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  1. They are still open at the opposite end of the strip center during construction on the new location....
  2. Spanky's Pizza, corner of 610 and Telephone Rd.... http://spankyspizza.net/
  3. Any updates? It looks like work has stopped on the site....
  4. The Randalls on Weslayan/Bissonnet is just sad now, produce is always old, the people working there are not happy looking, nowhere near where it was in the heyday....
  5. You can taste the difference between the original family locations and the "grocery store" locations, I will continue to give my business to Bellaire and Kirby locations..
  6. Hunziker Cycles on Bingle/Long Point turned into Honda of Houston (I worked at Hunziker in 1986, and at Honda of Houston from 1996-2006) , I miss the neighborhood Motorcycle shops, they had all of the character and were a blast to work at...
  7. I am happy that they just did one strip center instead of a hotel, the traffic is already bad there..
  8. Mr Bake a Tater was on Shepherd across the street from St Ann school, my Mom used to take me there, it was great!
  9. "Harwood Grill and 60 Degrees Mastercrafted previously occupied the space on Westheimer Road" It did better when it was a Wendy's...................
  10. Kay's is still there (although its always been on Bissonet near Kirby), and the beer is just as cold!
  11. Dona Maria on Navigation http://www.yelp.com/biz/dona-maria-houston?sort_by=date_desc Molinas Spanish Village La Fiesta http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-fiesta-restaurant-houston?sort_by=date_desc
  12. They are still around! (In Horseshoe Bay) http://www.facebook.com/JamailsHSB
  13. Well it looks like they got their TABC permit, sweet! Can't wait to go give them some business... https://www.tabc.state.tx.us/PublicInquiry/StatusResults.aspx
  14. I came across a story on Swamplot about this place, I remember it as a kid, but I thought it was torn down in the mid 80s, not the 90s. Does anyone have any old pictures by chance of it? http://swamplot.com/a-shipley-near-river-oaks-where-large-marge-served-up-much-more-than-donuts-coffee-and-kolaches/2014-12-11/
  15. and by dodgy , you mean affordable right? Kirby was just fine during those times safetywise, and had alot more character too!
  16. Zeke's on Kirby Hanging out on my motorcycle at Wendys on the Westheimer curve on the weekends Cruising/street racing on Westheimer Leo's TexMex Marini's River Oaks midnight movies Hamburgers by Gourmet Mothers Po-Boys on Richmond Transco Fountain (before everyone found out about it) Metropol on Waugh (every fri-sat night was a scene out of Miami VIce)
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