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  1. This new stadium looks so boring, wish they would have at least kept the art deco entrance to the old stadium and incorporated it, but this is Houston afterall so you cant expect much.
  2. I wouldnt be holding your breath looking for anything good coming to this location. I looked at their website and basically everything they had was just generic crap suburbia styled homes.
  3. Quoted from fwki: TRANSLATED: City Ordinance Lovers can attempt to justify their adulation by posting here, but be aware that BS will be called and responded to by proud Texans with a clear, rational and stinging rebuke. So, people who support historic districts and the preservation of this cities dwindling history are not proud Texans? If anything the people who support preservation care more about Texas heritage than you anti historic district rable rousers. Sorry, but if there are not historic districts with strict guidelines than this cities history will all be gone in 50 years at the rate of tear downs in the Heights before the ordinance was passed. And I guess us renters are just lowly scumbags who shouldnt have a say in the neighborhood we live in. I guess we are like 3rd class passengers or something to you. Guess what? The majority of people who live in the Heights who own historic homes or rent them are in favor of preservation of this historic neighborhood. You do not hold the majority view otherwise the preservation ordinances would not have passed. You would like The Heights to turn into Rice Military if you had it your way.
  4. I dont own a home, I rent so I have no say in what the owner does to this house. He told me he plans on tearing it down eventually and replacing it with a crap 3 story condo. If I owned a house I would restore it to the way it looked in the 20s. I wish this house were in the historic district. If you dont want historic districts than slowly but surely all of the Heights and all of the cities other historic structures will be replaced with shit new buildings. If you want to own a home and do whatever you please with it than get out of the Heights and move to the burbs where life is boring and generic.
  5. Unsupported? I talk to tons of people in The Heights and everyone Ive talked to hates seeing historic houses torn down and are in support of the historic preservation ordinances. I dont know where you anti preservation people are hiding out but you make up the minority. What is happening in the Montrose is a travesty. I remember a couple months ago there were 4 beautiful Queen Anne styled homes back near the gay clubs that were in just fine shape and I drove past the block yesterday and they were all destroyed and crap 3 story condos are now rising in their place. Its disgusting and pisses me off to no end. This city doesnt have much history and as much of it that still exists needs to be fully protected from tear downs or renovations that rip off the back 2/3rds of the house to be replaced by a new 2 story addition. Every other progressive city in the nation has fully protected historic districts. Hell, even Little Rock has fully protected historic districts. What would have happened if the French Quarter in New Orleans wasnt protected? Do you think the people living there would want to see New Orleans torn down and replaced with 3 story tin sided condos? Vast areas of NYC are fully protected in historic districts and you dont see the people of that city bitching about preservation ordinances. Hell, even Galveston has better preservation ordinances than Houston. This cities small amount of history needs to be protected and restored, not torn down. You anti preservation people kind of remind me of NRA members. The western part of The Heights has been largely plowed over and replaced with faux historic houses and that part of The Heights seems so desolate and ugly, while the eastern section of The Heights still is largely intact and its so lovely to walk around the streets with the old bungalows and late Victorian architecture dominating the area. I live on Beverly St. and even in the last year Ive seen dozens upon dozens of beautiful bungalows get torn down and replaced by gigantic homes that dont at all fit in with their surroundings.
  6. Youre right, Im sorry, lets just forgo Houstons history and let it all dissapear, who cares I guess anyways.
  7. How can you seriously be against preservation? Do you want all of the Heights to be eventually torn down and replaced with giant faux historic McMansions?
  8. I seriously cant believe all you people are against preservation. You want The Heights to turn into Montrose. I moved to The Heights because large parts of it are now preserved. If you dont like preservation, than move to Kingwood or Bellaire.
  9. Right now they are halfway done with the 12th floor and they still have about 11 more to go, and its already making a pretty good impact on the area heigh wise. photo by me.
  10. Great to see downtown is getting another parking lot YAY
  11. Photos by me. I didnt know this was being torn down now until I drove past yesterday. I got inside the building too. This makes me so damned pissed, that new Y building is craptastic architecture. So much for progress. Disgusting.,,
  12. Wow, thats great that OPP has 90% occupancy, great news for enticing new development downtown. But, OPP also is on Disco Green so other apartments downtown or condos may not do so well...
  13. ^ Yup, its such a shame, that was such a beautiful building and now its going to be a parking lot YAY!
  14. ^ Yeah, I took that one from the Hilton a couple years ago.
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