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  1. the UH/TT game this year sold over 40k tickets. that chart shows that they will have the smallest capacity in the big 12. if this game occurs in more 'normal times' (aka not a pandemic) and is a 'game that matters' (aka conference game), tickets are going to be hard to get even in NRG where the capacity is over 70k, and then add to it when they are back in the top 25, or if their opponent is in the top 25? as an example, in 2015 and 2016 it was as near an impossible ticket as you could get for sports tickets in Houston. they don't have to expand, but I think if they don't expand they better have a really good relationship with NRG to ensure that when there are important home games for UH that the Texans are on the road that weekend.
  2. Kanomwan put a message on FB that they are closed until further notice.
  3. I have a north Texas toll tag. it covers any toll roads in Texas, including Harris county, parts of Oklahoma, and even some other states. not sure about Louisiana though.
  4. but we can dig under the clay and get to a solid foundation right? lol
  5. my favorite is throttle off oversteer. the number of people who apply their brakes in a corner as opposed to before the corner astounds me. granted they aren't driving on the limit, or on a race track, but at some point that bad habit is going to catch them and make the car imbalanced and they'll swap from being a driver to being a passenger as the front and back of their cars swap positions.
  6. we are getting an extension to the east side Buffalo Bayou from Buffalo Nature park to Hidalgo park the article doesn't have a lot more substance, but: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/houston-east-end-bike-path-buffalo-bayou-16464123.php
  7. such a large portion of the engine of our economy is single occupant vehicles (just manufacturing is nearly 4%, and that doesn't account for sales, maintenance, use, etc). it would be awesome if it was harder to obtain a license, or at the very least, if someone shows that they are incapable of accomplishing the task, or worse, are capable, but choose to drive recklessly, that they are relieved of the ability to drive for a significant period of time, during which they would be encouraged to attend training, whereby they might reduce the amount of time that they are unable to drive. this would do some serious damage to our economy though. every time I hear a story of a cyclist that is killed by a driver, and the driver's excuse is "I didn't see them" and they aren't held accountable, it infuriates me. so much so that I had to stop reading articles about it, and that's just one example of the craziness of it all. I joke with people that driving has become way too safe and emboldens people to do stupid things, as an example, in the past week I can count on more fingers than I have the number of people I have seen run a really red light, and that's not an exaggeration, or exception. if manufacturers were to replace the drivers airbag with a large metal spike pointed at the drivers chest, that will certainly meter their boldness, and instantly make cars much safer for everyone.
  8. I lived right around the block from the Eastwood Transit Center for over 10 years. so many buses breaking laws, running stop signs, running red lights, straddling multiple lanes of traffic. I still live in the area and still have to interact with that area from time to time, but I do so grudgingly (especially when the Amazon trucks are factored in). I fear this is only going to get worse for the Eastwood Transit Center, and other hubs of this BRT line. that being said, this is going to be a much needed artery of our transit infrastructure and overall will be a huge win for the city. I just wish things weren't so bad in regards to a few bad drivers. I guess the real thing that should be done is to encourage everyone reading to call the hotline and report the bus number when you see the event happen.
  9. to be fair, I don't know that many people understand how to handle an intersection with the lights out completely simply because it happens so rarely. and I've actually been in this situation, I stopped at a signal that was out, cross traffic that I could see had stopped, when I entered the intersection the one lane of cross traffic I couldn't see didn't stop, and they smacked my car pretty hard. the girl driving had no idea she was supposed to treat it as a 4 way stop, the cop (that showed up an hour later) still gave her a ticket, lack of knowledge doesn't absolve you from having broken the law, it sucked, but it's just not a common occurrence. these days, when I see an intersection with all lights out, I will take a turn, or cut through a parking lot to avoid the intersection. if I have no other option, I will get in the right hand lane and turn right, rather than attempting to cross the intersection. a lightning strike, or power surge can fry the electronics, or take out a battery backup, just as easily.
  10. I would presume they had done the traffic studies and decided the number of people taking Memorial was a small enough number. or maybe the people who live on Memorial on the other side of 610 didn't like it being used as a through road so lobbied for the designers to insert the traffic circle to divert most of the traffic to Woodway. either way, I presume that Woodway can handle the traffic.
  11. looks to me like there's a complete re alignment and a traffic circle.
  12. this is certainly the hope of the industries that are pushing the opposition for the project.
  13. even if they are not competitive, the good teams will draw the fans, and it might even be a clause of the invite. but then, if the schedule aligns with NFL, they might just put some of the games that will draw a large crowd into NRG. if Baylor and UH are both supposed to be in the top 25 in a given year, yeah, that'll be in NRG.
  14. I don't know that we can claim to have the worst drivers in the world, but I do think if there is an at grade crossing, someone will end up getting stuck there. it may happen very infrequently, but it will happen more frequently than if there were grade separated crossings. I will also predict that when that collision does occur, many of the people who said this train was a bad idea will use that moment as a lightning rod of reason for why the project never should have happened in the first place. then again, if they chose to make every crossing a grade separated crossing they'd be needing twice the money they need now.
  15. it could be that person, or the person in charge of making the skyline not dark and bland at night. I hope it's not the same person in charge of all 3 items. I know I'd feel bad if it is one person in charge of all 3 items. multitasking at that level can be cumbersome.
  16. is that clock actually running? I always imagined that clock has 2 moments each day that build up in anticipation. should you come back at 30 minutes after midnight, or half an hour to 1pm, there would be celebrating in the streets as the bell chimes to remind everyone within hearing distance that indeed, it is either half past 12, or half past 12. it would be an exclamation in ecstasy: behold, I am right now! unless it's actually running and is 2/14 hours fast, in which case, whoever set the clock must have family in Halifax, or Tokyo.
  17. ugh, lol, I read the title as "Texas CIty" not "city in Texas". https://www.reuters.com/technology/texas-city-offer-samsung-large-property-tax-breaks-build-17-bln-chip-plant-2021-09-06/
  18. update, the background music in the Kroger this morning was straight out of Club 6400. welcome, but very weird.
  19. weird things I have noticed in the area: trains stopping on the tracks for really long periods of time city installed speed bumps which make you slow down slower than the speed limit to go over them removal of traffic lights and installation of stop signs in the area that Kroger is weird.
  20. you keep going on about plausibility, we're not having the same conversation. I fully understand both the denotative and connotative definition of the word "could", and I understand what it means in the context of what the spokesperson for TxDOT stated. I will rephrase the question, maybe you'll get it this time and answer the question asked, rather than go on about something else entirely? why would TxDOT go on record and say: and then provide this as a possible outcome of the revisitation?
  21. willful ignorance? so again. I am curious, if TxDOT didn't mean what they said, then why do you think they said it?
  22. I am curious then, if TxDOT didn't mean what they said, then why do you think they said it?
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