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  1. I'm guessing knowing that a person, maybe two, was murdered there. More likely it could be the asinine questions some people would inevitably ask the current owner about events that happened +/- 35 years before. It may also be the number of gawkers who slowed down or stopped to stare at the house - were they just curious or casing the place?
  2. This is an abomination. I only learned about it this morning from an e-mail sent to Preservation Houston membership. I guess it was a "middle of the night" type of thing even though it occurred in broad daylight since I saw nothing previously from Preservation Houston. It also seemed like the demolition permit "flew under the RADAR" since the structure was located in Pasadena instead of Houston. I am heart-sick about this. If someone wanted to develop the land around the mansion why not keep the building as a reception space/fitness center/other amenity? If the new development is perceived to be multi-family, or even mixed-use, this would have been something to consider. One has to wonder why the anti-demolition covenant as part of the 1991 sale (per the Preservation Houston e-mail I received) had an expiration date. That seems ridiculous. I guess historic status is meaningless in some places. I'm not a superstitious person but I have to think there will be a curse attached to any future development of this site due to this heinous action which preceded it.
  3. Years ago when I worked "up the street" on Waugh I would enjoy a Guinness Stout or two on a Friday afternoon at the Black Lab. Ah, the good ol' days.
  4. and they don't even have phones in them.
  5. Is this the building that had the fire yesterday (October 17th)?
  6. "SoDo isn't any more artificial than EaDo." I agree, august948. SoDo is neither more or less so than Eado. 😊
  7. Hopefully, if something is too artificial it will meet a justified demise.
  8. Tonden's Jewelers, 3921 Richmond Avenue just east of Weslayan. Tony and Denise will treat you right.
  9. Good memory, FilioScotia. I could vaguely remember the name started with an 'R' and had a double consonant but I knew it wasn't "Ruggles."
  10. My guess is the Fiesta on the North Freeway at Airline Drive is the one most likely to have parking lot mischief because it is so easy to get away from the property on the access road or Airline. In any case, do not let your guard down.
  11. I've also switched to KPRC weekday mornings. It has much better traffic reporting and the weather reports are more concise. I don't really care why it is going to rain, or be hot or cold - especially in such excruciating detail. Also, the KHOU weekday morning "news" has become too chopped up in its presentation and the behavior of the people in front of the camera is just plain silly. Both, I think, is something that was dictated by some marketing "genius." I do miss Lisa Hernandez' professional demeanor and measured delivery too.
  12. What occupies the Jim West mansion now? I drove past last Wednesday (Sept. 25) for the first time in a long, long time and it looks like some sort of plant nursery. I was driving and conversing with the passengers in my car so I was really not able to take an extended look at the place. It is no longer Hakeem's specialty shop that is for sure.
  13. Looks like "how not to demolish, but renovate, a building Houston style.
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