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  1. this has to be the slowest bike lane project. but to their credit, it's not just the plastic armadillos and some paint, they have actual concrete curbs that are mostly built out, and a lot of the lanes have been marked and are sufficiently wide to comfortably ride. I think once KIPP is out for summer they will go full speed to complete it before school goes back in the fall. I'm ready for it to be done, and for them to start on Telephone.
  2. this project seems to have stalled. meanwhile, other gas stations in the EE have opened. Shell on Telephone and Wesley has been open since earlier this year. 7-11 at 45 and Cullen just opened.
  3. point is, if I were trying to get internet points I'd cruise over to a place where the SJW is an echo chamber and everyone pats everyone else on the back for their internet activism. I find it ironic that you are questioning any logical fallacy when you yourself used one first by questioning my character. may as well call this one a draw and move on mate. neither of us win, we both lose. anyway, the stop i45 team is going to be speaking with HGAC on Friday at 9:30
  4. to call that building yellow is an insult to the color yellow. it's a shabby mustard, at best. and as far as reddit goes, r/whatcouldgowrong is really a great opportunity to watch people do stupid things to themselves and have a good laugh. I consider it the best that reddit has to offer.
  5. if I were trying to impress you, it seems to me that the easiest way to accomplish that would be to suggest bulldozing more to add more freeways, but you believe what you want.
  6. are they going to put toll booths on the paths? I'd still like to see money from HCTRA be put into light rail, or commuter rail.
  7. I'm sad too, not for the people who won't see it completed, there's the people who will be forcibly moved from where they've chosen to live their lives, or those who get to stay put, but have to deal with a huge construction project that lasts 15% of their lives that happens in their backyard. imagine those people who are displaced, or have to live around this project in their backyard not getting to see the completed version of what impacted their lives so because of how long it took. I mean, let's not dramatize some dying futurists dreams to see i45 relocated from the west side of town to the east being some impactful reason that this project should move forward with alacrity. if it takes 60 more years for this to complete in a manner that has less impact on the lives of those living near it, and none of us get to see it completed, I'll have it in my will that someone locate and play the worlds smallest violin in the honor of all of us that never got to see this 'dream' come to life. sorry for not feeling sorry for that person.
  8. it'll take time, but it'll get there. hopefully the townhomes stay in the neighborhoods, and then along Harrisburg that's where we get the bigger apartment complexes. I mean, if that (mostly) empty lot adjacent to the coffee plant LR stop only gets townhomes, that's a loss, I mean, it'd be better than is there now, but would it be great 10 years from now?
  9. they do have the full street blocked at the moment, but one of the workers told us that this is only temporary, and they will be bringing back, and better because they will have metered parking, so more more students parking on day 1 of class and then not moving for the rest of the semester.
  10. I mean, let's also not forget the power of the marketing engine. everyone needs a car, even before they needed a car, they were convinced by marketing departments that they needed a car. at this point, on average, it costs just under $10,000 to own and operate a car in a year. https://www.aaa.com/autorepair/articles/average-annual-cost-of-new-vehicle-ownership it's not like that number goes down, ever. it just keeps inching higher and higher.
  11. no doubt, it won't be as bad as say, trying to walk down Westheimer from Voss to Winrock, but isn't a walk I'd look forward to.
  12. for this to still be a lucrative business model I think is astounding. I know I've said it before, but the thought flashes in my mind every time, if it were me, I would have already built an apartment building that had exactly the same number of units as the previous, and made it 100% low income housing. the amount of money they lost from the litigation of this space can't be much different from the amount they'd lose by just doing a project to spite the neighbors. but then, I suppose continuing to go ahead with the tower design is going to spite the neighbors just as much, and may recoup some of the loses better than the low income housing would.
  13. neat. if it is apartments, it will say 'conveniently located near light rail station'. once the trees next to the soccer stadium grow in a bit, it won't be that bad of a walk to the stations in the summer, but that's not an enticing walk in my opinion.
  14. and how many people are active on the forum that have an interest in that area. the downtown sub, for instance, gets high traffic because so many people are interested in what happens downtown. Heights, midtown, Montrose, all very popular, the EE is getting there, and this sub is certainly more active than it was back when I first joined the forum. heck, the physical East End is more active than it was 15 years ago when I moved in.
  15. Awesome stuff. I did some quick searching for anything regarding the statement about plans for Telephone on the other side of Lawndale, but came up empty.
  16. may your roadways always be dry, and your parking spots empty, in the name of cement, water and aggregate.
  17. I think I recall renderings from earlier in this thread that showed the street only taking about as much as they have blocked off. from the standpoint of access for emergency services, and even from the simpler aspect of having an address on the street, I think the street has to stay, at least in some fashion. we've been working on it for a while now, COH permitting is not being easy for us, we were planning on being open for this semester, but now we should be open in the summer.
  18. kind of hard to see if you don't have the context of how far the street used to be extend to the dead end, but about where the excavator is, that's about how far the street was. so they aren't taking that much more. I don't think they're going to take any more.
  19. I'm thinking the grass is the right answer. especially since original listings for permits were for "hotel invasive ground cover that mimics grass" that was before the marketing folks stepped in. in a bit more seriousness (but not really), isn't the grass named after the city in Florida, which is named after Augustine of Hippo? so whether the hotel is named after the grass, the town in Florida, or the Saint, since they are all named after each other, isn't it all the same?
  20. it's all in how you look at it. shifting from comic books to blockbuster movies is a paradigm shift. I'll grant the others (even though most would agree that Apple, IBM and others fully changed their core business), but comics to movies isn't a natural step. energy companies shifting from oil gas to other forms of energy is also a paradigm shift, no doubt. some will fail to evolve, or not make the right evolution, and they will be the Kodak we look at and say "wasn't it obvious?" oddly, my news feed popped up an article that the largest camera manufacturer in the world, is Fujifilm. how did Fuji get it so right and Kodak so wrong? I suppose in 20 years we may be looking at 2 large oil companies, one of which had succeeded in transitioning to other energy, and one that didn't and asking the same questions. https://petapixel.com/2022/04/26/the-biggest-camera-manufacturer-in-the-world-is-fujifilm/ to your last point, agreed fully. California I think has committed to not allowing any more sales of ICE after 2035, which is a foolhardy thing to do (I guess it's great for greenwashing, and they can shake each other's hands and say they solved climate change), but whatever, let's presume that this actually happens, that means that for the next 13 years we're still able to buy (in CA) ICE cars, and then as the last one rolls out of the showroom floor, it's still going to have 10 or more years of service before going away. pretty much every O&G company out there is spending more money on developing alternatives and synthetic fuels than they are on exploration. part by reading the room, but also because banks aren't giving as much money for exploration as they used to. banks figure that there are enough known reserves to satiate our O&G needs until we transition to whatever's actually next. anyway, sorry, OT, and I think we're on the same page, I didn't intend for this to be this long.
  21. 59SB to 610SB is going to be closed starting this weekend, and should be expected to stay closed until the project is completed in 2 years.
  22. disagree. Kodak failed because the leadership was unwilling to accept the future, and by the time they tried, it was too late. Blockbuster Video failed for not adapting quick enough. if you look at companies that re-invented themselves, you'd say 'they evolved' which is how any successful company will operate and continue to be successful as the world changes. Apple, Amazon, Amex, IBM, Netflix, Marvel, Fujifilm, every restaurant in business. all of these companies evolved from their core business model to embrace the future. Apple a computer company to a device company. Amazon an online bookstore to an everything store to cloud hosting servers. Amex from freight to money orders credit cards. IBM hardware to services. Netflix DVD to streaming. Marvel comics to cinema. Fujifilm film to digital and instant every restaurant evolved to allow more online ordering capability in addition to in restaurant seating. that's just off the top of my head. companies fail because they are unwilling, or too slow to change as the future progresses. there will be energy companies that fail, no doubt about it, but many more will adapt, they are adapting now.
  23. I think they only get to close a little bit of it beyond the intersection, specifically what they have already blocked off.
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