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  1. Just wanted to share my experiences of Hurricane Katrina. I was born and raised here in Houston TX but moved to Waveland MS in 1997. I worked at Biloxi Regional Hospital the day of Hurricane Katrina. It was worse than a nightmare. I was used to hurricanes after growing up in Houston and living in MS i knew all about the destruction and the damage and the fear that they bring. I never imagined how horrible the fury of those storms could be until Katrina. I was on the 3 rd floor of the hospital as it came ashore we could see Beau Rivage Casino from the hospital room window we watched and felt that storm take out the Shell station that sat on Hwy 90 right across the road from the beach. I knew I was gonna die. But God spared me this time. The fear of death for me had never been closer than during those moments and hours of pure terror. I know what being homeless is I lived in. I know what its like to only have your car to live in. Thank God I still had my car. No bathrooms, no food no water no room far too many evacuees needed shelter more than us hospital workers so we shared every inch of hospital that was left. Here are just a few pics I have if you want to see more I have alot more. Just contact me and let me know. Thanks for letting me share alil of my story with you.
  2. I just found your post on historic Houston. Thank you so much for those old movies of Astroworld. I remember going there as a child and riding the orange wheel , and the space needle. Wow you took me back to a wonderful time the best times of my life. Remember that big cowboy boot at Astroworld?

    Wow have things and time changed. That is the Houston I remember and wish we still had. Thank you

  3. I remember this hotel wasnt it on s main near the loop on your way to main st? Thanks for the pic where did you find that

  4. Does anyone remember getting Big Bonus Stamps and S & H green stamps when you went grocery shopping with your mom. I remember it was such a treat to get the stamps go home lay them out on the floor and stick them in the books. We would be sticky and have stamps everywhere. But the joy of going downtown to the Big Bonus Store and picking something big out. We got a sewing machine one year. Me and my sister always fought over what gift we wanted. Ah the memories of growing up in Houston. That would be a nice incentive now days considering how expensive groceries are and no rewards. Corporate America would not allow that though.
  5. I am so glad I have found this website I have been taken back to my childhood thru reading all the posts about Don Mahoney and Jenna Claire and Kitirick. I was born in 1964 and I don't remember how old I was when I appeared on the Kitirick show. I just remember the lights were bright and I rode on a carousel. The lady in a cat suit with whiskers and a tail asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said a cowgirl ha ha. I never reached that goal. I remember me and my sister would watch Don Mahoney and Jenna Claire show and we loved it. No cable TV and only a few channels to pick from back then. Kids would die now days if they had to watch the shows we did. My grandparents lived in Northeast Houston and we would watch all the black and white westerns under the metal dining room table with my grandpa. I miss those days and the Houston of long ago. I hear Houston is booming and huge. I live in East TN now in a small town. The world is changing and its so good to reminisce of days long gone thru these threads. Thank you all for sharing your stories and keep them coming. Email me if you like sassi_britches@yahoo.com
  6. Remembering the Houston I grew up in the early 70's thru the late 80's. I live in East TN now but I grew up in SW Houston in Windsor Village in the early 70's. I remember going to Peppermint Park off the 610 Loop. Kiddie Park off 610 and Main. The original Astrodome where I watched Roy Rogers and Dale Evans perform and Dale lost her wig. I am telling my age now. The Roy Rogers restaurant near Joske's in the Galleria. OH my this is so sweet. I remember on Sundays my daddy would take us to the Sage Department Store it was huge. I remember going to Fed Mart in Pasadena with my grandmother. I remember Astroworld when everything was orange. The main attraction was a huge boot that you could slide down. The drive-in on South Main McClendon Drive In wow. Weingartens and we rode the horses for a dime. Games People Play we went every Wednesday after school to play Pac Man and Asteroids. ha ha Showbiz Pizza Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor. Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor in the Galleria. Oh my goodness memories. Downtown Houston Foley's department store windows decorated with the animated figures and fake snow. I use to love it when my parents would take us down there to see the christmas lights. Oh the days before playstations internet and cable tv. Share some more stories it is fun going back in time
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