio is quite different from the store at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet as is the store at El Camino Real and Bay Area Blvd. in the Clear Lake area. I picked those three because I am most familiar with them. I do hope that Randall's survives. I remember how much my mother favored it over other grocery stores in our neighborhood back in the day. But, as one Randall's store manager told me when I asked about the availability of a certain item, "We are now part of Safeway/Albertson's and pretty much have to take what we are given."
  21. I'm surprised this almost 10 year old thread has been revived. I believe there is another that mentions the Kirby house as being owned by the same entity that owns the Cadillac dealership that is more recent. It also mentions the vulnerability of the mansion due to the possible wishes of its current owner. I was "taken to school" regarding my mis-information on the Gracie mansion in that one. I still believe it would be nice for the City of Houston to have an "official mayor's residence" even if that person did not actually sleep there. It would be nice for receptions and visiting dignitaries. Bob Lanier had a much larger and fancier place when he was mayor IIRC.
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