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  1. It is on his property but would probably be hard to find since he had never seen it before. Very nice guy that would not be a threat to someone looking around, he just wants to raise cattle. He has much larger ranches in the panhandle and in Arkansas. He had a swine farm near Westheimer Pkwy and Fry road but got into a legal battle with Kickerillo homes and had to shut it down. No wonder there are so many wild pigs in Bush Park.
  2. Mystery road and cross is no longer a mystery. I just met the property owner and he explained the circles, cross and the military activity behind the dam. This land has been in his family for many generations and he knows the history. He also owns the property behind the Barker dam. Many years ago the circles and cross in question was a fish farm and these were tanks next to a loading dock. The cross probably divided different size or species of the fish for sale. He moves his cows when it floods and has no mutilated cattle or any other strange activity. I ask him about all the military stuff
  3. TxDOT did not have the money to widen the Katy freeway so, working for a local engineering firm, I handled fee negotiations for Harris County Toll Road (HCTRA). We gave TxDOT $500 million, about half the construction cost, for 4 lanes down the middle of the freeway. Do you think HCTRA would have spent so much if they didn't already know the freeway would be over capacity before the construction was even finished. So pay the tolls or sit in traffic..
  4. About 90% of property owners in Houston fought hard to block the bikeway. They didn't stand a chance against HCFCD or the City of Houston. My job was to get this right of way. I was told directly from the city to first, ask that it be donated, then offer a small amount of money since the path only needed about 12 feet. If the owner would not sale, we were told the city could just take the ROW by law. But then, after spending allot of money we figured out that we were going over a easement with an easement so no reason to even ask permission or buy any property. Many property owners, including
  5. If you read the first post I made on this subject you will see that I spent over a million dollars doing a survey and a 50 year chain of title on 110 properties that never needed to be done in the first place. We thought as the Bikeway Program managers that we needed to purchase or in some cases, just "take" the land from owners who had property that extends to the middle of a bayous. Harris County Flood Control has the power to do what ever they want to on the easements including going over an easement with an easement. In this case, a hike and bike trail. Communities and owners tried to figh
  6. It does not matter who owns the property are if it extends to the middle of the bayou. Harris County Flood Control has an easement that over rides ownership.
  7. Today on Click2Houston web site is a story of a couple in Hall County who raise cattle. They are investigating the 20th mutilated cow in the last year. Same story in evey case, surgical removal of the same organ parts with no evidents left behind. Police do not have have a clue as to what could be causing this: Sept 30, 2010 "The couple has called the Hall County Sheriff's Office after each incident, but authorities are just as confused. Investigators said they’re stumped because the culprits don't even leave behind any footprints". The ranchers have offered rewards for any info on these death
  8. I see alot of post about the Houston Bikeway taking so long to complete and existing trails not being maintaned. In the beginning, we had to come up with standards for these trails to be built. We designed them and sent them out to over 20 engineering firms. The work started and was on schedule until TxDOT said you can not use City of Houston standards, it has to be approaved by TxDOT. So we started over with TxDOT standards and a month later Harris County Flood Control said you are using our ROWs along bayous so you have to use our standards. By this time a couple million had been spent but n
  9. I have traveled all over the U.S. and my favorite trip was to Bellevue, WA. just outside Seattle. People were nice even though they laughted at my southern accent, it did not rain for the 90 days I was there and the music scene was like Austin on steroids. I hope I get to visit there again!
  10. Southern Pacific Railroad would not allow use of any of the rail corridors for safety and insurance reasons. If we planned a trail on one side of a bayou and a resident complained to city counsel or threatened lawsuit, we would move the trail to the other side of the bayou. The determining factor was who had the least amount of money to fight us in court. Not very fair, but if you do not have money for a good lawyer get ready for a trail in your own backyard. Which is not a bad thing because police ride bikes down these paths and can see everthing.
  11. I spent 12 years with the oldest traffic engineering company in the United States. We did all kinds of highway design, warrant studies and modeling. Here in Houston I worked on the Katy freeway expansion, Westpark tollroad and many other projects for Metro, TxDOT, Harris County and Harris County Tollroad authority. One of the biggest projects was the Houston Bikeway Program. I was put in charge of right of way to clear the path of over 110 parchels. I had to meet with all local community associations as well as HABA (Houston Area Bike Assoc.) to get input and to keep them informed. If you owne
  12. Yea, I checked and no x-files have been filed. However, the US Army has lot's of information concerning events in and around this Addicks area. The file before me right now reads"FOR YOU EYES ONLY. TOP SECRET!' On the second page in bold letters is the name MAJESTIC. Do not know what that means. Call this a joke or a hoax but an investigation was done and the results yielded some very intresting facts. Page 27 THE GREAT DECEPTION: This event will happen shortly before the second coming of Christ. You ask yourself what does religeon have to do with this topic, keep reading Batboy! The aliens,
  13. I posted a story here about a year ago about some strange events I witnessed growing up next to Addicks Dam. I said I did not believe in ETs or aliens but stated what I had seen and was made fun of by all the sceptics. The subject thread was about the two circles behind the dam seen from aireal photos. A group went out there and using GPS located the circles and concluded they were probably made by people of the town of Addicks that is gone now. One has a cross in it. Because of some military exercises and mutilated cattle found in the same area, some here on this site made all kinds of rude
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