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  1. The city either has many buildings under construction or proposed. My question is do you see this as a trend to continue into the future or just a temporary stage in the city's development?
  2. I didn't say there was anything particularly special about the west but I just asked out of curiosity since main direction of growth currently.
  3. Do you think it's possible for the suburbs of Houston and the outer reaches of Bryan-College Station could actually touch?
  4. How far west do you see the city/suburbs expanding? Sealy perhaps or no?
  5. How far west do you see the city/suburbs expanding? Sealy perhaps or no?
  6. Wow! You'd think with all of the people pouring into the region daily that there'd be enough people to fill those positions. Houston is just on fire!
  7. When going to work, school, stores etc., do you have to travel a relatively short distance or is it a bit of a journey?
  8. Inside the loop will continue to urbanize but outside it won't happen.
  9. Ok. Yeah that was very chaotic. How about your craziest commute or a simple trip that became an ordeal.
  10. We all know how bad/unpredictable traffic in this city can be. What was your craziest traffic jam/traffic related experience? What was the weirdest time of day you were stuck in traffic? Pics/vids welcome as well.
  11. Man! That sure would be a site to see
  12. Since developers can't build in the park, do you see high rises going up around the edges of the park?
  13. I have another question: do any of you see any of Houston's other skylines besides Uptown/Downtown growing together or at least much closer, for example Downtown/TMC?
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