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  1. So, Grimaldi's will be occupying two levels at 20 Waterway Avenue. The Lowest level has direct access (should they put in a door) to the waterway fountain, as well as the "1st" floor which has street level access. They are hoping to open in July, 2009. Speaking of Pizza, another Italian Food service is expected to be opening in Market Square - Pizza by Marco this summer. Pizza by Marco is a long time standard in the DWF area.
  2. From what I have heard, the remaining partner(s) is/are looking for another investor to attempt another venture. It's a great spot, overlooking the fountain.
  3. (As previously mentioned) Grimaldi's and Crush are going to be in the new building directly across from The Goose's Acre and America's - They were supposed to open this Spring (2009) but, some organization, not sure if it's the developer or The Woodlands Proper, apparently modified the occupancy requirements and delayed the construction. An updated open date for Grimaldi's Pizza has been posted here. We really need a good pizza place in TW -
  4. Chocolata closed down around the 1st of October, 2008. Interestingly enough, there was a sign on the window from September "50% off in October" sale.... Too bad they didn't stay open long enough to actually have the sale.
  5. Hmmm... I'll see what (if anything) I can find on that... There is a new building going up directly next to the square; it's too small to be a hotel - supposed to be filled with more eatery / retail clients. Additionally, there are at least 2 more buildings going up to the east of the square - I think one of them will be a 'waterway tower'
  6. It's gonna be an Avia Hotel - ritzy type, high priced hotel; fairly new company with only a handful of locations at this time. found the info here - http://woodlandsevents.com/lodging/motels/avia.html
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