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  1. Hey thanks :-) I read something online about the proprietor of Kanomawan being very rude to someone who asked for a vegetarian option. Maybe I'll gather the courage to check it out. I ADORE thai food. :-)
  2. My husband and I are vegan so finding good food on the East End is really hard. :-) So far I know that 888 has a veggie menu that is really good, and bohemeos has veggie burgers and portabello burgers. :-) Just in case you need to entertain a vegetarian friend.
  3. Sweet! If I see you out on my walks I'll say hi! I live on Scharpe. I love this little neighborhood more and more everday. I've been taking long brisk walks daily for exercise (you may see me in my old scrubs). I just love all the sites and sounds (and cats and hibiscuses and sweet kids and sidewalk anomalies) of Broadmoor. I think it's awesome. My husband and I are hoping to have kids soon, and can't wait to push them on the swings in Broadmoor park. Peace ~ Ruthie
  4. Just like other types of plants, oranges come in all sorts of varieties and tastes. I'm hoping our orange tree is good. The other day I took some pictures of fruits growing near my house, they're here: House stuff and flowers and stuff
  5. Thanks so much. I drove by the Spin Cycle and it does look really nice. Considering the weather I think this is going to be an option this week! :-)
  6. I've never really used a washateria besides the ones in my apartment complexes. I am currently dryer-less, and have been line drying my laundry but am worried about a rainy day ruining my plans. Does anyone use a washateria in the East End they could recommend? I live in Broadmoor. Peace!
  7. If you want to go for sustainable design, why don't you put in some edibles like blueberries or blackberries, citrus or peaches? Natives are also an awesome sustainable choice, as the thought is they won't become invasive an crowd out other native species. A really great place to go for ebibles and organic supplies is Wabash Feed in Washington Heights (Washington and... Studemont ? I'm not sure), or my other favorite is Buchanan's which is nearby there. Buchanan's is actually considered a native plants place but their variety is muuucchhh greater and you could find bougainvilleas, brugsmania (angel's trumpet), hibiscus, etc if you're interested in those there. A house at Munger and Broadmoor has some serious azaleas going on right now. If you need any young (though female) muscle power, let me know! Working in the yard is my most favorite thing. Would anyone be interested in the names of the wildflowers growing around Broadmoor? I'm a bit of a plant freak and am thinking of posting a wildflowers-in-Broadmoor post on my blog. Currently I've seen evening primrose, maximillian sunflower, lantana, horseherb, morning glories, oxalis, etc etc. I spotted some blue eyed grass on my jog in Diez Park this morning. Let me know if you're interested and I'll post a link. :-) You might like to know the name of the colorful things you spot on your walks. I might also do a post on Broadmoor trees, Broamoor edibles (so far I've seen oranges, loquats, kumquats, tangerines and papayas), and Broadmoor ornamentals. I'm not too into ornaments but have seen some amazing color in our little hamlet. :-) I could also do a post about mean dogs that belong to owners don't keep sufficiently fenced, but I now avoid those now by walking my dog in the park. And a post on awesome brick cottage design features here. Just about every walk I take I'm confronted with some gorgeous brick thing I never saw before! Peace!
  8. Update: We moved in! We now own a cute little Broadmoor home. It needs a lot of work but is certainly livable -- at least the cockroaches and mice seem to think so! Just kidding, actually the pests are the ONLY concern I have about the place. It's great. A lot of caulk and weather stripping and some well placed chemicals should help with that. And if you didn't already know this, since we purchased our home in '09 we got a huge tax rebate -- 10% of our home price! Hopefully that will be enough to level the foundation -- or a good fraction of the cost. We got an amazing deal. While I am scraping away at peeling paint and tearing up carpet, my husband (electrical engineer turned teacher) is planning on updating the wiring soon. So far I've met several of our neighbors and they're all incredibly nice. Our next door neighbor and one two doors down have been here for 30 years each! I also have learned a little history of our house through them and it's very neat. So far I'm very very happy about our decision. If you see me around walking my chubby blue heeler mix, swinging at the park or working on removing the funky white painted trees from my yard, please say hi and introduce yourself! :-) Ruthie
  9. "CVS creep" LOL I know I live in the Med Cent and everything, but on my 3 mile drive to Rice Villages for work I pass THREE CVS's an TWO Walgreens. I also pass 3 Lubys. It's a little crazy.
  10. I told my coworkers about my house search (I work in Rice Village) and one of them said "Oh, you don't want to live there, those are the slums!" and the other said "I'm not sure you're tan enough to live there." WOAH! Mostly I feel sorry for their ignorance, but jeez! Not everyone wants to live with a bunch of whiteys in West U.
  11. Does Houston or Harris county offer any incentives or rebates for eco-friendly products such as: CFL's Energy Star appliances Insulation Programmable thermostats Solar panels You get the idea :-)
  12. Am I wrong, or did you just describe every convenience store, quickie mark, and gas station?
  13. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! We were pretty set on moving to Garden Villas (where my husband grew up) but have changed our minds a bit investigating Broadmoor and the East End. We're going to see some houses tomorrow, already got pre-qualified for a loan. Very exciting times!! :-)
  14. My husband and I (26 & 25 y/o) are going to look at a couple of fixer-upper 30's bungalows for sale on Scharpe Street this week. We're young and motivated and looking for an inexpensive starter home that we could fix up before having kids. This seems like a great area for us, as it's close to a lot of things and driving through seems like a pleasant neighborhood. And the houses are adorable. Anyone have any thoughts? I emailed Scharpe St Guy about it and he loves the neighborhood. Any complaints? Is it frightening at night? My husband works in Southpark/Sunnyside area and I found it to be a little rough for me down there. I think this area may be a bit nicer, though?
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