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  1. Hello, I was reading this article a while back and featured this photo of a building (not sure of location) that showed the solar panels installed in an inefficient manner. The author claimed little or no thought was taken into account for the solar paneling (which was blocked by other equipment and not angled in the best way). Is any new or in-progress commercial construction in Houston that may be another example of this? I'm by no means an expert on this issue, but if anyone could enlighten me and tell me a location, I'd like to see for myself. I don't know how often LEED updates their standards and guidelines for getting LEED credits, but I know they do re-evaluate their guidelines for improvement from time to time. Thanks in advance - and here is the photo from the article:
  2. how often is a kitchen the addition to a house? especially one that is quite old...
  3. Has anyone lived in or known anyone who lived in the townhomes at Grove Ridge or Leonora? They all look like these: http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=64885634&backButton=Y&Address=MLS:64885634 and I saw about three of these townhomes this weekend. One was destroyed and wrecked by renters and two others were recently remodeled/updated. If you come to this neighborhood through the Glenbrook Valley residential area (come in through Broadway) it seems okay- many single family, kept-up houses, quiet neighborhood. The townhome community was quiet and barely any people out. But if you take the townhomes out through Leonora, it looks like old school parts of Texas City which can be pretty frightening. Low income housing and run down apartments with people hovering outside their shacks all the way to Telephone Rd. has anyone had any experience with this neighborhood at all? I wonder if I am being too judgmental based on the conditions of the housing and the state of the people outside their houses. but then again I don't care; after all why put money into a place you are scared to live? Thanks in advance
  4. Does know of anyone/where that teach printmaking or similar evening classes or a workshop? I can't meet my universities morning schedules because of work, nor attend other universities because of class and work in the Fall. I was hoping someone around here knows how to do it, has a studio, and can teach or give workshops for a reasonable fee. Does anyone know of anyone or anything like this? Thanks in advance! Amanda
  5. This is the one I was thinking of, I think. I had seen brochures for it when I lived in Austin about 2 years ago, but it was a statewide program I believe. I actually wasn't referring to the tax credit, but those are some good resources that I did not know about. Thanks!!
  6. Hello--I am considering the purchase of a 2 bedroom townhome inside the Beltway and have never bought anything before. I have a good Realtor and have no began to look just yet because the lease on my apartment still has 6 months left. I see the "first time home buyer!!!" grant all over the place for Texas. This is my first time to buy a home, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend an actual program they had used in the past, or one they had heard about. When I do Google searches very generic results come up usually to link farms or nonsense pages. I would much rather use a suggestion of someone who has previous experience. Thanks in advance, Amanda
  7. Hey thanks! I actually run Houstonstreetart.org. I'm always looking for submissions so if you see something and want me to post it up there, contact me on my page and I'll post it. Those are really nice photos above, I was worried for a minute there that everything was getting painted over so quickly. Anyhoo, the Houston street art scene is getting bigger and bigger, so keep your eyes peeled! Amanda
  8. Moving to Alvin is not a remote possibility, maybe closer to Pearland-ish, maybe 35, closer to the Beltway. I do agree with the above, EXCEPT.... what about the one who works in Alvin, and their 2-3 drives/week from Alvin (work) to UHCL (school) that take 45minutes to Clear Lake (yay the 45 bridge demo) and the 40 minute drive back to the med center (home)? Sounds like the person should not have never moved to Houston, IMO.
  9. Reasonable? It takes me at LEAST 40 minutes to get to work from Holly Hall to Alvin (North Gordon at 528) and yes I am late to work frequently. It's roughly 30 miles each way from Holly Hall to Alvin (about 40 minutes) on top of about a 40 minute drive from Alvin to UH-Clear Lake (another 30 miles), then another 30-40 minute drive back to the medical center (yet another 30 miles) where I live now? I am sure it will be extremely reasonable when gas prices jump back to $3.50-$4.00 a gallon. It's only a matter of time. And actually, the Highway 6 lights suck on gas mileage. There's roughly 15 lights from where I work to 288. Which may be better than sitting in rush hour traffic, but same freaking concept. Accelerate to 55 mph for 3 minutes, slow to 15 mph then to a complete stop, repeat x 15, both ways. Way to get excellent gas mileage! I can't wait till my 2 fill ups a week jump from $18 to almost $40 bucks a fillup like it was in 2008. Nobody wants to freaking spend $80 a week on gas, especially driving an economical vehicle. Almost $400 in gas a month is ridiculous. Trust me, I drive it every week day. And I drive a '00 Mazda Protege that gets about 25-28 MPG.
  10. Has anyone had any experience with these doctors, groups, or the PAs in their office? I need a PCP to do general stuff, fill a rx, etc. Nothing major. These are the ones in my immediate area that I found through my insurance. Any help is appreciated, thanks Eugene Degner MD - 1550 Concho Lane Medical Center Family Practice - 8307 Knight Rd Claudette Jones MD - 2626 South Loop #120 Lonestar Health Group - 2626 South Loop #600 Thanks again.
  11. lol, I concur with every single one of these. p.s. I will put money on Amy Winehouse.
  12. P.S. I went out here today too, and it was a total jip!! Just like that abandoned "barn" in Dickinson off 517. The only thing worth noting is that nature's way of telling you to stay out is by creating those thorny vines that lock on and envelop onto a branch or root to trap you!!! And there was a series of 3 ponds. I think it was a trifecta possibly created by aliens and/or religious freakz, back in the 70s (as former posts have stated). They may have skinny dipped here, ate some of the nasty mushrooms out there, and worshipped the big J!!!! (hence the cross!)
  13. I visited this place several weeks ago. I was utterly amazed by the beautiful 70s-style paint job, and desolate nature at best. The only thing I remember was a gigantic, ghost town like bookstore and LIDS. Other than that it looked it had been abandoned for years, with a paint job to set an outdated mood. Oh, and it smelled like pee. Shockingly, I saw no homeless people? Very queer!
  14. Hi there, thanks for the info and yes I do work for AHI Supply. Upchurch has done some decent work at getting some of our colored mortar, cleaners, and cast stone spec'd into jobs but I am trying to take a more aggressive approach; i.e. meeting with architects personally!
  15. I'm hoping an architect or two can enlighten me with their expertise. What is the procedure to get a new product specified into your projects? How do you determine which products you spec into plans? Do you use services like Upchurch Kimbrough, or come across building/design materials in other ways?
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