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  1. I have the same publication from 2011. This new edition seems to have about 100 more pages! Thanks, Reefmonkey.
  2. Tumbleweed is right but with a "Juliet balcony" the sill of the opening is usually at or near the floor level. I think Luminare pegged it: the larger opening was VE'd out. I sure hope no one ever has to be rescued from one of those windows. 😟
  3. I get the realities of "progress" and I hope for the best with whatever replaces Southern Importers but it is sad to see this one go away. What fun we had buying costumes here for various parties and other events.
  4. Wow! That is every bit as green as the red was red.
  5. IIRC there was a Mathis Jewelry on North Shepherd in the shopping center just across Garden Oaks Blvd. from the Sears store. My father bought a Bulova Accutron pocket watch as gift for me around 1976 from Mathis. Yelp lists a Mathis Jewelry on Westheimer but I doubt it is the same owner. Mr. Mathis was murdered in a robbery not long after my Dad bought the watch. I wish I had seen blue92's post from October 21, 2011. I dropped the watch shortly after my Dad gave it to me. There was no apparent damage on the outside but it never ran right since. Are you still out there, blue?
  6. Specwriter

    Old KHOU site.

    I had a studio instructor in architecture school who thought it would be a great idea to turn the old rice silos along Allen Parkway into a columbarium for cremains. I don't think he envisioned individual urns but to just pour ashes into the silos much like the grain had been stored. Novel or bizarre, or both? 🤔
  7. It would be great if "REMUV" was on the drawings for a demolition contract. 😊 I've wondered for sometime if this thread should be merged with the 801 St. Joseph Parkway thread in Crater Houston Alliance. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.
  8. Kudos to HISD for repurposing a building which also has architectural significance. I wonder how many intolerant people even know what a madrassa is. After all, ignorance is the mother of prejudice.
  9. I became curious since you asked the question, Blue Dogs. I wasted a bit of time looking for the answer and even consulted copies of the Texas Almanac but I could not find out who swore in Gov. Shivers. I assume you meant at the time he was sworn in upon the death of Gov. Jester.
  10. It's strange that the Post would misidentify the Lt. Governor, Allen Shivers. "Gov. Jester's death, attributed to natural causes by Justice of the Peace Tom Maes and Dr. Howard L. Evans, automatically made Lt. Gov. Allan Shriver chief executive of the state."
  11. How about a replica of the Laura, the first steam ship to navigate Buffalo Bayou to Houston in January of 1837?
  12. Of course there will be GFR. Every U-Haul store that I've been to sells moving boxes, tape for the boxes, and locks for the storage rooms. You don't even have to be renting a space to buy this stuff. Maybe it will incorporate a Starbuck's too. Folks will need a little jolt to unload all there stuff into their storage spaces.
  13. There's this in West U. The coolest thing about it is the loom in one of the second story rooms. https://www.har.com/6701-brompton-road/sale_2845458
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