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  1. So too W. S. Bellows (fourth generation since 1914) has done much in the Texas Medical Center especially Texas Children's and Memorial Hermann. It is great to have fine companies like these helping to deliver great health care in our area.
  2. I'm afraid it is all about TV market with ESPN and the other networks. I've seen it before when the 'stros were kicking butt and the announcers treated it like a fluke.
  3. Well, yes and no, it is known among the cognoscenti but probably not by folks outside the loop. That is why it has been a staple of the community for a while. In fact, it can be absolutely crowded sometimes which is completely understandable. I just hope increased popularity doesn't cause a decreased quality. I've seen that happen before.
  4. It is good to see La Gudalupana getting the kudos it deserves. It's one of those "little known" (thanks for outing it hindesky 😀) treasures you can take your out-of-town guests to and amaze them with your gastronomical prowess. Now I'm hungry and I've already had dinner.
  5. Thanks, Urbannizer. I've been following the Astros through thick and thin since 1965. I don't remember the Colt .45s. The year they became the Astros is about where my awareness of things outside my own little world started. Like I said, thick and thin but they've been a joy to watch lately. Winning is great but like anything else in life you have to take pleasure in the small things: a great hit, a diving catch, a vicious pitch for a strike-out. Ah, baseball.
  6. How could I have forgotten Avalon Drug. I had lunch there a few times when I worked in the Greenway Plaza area.
  7. mkultra, your are correct but it was Farm-to-Market Road 149 instead of State Highway 249 in those days. 🙂 I don't want to reveal too much of my identity but my grandfather also had a drug store with a full lunch counter/soda fountain. I spent a fair amount of time there as well but Papa passed away when I was very young. The equipment and fixtures were sold and the building was rented for other purposes. A few other drug stores with lunch counters that lasted into my adulthood were Huston's on Washington Ave., Park Place Pharmacy on Park Place Blvd., Yale Pharmacy on Yale, and the P
  8. I remember it well. A treat when I was young was a trip to Dugan Drug store, one of the last in town to have a "soda fountain" for a root beer float. IIRC, the Dugan Drug in my neighborhood became a Rexall, then an Eckerd's, then CVS.
  9. I'm sure they will serve their brew in a "Frosty" mug - the way I like it.
  10. I say put the money on the inside. This structure's days (years really) may be numbered. There is no point in gilding a lily that is intended to be demo'd for something else in the future. As we have seen with some churches and charter schools, former big box stores can make useful, if temporary, homes for such uses.
  11. Truly an icon in the ilk of Mollie Ivens, J Frank Dobie, and even Hondo Crouch.
  12. Great reply, mkultra. My seventh-grade English teacher was a classic. I'll never forget her walking into the classroom on the first day of class and saying "Analyze and criticize and I won't penalize." She was tough but we did learn 'reedin n riten.' 🙂
  13. Let's have some punctuation fun on this St. Patrick's day (notice Patrick's is singular possessive - it's his day after all). Does the lettering retain the apostrophe between the r and s in farmer's (belongs to one farmer) or was it moved to the right of the s (belongs to more than one farmer)? 🙂 If there is no apostrophe it could be assumed it is the market of the farmers (created by them - was it?), by the farmers (run by them - which it may not be), and for the farmers (to sell their wares and make some money). Thank you for indulging my early morning whim. All silliness asid
  14. It would be nice if the Church would incorporate some of the elements into a plaza in front of the present Co-Cathedral. IIRC The Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens traditionally took place outside the nave (sanctuary) so it would be appropriate to have an outdoor space for this purpose. What about the stained glass windows? I have seen other churches donate those to another, occasionally even one of a different denomination. In Europe, and maybe Central and South America too, it is not unusual to have a parish church next to the Cathedral. Maintaining two structures ob
  15. Does anybody remember what was in the 'missing' sign between Lancia and TVR? Maybe it was Alfa Romeo. It is a pity the 1958 showroom piece did not survive. It was a great example of Mid-Century architecture. Even if became a phone store or check cashing place it could have preserved that wonderful roof.
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