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  1. samagon

    New Coffee Roaster.

    there's a coffee roaster moving into a building at 1302 Telephone, southeast corner of intersection with Mable. there's a Houston Outlaws mural (the Houston overwatch team) on the building. no other signs or markings on the building. the building has been getting updated over the course of almost a year, and just a week ago a small batch Loring roaster showed up in the back corner. I haven't peeked into the building to get a look at any of the packaging bags. based on nothing other than a hunch (proximity to Coral Sword, and the time they've taken to build out), I suspect that it's part of Greenway Coffee Roaster.
  2. samagon

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision I know, not exactly reliable. I did just find another with better sources. that has links back to the DOT and CBO the CBO link says my number is way low, and that it's closer to $150 Billion. In which case, gas tax needs about 5x increase to cover.
  3. samagon

    Jensen and Navigation Roundabout

    is it the east end district that wanted the roundabout in the first place, or are they just reacting to a situation proposed by the city?
  4. samagon

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    all this means is that it's currently cheaper to drive than it is to ride public transit. gas prices are at an all time low, coupled with the fact that federally, the gas tax hasn't gone up since 1993 (meanwhile we can't pay to fix the roads, gee, I wonder why?). gas taxes collect about $35 billion per year. according to some studies, it takes about $66 billion per year to cover costs (maintenance and new projects). Keep in mind this is just federal, so interstate highways only. so where we pay 18 cents per gallon tax federally, that should probably be about 35 cents to cover actual costs. states (Texas, cause that's us) I'm sure have the same story. we pay 20 cents per gallon. I can't find how much non-federal projects cost the state, but I am going to assume we have the same shortfalls to cover our infrastructure projects. now, all that money does come from somewhere, so we are paying. the problem is that the payments are masked so it doesn't look like driving costs as much as it really does. the end result is that many more people would have a very clear understanding of the exact costs of driving. as a result they might not want to sell their car, but they would want to reduce their footprint and would choose other options where available. only problem is, the other options available in Houston stink. so too bad, you'd be stuck driving, even if we paid the extra 40 cents per gallon we probably owe.
  5. I'm disappointed that they chose to jog over from Austin to La Branch and Crawford, rather than just going the other way at Alabama to get to Caroline. they'd only need 3 blocks of sharrows at that point. after that, it becomes wide enough to handle different configurations.
  6. neither AirBnB, nor Uber were inventions, they were a melding of two technologies in a way that hadn't been done previously. in business, a good business plan is not usually a single invention, it's usually when someone takes two good inventions and marries them. in the case of Uber I can say without a doubt the marrying of the smartphone with ride hailing is amazing. it is without a doubt a better solution than the cab. I can call for a cab, and then after call for an Uber. I will already be at my destination by the time the cab gets to my pickup location, and to add egg to the face of the cab solution, Uber is cheaper. it is a better solution. I have a friend that owns an electric car. I ran into him on Saturday as he was wandering the halls of Ikea aimlessly. I was there to find a cheap rug. he was there because his car didn't have enough juice to get him home and he had to 'refuel'. wasting an hour aimlessly wandering the halls of Ikea specifically because I need to refuel is not my idea of infrastructure being ready. anecdotal story, I know, but it is accurate. as I mentioned, many companies are starting to enact rules around how people leave scooters when they end their ride. so the solutions are coming without legislation. they are evolving into a good neighbor without every city they are in needing legislation. when you started riding your bike, I'm sure you fell, that's part of growing. these companies go live with what they think is a good solution, it is a good solution. then as they are used in ways no one imagined they'd be used, new parameters are added to the solution to make it better. it's how all things work. while there are a lot of people who do interchange the word grammar and vocabulary, they are not the same thing. I pointed out a vocabulary mistake. I did not point out a grammar mistake. you're the only one who has pointed out a grammar mistake. you've called me a pedant. you've attempted to call me a jerk, the keyword in that link you provided was "consistently" so I think we're both in the clear. perhaps now, before you call me other names, you can agree it's time to just drop it and move on? if it helps, I'm terribly sorry I pointed out your vocabulary mistake.
  7. you know cars were a novelty once, as were escalators, as were lights, as were a lot of things that we all take for granted. I think you are confusing novelty and fad. a fad is something like Furbies. a novelty is something that is new and shiny, but that shininess wears off after you've done it once or twice, and they become more common. besides, if they are only a fad, and will be gone soon, then why are we even worrying about whether laws are made or not? if would be an irresponsible waste of taxpayer money to make a law for something that will be a flash in the pan. there are two kinds of bike rentals. docked and dockless. Houston operates docked bikes. there are also dockless varieties of bikes. your assumption that people don't ride bikes on sidewalks is not accurate. other cities have dockless bikes, and they are left all over hells half acre as well. Houston seems to be expanding their network of bikeshare. using the wrong homonym is not a typo. your proper (or improper) use of vocabulary words only reflects upon you. I wasn't pedantically harping, just pointing out the correct word to use so you could potentially grow. your correct response would be to note the mistake and try not to make it again. getting defensive only shows that you aren't going to learn from your mistake and it's a waste on my part to have even pointed it out. I was told once by someone that spent a lot of time studying the English language (and sorry, I respect them more than I do you, specifically regarding the English language) that being consistent is far more important that following formatting rules. if someone writes with the same formatting throughout their entire submission, while it may be jarring at first, it becomes expected. you go from having one or two mistakes, to that being a signature, so to speak. vocabulary and grammar have little to do with e-scooters. I do like some of the thoughts you posted about how to enforce rules around scooters. one glaring problem is if someone parks the scooter correctly, then some angry scooter hater gets all crazy and starts moving scooters that are stationed correctly into the wrong place, then the last rider will be punished unfairly. the answer there is one I think that is already in place by a lot of scooter shares. take a picture of the scooter inside the app after you park it to show you have placed it correctly. those users get a discount on their next ride. I think I remember that being how it went. I also absolutely love the idea about having these things share bike lanes. we need more bike lanes though.
  8. - The novelty of scooters is a short term issue and has no real bearing on the long term outlook. - There are docked bike rentals, and have been for a while. Depending on the location they are in far greater use than personal bikes. - Sheer. Shear is what you do to sheep. - Leaving rental scooters (as well as dockless bikes) anywhere is a short term problem that companies will overcome quickly by introducing policies that encourage (either with stick, or carrot) riders to put the conveyance (scooter or otherwise) in an appropriate location upon completion of use. - This too, I believe, is going to be a short term thing. Education on where they should/can be ridden isn't out there at all. If you asked 15 people, you'd get 15 different answers. and likely, if you asked 15 cops, there'd be a level of confusion there as well. Aside from misused homonyms, most of the issues you have don't appear to be long term things, or will be things that can be fixed simply, either through company policy, or public education. so it would seem that if these are the only problems you have then give patience a chance, these things will sort themselves out.
  9. This, I think, is a short term problem. As people become more accustomed to the scooters and find out what their limits are (not just the limits of the devices, but the operator will have their limits too), the incidents of stupidity will go down.
  10. samagon

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    yup, the 'temporary' ones you reference are actually the ones that have been there forever and are being slowly replaced with the more permanent structures.
  11. Austin may suck for a lot of things. it has one huge advantage. the hill country. some beautiful land out there.
  12. this is my concern. I did notice that they removed the forms on what will be the new ramp columns. so progress, just slower than block 334 apartments.
  13. they are just going so slow, especially compared to how fast everything seemed to be going at the beginning.
  14. another month of no progress. anyone have any details? The ramp was scheduled to close in October, we're servicing December now.
  15. samagon

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I've said it in so many other threads, but I'll say it here, I wish someone had the guts to make sure either HCTRA and METRO were combined, and that for every dollar spent on tollways, they had to spend a percentage on fixed guideway transit (BRT, LRT, HRT, whatever). And if not merged, then at least send percentage of funds to METRO for that specific purpose.