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  1. You need a better survey or surveyor. Did the survey involve a trip to the county to look at old title transfer records? Those may have that information. At least it may turn up utility easements which are very important in determining where NOT to build. If you are planning to build, or add on to an existing building, a simple metes and bounds survey is not sufficient. The survey needs to show clearly all easements and setbacks else you risk making an expensive mistake.
  2. I'm all for letting sign owners convert to LED without losing grandfathering status. It will save energy and brightness can be controlled. There does need to be something in the ordinance about brightness too. There is a sign in Kemah (or used to be) at SH 146 and FM 2094 that would cause momentary blindness. In fact, it was so bright (lots of white color too) that it was difficult to read. As for "signs" with no sign - empty frames that are rusting away - I say declare them a hazard (they could fall over), demolish them, and send the owner the bill. He hablado. 🙂
  3. 1955 was a great year to open a Chevrolet dealership. Advertising for the 1955 models called them "The Hot One" and they were with COMPLETELY NEW styling and an all new overhead valve V8 engine replacing the venerable but not nearly as powerful "stove bolt" six cylinder engine. The building was certainly not that exciting but, in those days I guess, the cars sold themselves.
  4. I could not find a picture of the Jimmie Greene Chevrolet dealership at 2611 S. Shepherd but I vaguely remember it though. I don't remember the last iteration of the building being anything unique like Knapp Chevrolet at the intersection of Houston and Washington Avenue. I did remark in this forum (Old Car Dealerships) in January of 2010 that I was told the owner of the property got a princely sum when he sold it for development as a shopping center.
  5. mls, do you remember the chimney sweeps from the movie "Mary Poppins"?
  6. Since it appears to be floor to ceiling glazing I'm thinking the glass is tempered. Tempering puts the glass under stress and heat soaking the glass is a way to relieve that but it is costly. Here is an explanation of one source of spontaneous glass breakage: https://www.constructionspecifier.com/spontaneous-glass-breakage-why-it-happens-and-what-to-do-about-it/ Scroll down to the explanation of nickel sulfide inclusions and their role in spontaneous glass breakae. Temperature extremes can also promote spontaneous glass breakage.
  7. I believe I saw that Edsel station wagon on a morning walk in my neighborhood several months ago. If it is the same car (and how many turquoise Edsel station wagons can there be even in Houston) it is in very good shape. I love the boomerang tail lights.
  8. It is a 1962 Pontiac. My father had a 1964 Catalina in a very attractive turquois blue. Starting in 1963 full size Pontiacs had the headlights arranged vertically. This was the configuration through the 1967 model year. Cadillac did the same with its 1965 through 1968 models.
  9. Is anyone familiar with the Torre de David in Caracas, Venezuela? It is never finished residential tower that was "colonized" by some homeless in the city. The government was either powerless or indifferent to prevent it though the residents were relocated in 2014, some 20 years after some had first move in. There was book published about the building available on Amazon of course. https://www.amazon.com/Torre-David-Informal-Vertical-Communities/dp/3037782986
  10. That would be something interesting to learn about. Your wrote "OST" so I take it you are not confusing the restaurant with Bill Williams that was on Main Street. There is a Bill Miller's chain of bar-b-que restaurants in and around San Antonio. I believe the closest one to Houston is in Seguin at Interstate 10 and Texas 46.
  11. That's a pity. It is a great building. One thing I find remarkable is the pay phone on the porch. It looks like it is in pretty good shape. I wonder if it is operational.
  12. They will be present as long as they meet demand and highest, best use.
  13. Check out Brookdale. https://www.brookdale.com/en/locations/texas/houston.html They have locations all over town. My mother-in-law (who is still VERY independent) has been living at the West University location for the last six years and has been very pleased. Note also that Brookdale has varying levels of care depending on the resident's requirements.
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