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  1. If you haven't found anything yet, cotact me. I have a 2/1 (no garage though) for $1800 available soon.
  2. I went back in 2003 and was awestruck by it. It's kind of funny though when you walk up to the house. You see the roof and are looking down on it. The waterfall view is actually from below, looking up the mountain. The longer tour is so well worth it and you'll be able to take all the photos you want.
  3. Be careful if you buy an Intown Home. They have a $5000 'non-refundible' deposit written into the contract. A new client of mine got stuck for $5000 after she backed out because she couldn't get a full inspection done. Just a word of warning!
  4. I went to look at this one a while back. Horrible area, and an odd layout. Huge living/dining, but really narrow kitchen and small bedrooms. No backyard to speak of either.
  5. Glass tiles are available in a couple of thicknesses - 1/4" and 1/8". I used 1/8" glass tile from Walker Zanger in my kitchen. They are about half the price of the thicker ones. The only caution though is that the wall behind them has to be PERFECTLY flat and level. They come on a sheet (12x12) with a plastic coating on the front. Adhere the tiles to the wall, let dry and peel off the plastic. Then grout and you're finished!
  6. There's a guy on the south side of Bayland in the Woodland Heights. He's been doing it for years ouyt of his house. It's on the cornor of Northwood I think. Dennis
  7. I'll second the recommendation for Aztec Castings on North Main. Caroline and Jerry are amazing and built a great, quality product. Dennis
  8. I wonder if it's Frank Liu with Lovett Homes?
  9. You might also check HoustonFloodway.org. I know part of the area will not allow new constuction or even renovations in the future. Dennis
  10. Quoting the prices above: House worth 260k Buy it for 170k Rehab it with 35k Closing costs 13.5k Spread 41.5k (give or take) You can't get much rehab for $35K. That's barely enough for a good kitchen. Figure more like $100k for a good quality renovation.
  11. Call Tony Zaiden of Final Home Inspections. 281-807-4858. He not only does a VERY thorough inspection, he takes tons of photos and gives them to you on a photo CD. He also does the termite inspection as well so you don't have to call another person. Dennis
  12. I paid about $1100 for my air tub which is a 5' alcove tub. I don't think a bigger one would cost much more. Check on-line for them. I truly recommend them - they are amazing! Dennis
  13. I think it can only be used inside loop 610 which the city deems 'Urban' as opposed to outside loop 610 which they consider 'suburban'. Apparently the city did not anticipate the desire for this ordinace so they only have ONE person working in this section of the planning department. What is supposed to take about two weeks takes about a year! I guess the good part of that is that a lot of blocks will be protected. I live in Norhill and we have about 90 of the neighborhood protected. Any deed restrictions that do not specifially mention a minimum lot size or setback are at risk so get your blo
  14. Congrats TJ! Before you install a Jacuzzi int the bathroom, you might want to look into air tubs. They have no pipes to clog, feel WAYYYYYYY better than a whirlpool type and your wife can do mud baths, oatmeal, oils or whatever in them. I love mine! It's by Bain Ultra. Dennis
  15. Try Tony Zaiden of Final Home Inspections - 281-807-4858. He's done inspections for many of my clients and they've all loved him. Very thorough, takes 3 to 4 hours and sends you a picture CD with all of his findings in addition to a very detailed report. Dennis Sigut
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