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  1. Hey everybody, Scrubba here . Yes, contrary to rumors , I'm still alive . I used to own Art Forms design up on North Freeway and I'd like to know of anyone who may still be in the Cement Swamp and have memories and pictures of the silliness we all participated in ? I'm digging out photos to scan as I post this . I promise to keep it P G !
  2. GREAT SHOT, Black and White always has an appeal that color just doesn't . scrubba
  3. I dunno, Houston in it's history has had dreamers . Shoot, I came there in 1975 with 50.00 and a dream to manufacture Custom Van accessories . In ONE year, I was in a business warehouse , I had employees and for the first time in my entire life , I WAS SOMEBODY. THANK YOU HOUSTON for giving me my dream !!!!!!!!!! scrubba
  4. Marty, thanks to youre efforts , the citizens of Houston PRESENT will have a "Past " to look back fondly upon . Thank You ! scrubba
  5. Note to Billy, the Wiengartens was a Wiengartens from when I leased there , ( 1976- 1983 ) . Big Texan lanes was opposite of the grocery store and the DPS was net door to the bowling alley with a Walgreens liquour and drugstore , a Radio Shack and a couple of other sores I don't remember . Out in the front of the parking lot , there was a Tenneco gasoline station too. On looking at a recent Google Map, looks as though a lot got torn down from when I left the area in 1984. The North Freeway Business park is still behind the shopping plaza , but I'm told everyone I remember from that time i no longer there .
  6. I used to shop at the wiengartens store located in the then Little York shopping plaza at little York and North Freeway. In it was a DPS, Big Texan Bowling and the grocery store . My business was located directly behind the D P S parilel parking slot . Id eat lunch and watch thes people try and put their "Puny lil cars in a 25 foot space , what fun that was on a hot day ! scrubba
  7. I neva wouldda thought this would happen ...............
  8. That Sunset ......................................... Priceless ! scrubba
  9. All of them , fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scrubba
  10. I used to walk up to the one up on the North Freeway feeder road , uh North of Little York road . That was in 1977........ Hey, still have a wooden Nickel from a Sambo's I got in a San Louis Obisbo California resturant when I still driving professionally too. I sure do miss the place . I would also visit a location that was in Arlington on West Division too.......... scrubba
  11. Westguy, I'm going to reply like this . Every one of the places you mentioned were also frequented by me an yer parents . I once owned a small Custom van accessory manufacturing business up off North Freeway. I have just spent probably the last half hour just reminessing my own life and times there . Hey, you happen to have been born in a very transitory time in the life of the "Cement Swamp " as i used to an still do call Houston. Saddly, I had to leave Houston in 1883. I wound up in Dallas trying to hang onto a hard fought dream , ( my business ). The same real estate blows then spread all over Texas , like a plauge . personally, I'd love to return , if even just for a week end to see what became of my adapted "Home " . Saddly, because of questionable health , that's no longer possible .............It's people like you who help me stay connected . THANK YOU ! scrubba
  12. Perkins&Will is a global design practice founded in 1935. Since 1986, the group has been a subsidiary of Lebanon-based Dar Al-Handasah. Phil Harrison has been the firm's CEO since 2006. https://perkinswill.com/
  13. Spiderroller , yer makin me feel really acient ! Hell, I drove a Taxi cab at night in the area . I haven't been in Houston since 1982. I'd love to come back for a visit if just for a week end ..... scrubba
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