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  1. Or Texas Pride. I mean no aspersions to my relatives in that area. They are fine, hard-working, fun-loving, and generous people. The Cajun culture is one of camaraderie and celebration of life with conversation, music, and food. Oh, the food!
  2. Bridge City is an interesting name since it is also the name of an industrial town near Port Arthur in Orange County, Texas. It's original name sake bridge is a somewhat awesome construction and the newer one is also.
  3. Obviously this is an old thread but for anyone currently considering a move almost anywhere in Texas I had a really good experience this past June with Square Cow Movers.
  4. I had a similar thought. My mother lived in the Aldine area in the 1960s and worked at what was then called the Hermann Professional Building on Fannin (directly across from Hermann Hospital). Interstate 45 (U.S. 75) stopped at Pierce so she would take Pierce to Fannin then head toward the medical center. It may be that the part of U.S. 59 that we know today - elevated over San Jacinto, etc. - may not have existed as such in 1962. Can any "older-than-me-timers" weigh in on the freeway configurations at that time.
  5. Thanks for sharing C2Ag93. That is interesting to know. I lived in the Park Place neighborhood from 1989 to 1993 and Garden Villas from 1993 to 2000. I know the area and the route well but I imagine there were some differences in what was along the route in 1962. I also lived in West U from 2016 until earlier this year but who doesn't know where Rice Stadium is. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Is that the store that became a Rice Epicurean?
  7. Who owns the Nissan dealership? Tom Peacock (or whoever the current owner is) has both a Nissan and Cadillac dealership on the North Freeway.
  8. I like this quote, arche. Conversely, chewing gum is TV for the mouth - little to no nutritional value and probably damaging to functionality.
  9. The Howard Roark character was full of himself, no doubt, but if every architect who acted like him (and not all do, at least THIS one tries not to) went to Hell it would be a very crowded place. ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. I concede the argument doesn't hold well for basketball but the level of talent of those few arguably does overcome their below average height. Basketball today (especially NBA and top-tier college basketball) seem much more physical than it did twenty years ago. Advantage: big and strong players.
  11. Give it time. It seems the pandemic gave most development a kick in the gut. I think this area is poised to be the next Heights or mid-town. I just hope the marketing types don't give it a stupid nickname. ๐Ÿ˜’
  12. I have no idea but my guess is that the most direct route from Rice University to the Ambox building would be down Holcombe to OST to Telephone Road. From Ambox to Hobby I cannot think of any route other than Telephone to Airport Blvd. that would make any sense. I too am hoping someone can answer this seemingly trivial mystery. The route may not be significant (or maybe it was) but the president's visit to Houston in 1962 was very important for NASA and what that meant to the city overall.
  13. Our collective obsession with physical appearance is concerning in many ways. Height is not necessarily a hinderance in baseball nor even in basketball. Spud Webb and Calvin Murphy come immediately to mind. I don't follow football very closely but I am aware there are running backs who are much shorter than their teammates and opponents who tear it up with their speed and agility. I will say from watching professional sports over the last half century that the athletes of today seem to be more obviously muscular than their predecessors. You can certainly see that in Jose Altuve's arms.
  14. I agree and it is not a neo-classical temple front. Howard Roark can rest in peace. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. I met Altuve about two years ago. I'm 5'-9" and he must be 5'-7" but no less. He doesn't look short standing next to the average person but next to Jordon Alvarez, Aaron Judge, or Carlos Correa . . . By the way, he seemed to be a real gentleman and yes he is a bit shy or at least reserved.
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