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  1. Anyone remember when a weekend couldn't pass without a car making the circle and heaving (the quarterbacks) a salvo tab at Mecom fountain. They knew they hit it if ten minutes later they made a slow driveby and saw bubble land. Kinda like a lawn dart or washer toss type game. The newspapers would pout about how the detergent wasn't good for the pumps but it was our only version of snow.
  2. I remember how graphically designed the front of the Thunderbird drive-in was. I remember the giant yellow rubber ducky on one but can't recall which one it was. Post Oak? Had completely forgotten the Hi Neighbor!
  3. The Sharpstown was much younger and nicer than the S.Main. I often went to the Sharps rather than the S.M. because things seemed a little more high tech and cleaner. They also had a huge snack bar and playground.
  4. Oh wow, man. The Animals, The Who, Quicksilver, The Byrds, Chicago, The Elevators and who did InaGadadavida? Iron Butterfly? And the Catacombs. I saw ZZTop in a little hole in the wall in Beaumont in maybe 68-69? No long beards yet and we were almost sitting on top of them.
  5. I think I went to every rock concert that came through Houston in the mid 60's thru late 70's except for the Beatles, Hendrix and the Stones. The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Rascals, Cream, Lead Zepplin, a great performance of Jesus Christ Superstar and brain freeze many more. Loudan Wainwright had a new guy as the opening band name Bruce Springsteen. Most were held at the Coliseum and a few more intimate (Moody Blues, James Taylor) were held at the Theatre in the Round. Billy Joel (didn't say HARD rock) was at the Music Hall. I saw the Eagles twice and I think the second time was held at what became the Compac center? It was new & shiny and remember waiting in the long bathroom line when they played Hotel California. Seperate place! I saw Pink Floyd at the L.A. Coliseum and when they played "Learning to Fly" they had waited for a plane to descend over the coliseum on it way to land at lax. They bounced hot pink lazer beams off the belly of the plane. It was awsome. Anyone else out there remember any of the concerts?
  6. There's a post above saying "carol, I think I can see your house" (and you can) and it has the best aerial shot of the drive-in area in the late 50's. Guess you have to be a baby boomer to remember the S.Main at it's peak. Just the concept of the drive-in seems alien to todays kids (anyone under 35). I don't know that I would be going to one today. I don't even go to the indoor cinemas anymore with the luxury of home use dvds and large screen hd tvs, remotes with pause (and no lines at my bathroom or snackbar)!! Good question for an anthropologist. Did our culture kill the drive-ins or did the demise of the drive-ins change the culture? The S. Main Drive-in (if memory correct) was the first drive-in in Texas and was built in 1942(?). I'm fuzzy and am cheating at not looking it back up this moment but I will. At the time it (and the gambling casino, that I imagined was Tara) were out in the middle of nowhere between true Houston and Sugarland. Not sure when the pie shaped 9 hole golf course bordered by what would become the extension of W. Belfort, S. Main (entrance) and Stella Link was developed or when it disappeared.(I had thought the "links" were named after some woman named Stella till a new found website friend told me about the old railway stops). The golf course was there when I moved to the area at 5 and was still there when I moved in 71. It was on it's way out as a mainstream family drive-in by the early-mid 70's and was going the way of the Red Bluff in Pasadena and was showing soft porn (by today's standard there wasn't anything different than you would see in a pushing the limit R movie today). They put up a tall steel fence about that time but it couldn't overcome my younger brother's ability to look out the upstairs back window. I don't know when they tore it down but it was a visual concept shock to me to see the industrial park there.
  7. I started at Shearn in 1958. Yep, those skeeters could eat you up. Does anyone remember using PICS?
  8. In the 1957 photos I can see where the land for 610 (crossing Stella Link) is vacant. If you look north past the drive-in and up Stella Link you will see where W. Belfort cut through and (I think) Corpus Christi Cath church & school. That area was pretty vacant & I remember it that way when riding my bike to school. When you go further north you will see the circle drive for Shearn Elementary and one row of houses facing the school. Behind them you will see the vacant 610 land. When they started mounding the foundation for the overpass we had the best times on our bikes.
  9. Oh that is a great map site!! Thanks so much. If you zoom in on the last residential street before Willowbend (Woodhaven) you'll see a car in the back driveway of the 7th house from down from Stella Link and our house was the 8th. We moved in August of 1958. The complex to the west side of the drive-in was an industrial warehouse & self storage warehouse type of place (best I remember) and south-west was the old mansion-casino. Does anyone know if that place was built to be a casino or was an older home redone? I saved that map website & I'm going surfing! Thanks again.
  10. I was looking at some of the great old maps on Texasfreeway.com (learned about the site on an earlier thread). There is a 1942 city and county map showing the Rev. T. C. Jester being on the Houston City Planning Commision. I always wondered how some of our roads got their names. There are many neat maps that show the proposed city and county roads & highways. Some were completed others were not. There is an outer loop that would have had the south section heading east & west aligning with Allum Rd. That crosses (or at least T's into) Hiram Clarke slightly below S. Main.
  11. I bet you are right about the late night teenage parties back then. I could see it after the drive-in went dark so no doubt that was many of the kids leaving & going there. I also imagined the history more like "Gone With the Wind" thinking that the house was much older than the 30's. Do we know that it was newly built by Mr. Freedman or an older home & grounds taken over & livened up? Someone may have told me as a child about it's casino past and I thought I was seeing ghosts! Sounds like it would make a good backdrop for a book.
  12. Oh my goodness! That's it. The northern portion of land across the road (Old South Main Loop I think) is where the S.Main drive-in was later built. I will look at the threads. It always fascinated me. I love this website.
  13. Does anyone have info on the old mansion (looked like a plantation house to me) that was at the curve on S. Main on the right past Stella Link but before Hiram Clarke? It was on the right on what seemed to me to be a rise. I looked on Google and can see what I think is the outline for the old house and a driveway up to it. I used to look at it through binoculars from my upstairs window facing Willowbend. I imagined it was some sort of 30's gambling casino. There was always something going on late at night in the 60's because I could see comings & goings after the drive-in went dark. Is there any history/articles/books about this area prior to the late 40's early 50's when they started building neighborhoods for returning vets? Woodhaven and Woodcraft (off Stella Link before Willowbend) were some of the first neighborhoods. Lots of tear downs and MacMansions going up on Woodhaven. There couldn't have been much out there and I wondered how much of the land the homeowners might of had at the time. Thanks for any input. I love this website.
  14. How funny! I love this website! I was trying to remember the name of that "apartment chain". I lived in 4 or 5 of these in a span of 10 years in the early 70's through the early 80's, depending on where I worked. I sure knew exactly what I was getting. All the apartments were the exact same layout only mirror imaged. That set of blueprints he was holding in his sign was the point. He designed a very functional and basic apartment that fit middle incomes.
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