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  1. uptown is a TIRZ. it was created in 1999. the Galleria area is what it was called before the TIRZ existed, and I call it the Galleria area, but I know where someone is talking about when they say Uptown. there's really no reason you should be peeved by the colloquial names used for an area. if anything you should be peeved that someone's taxes went to some marketing department so they could spend it on a renaming convention. when someone calls it the Galleria area all it shows is that someone has lived in Houston for more than 20 years. As another example, I grew up in Alief, it will always be Alief, it will never be the International District, but I'll still know what you mean if you call it the International District.
  2. that's awesome that there will be a rooftop park visible from my office. green the place up a bit.
  3. so many students at UH would be so happy for a whataburger there, not to mention a lot of residents in the Eastwood neighborhood right behind. gulfgate is the closest whataburger, or there's one at wayside and harrisburg.
  4. imagine. Kingpin and Green Goblin. They've teamed up and kidnapped Gwen Stacy and are holding her hostage in the pool of the Market Square Tower. There is an elaborate set of explosives set to detonate spilling the water and Gwen Stacy out into the streets of Houston. But wait! Spiderman is working from his office in the 601 Travis building! His spidey senses tell him to look at the pool, and he leaps into action, as he shoots webs at the closest tower crane swinging from crane to crane, he is swinging from the last orange crane just when the pool breaks and he has to make a daring rescue of Gwen Stacy in mid air! Houston can sleep soundly in the knowledge that Spiderman is keeping the town safe from villains like Kingpin and Green Goblin!
  5. earlier this week they still had their search lights illuminating the night sky. went in on Saturday night for some shopping, it was a ghost town. but then every grocery store on a saturday night is a ghost town.
  6. if we use the big dig as an example. it will cost about 2.5x as much as expected and it will take about 2.5x as long as predicted. who really knows. this project doesn't really give better access to downtown, and it doesn't give better access to people moving from one part of the central area of town to another part of the central area of town. the purpose of this project is to allow people to move from one side of town to the other faster, and make millions for the property owners along the pierce elevated.
  7. soil samples were being collected from the law parking lot yesterday morning.
  8. nothing obvious has changed on the east side of segment 3, it seems to me that the north side of segment 3 is a bit more 'bendy' than I recall?
  9. considering there's no qualitative analysis that would show how traffic would be affected, and considering that any scenario that removed the ring from downtown would result in a wider version of 610, you are making assumptions of the worst case scenario, which is fine. no one would ever consider 99 as a bypass.
  10. looking at the same routes this morning (rush hour traffic), the times are similar, 3 minutes +- for each route, interestingly, some routes are quicker to go around 610 during rush hour. and there are some obvious outliers, such as any traffic on 610 around the Galleria area. as far as getting from Heights to Baytown, well, you are an outlier, it's pointed out very frequently how few people live inside the loop in Houston, when compared to the greater Houston area. but even still, in rush hour traffic, getting from Heights/11th to baytown, you only lose 5 minutes taking the loop around, and it's one extra mile. telling google to set depart time to 11am makes the disparity in times not so bad. furthermore, if you're at heights/20th it is already faster to take 610. as a matter of fact (when not rush hour), anything north of 13th street it is faster to go north to 610 and take that around to i10, rather than heading south to i10 straight away. so the reality is, that the number of people who would be truly affected with longer travel times is very small window of people living in a very specific area inside the loop. for reference, so you don't think I'm someone who wouldn't be affected and is just spouting off, I live at telephone and lawndale, my parents live in Alief. outside of high traffic, 45 to 59 is about 10 minutes faster than any other possible route I could take. this is while construction is ongoing on 59/610 interchange, so take that construction away and I bet it's closer to 15 minutes I save by taking 45 to 59 straight out to alief, but the reality is, the tradeoff I would pay in extra time on the road getting from my home to anywhere on the southwest side of town (Galleria, my parents, my sister, lots of childhood friends) for all the other benefits that would come to all of Houston by not having those freeways going straight through downtown? easy trade. super easy.
  11. fun facts... today: going from 45/610 on the south side to 45/610 on the northside is 3 minutes slower taking 610 around, rather than 45 through town, and only 3 miles longer. going from 10/610 on west to 10/610 on east is the same 3 minutes slower to go around 610 vs staying on 10, and again, 3 miles different. going from 59/610 on southwest to 59/610 on the northeast is 1 minute slower, and 1 mile longer on 610 vs 59. granted, these times are at 10:30 at night, but there isn't 60 extra miles, which means it's hyperbole, as is your price comparison as well. it is a fair point on how the federal govt would take removal of an interstate, but then if we're talking pie in the sky, it could just be a matter of renaming 610 to i10, yeah?
  12. the only part of the project I have a problem with is removing the pierce elevated to make the rich richer at the expense of the east end and near north side. otherwise, it's a good thing. as far as the consulate moving, government agencies making deals with government agencies are easier than other deals.
  13. ah. so this is a United bashing party. Carry on.
  14. I guess when I said space, I meant room for specific aircraft. sure there's plenty of room for flights, but according to the article... it says farther down that this will double the capacity for wide bodies, to 13, which means we only have 7 now, so if you believe their statement that wide bodied planes can fly farther, it is a space thing that this addition will help to alleviate.
  15. samagon

    Car Talk

    I'd say that was very expected. I wonder if the person/people who came up with that still have a job?
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