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  1. It looks like some real craftsmanship and skilled labor went into the construction of that building. That must still exist to some degree in recent times since this part of the façade was reconstructed after 2007.
  2. Agreed. My "baseball expert" nephew told me before the series started that Atlanta's pitching was its weak point. Hummm? I'll have to ask him about that. ☹️
  3. It was a good year for the home team. We did win the American League pennant for the third time in five years. I've been following the Astros since they became the Astros. As in life, I take my joy in winning a series, winning a game, or just witnessing an outstanding play. I wait with enthusiasm for next year. Now let's go Rockets. It seems they last won a championship when the Braves won theirs - 1995 IIRC - so we're due.
  4. My seventh grade English teacher walked into the classroom on the first day of class and immediately said, "Analyze and criticize and I won't penalize." (!) How many junior high students hear that these days or even understand what it means? We understood what she meant but day-um were still struggling with our locker combinations. By the way, she was a very nice person but tough as nails when it came to grading our work. She had us competently diagramming sentences before the Thanksgiving break. I wonder if I can still do that. 🙂 Good to know. I guess the adage, you get what you pay for, is still true in some instances.
  5. I think it is a misunderstanding of what candor and honest actually is. Being frank is not the same thing as having no filters and I fear the distinction is being lost on too many. Also, hyperbole has become the norm. The "shoot from the hip [figuratively I hope]" style seems to be popular with those who do not apprehend nuance and subtlety.
  6. I can not reed the Chronicel any more longer. The editing is atroshus and the grammer and speling isn't so hot neither. One wonders if it is compiled by robots who have been victims of a power surge. 😧
  7. Different vines up north? Theses will probably grow back from the roots if those were deep enough. We had vines that looked really dead on a brick wall grow back after the freeze, and vigorously, but they may have been in a more protected area.
  8. Who gets credit for this image? It's great.
  9. Great images. Thanks for sharing. Obviously not all are from the 1930s though the structures in the images may date from that time. It is amazing to see how Houston has changed in less than 100 years though. Even though oil was making its way on the scene in a big way cotton was still an essential commodity.
  10. I think the "holding the noise in" is more of a psychological thing but I did not have an audiometer at the game. 🙂 It is a bit of a pity though since last Saturday at least was a beautiful day. A bigger pity of course was the two grand slams by the Red Sox. ☹️
  11. For those who may not be aware this building still exists at the western edge of the Hobby Airport property. It can be accessed off of Travelair Street. It opened in 1940 and has been "refurbished" (I won't say restored) and now serves as the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Look it up 1940 Air Terminal Museum and Special Event Venue . It speaks to an important time in the city's air transportation history.
  12. That image is a little later than the 1930s. The lead automobile looks like a 1964 Pontiac. The TENNECO building on the right of the image was completed in 1963 IIFC. Great shot though. Where are you finding these, hindesky?
  13. Could be. The automobile is a 1974 or slightly later Ford Mustang II if that helps establish a date for the image.
  14. Taller building, thicker mat. That's a lot of concrete!
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