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  1. how is cutting across 4 lanes of traffic (assuming is going from 45SB to 10EB to Jensen) 'easy access'? there's going to be accidents caused by people doing exactly this.
  2. I'm looking for threads in all the wrong places, looking for threads in too many subforums? apologies to everyone, including Johnny Lee
  3. 5 days and no topic? or did I just look in the wrong places. the site is going to stop posting.
  4. I absolutely agree, I do not believe that any of the choices they have made were made out of malice. That doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. "your intentions were in the right place, so all is forgiven, please proceed with knocking development of these neighborhoods back a few decades in relation to other areas of the city."
  5. I have, to date, never been credited for gasoline I purchased in this state and then used in a different state. For that matter, 99% of the driving I do these days is not on roads maintained by the state. Should I be paying any tax at all on the gasoline I use? The majority of charging of electric vehicles, even in the future when you can charge your car in under 5 minutes, is still going to be done at the home. How would you see those taxes collected?
  6. it's hardly ever a dollar/cents kind of thing though, sure you are paying $1000 on top of your $2000 mortgage (probably higher even), which would get you the better part of a $600,000 home. that's a lot of home in a lot of places in Houston. but then, you have to consider amenities. does that $600,000 home come with concierge/security? how about a trash service? do you have an onsite dry cleaner? lawn care? common area and a pool? If you're considering a bungalow in the Heights for ~$600,000, a palace out in Katy, or a condo in midtown, that condo can start looking really nice.
  7. yup, if you want Jensen you have to exit back at McKee. Not a huge deal, it adds 2 extra signaled intersections. The problem is, if you want to get from 45SB to the McKee exit so you can make it to Jensen street you have to cross 4 lanes of traffic in exceedingly short order. less than 1/4 mile? you will still be able to exit from i-10 (either way) into downtown and turn left of Franklin to get you to Navigation, but again, not as ideal as it is now. Once this development is up and running access from a freeway (any freeway) is going to be poor.
  8. this was put in place to stop the state from using gas taxes to make tollroads. here's the text: is it indeed possible that it could be argued that the best way to improve the state highway system is to relieve pressure on it by putting money towards alternate transit options? the spirit of the law may not intend that, but it could easily be argued this way, especially since they put in text for specific exclusions, if someone were wanting to commit political suicide for the greater good of those who live in our largest cities.
  9. fixing problems, and increasing efficiency within the existing ROW is possible. just look at what they are doing for the 45/59 interchange. so far as I know, the 610/59 interchange will not be taking any ROW to increase efficiency either. I think txdot is foolish to not entertain any other form of transit than vehicular. they say Texas is not a mass transit state, they're right, and it's their fault Texas is built the way it is. they have the power to make a difference, yet they continue to put forward projects like this.
  10. my intention wasn't that at all. a lot of presentations need narration to follow. specifically because of the nature of presentations. I'm sorry you took offense at my comment, and I am sorry that in the presence of proof that he did tailor the presentation to Houston, you find my comment to be your new reason to ignore his well structured feedback that is indeed specific for Houston.
  11. have you looked at the PDF of his presentation? https://kinder.rice.edu/sites/g/files/bxs1676/f/downloads/Houston2019.pdf while I'm sure he had a lot of things about which to speak, the presentation is readable, and you can follow along.
  12. Considering he specifically referenced how many homes will be taken for the project, I'd be willing to bet he put a fair amount of time into it.
  13. the problem is that the solution that txdot has is proven to not fix anything. our very own I-10 is a perfect example of that. 290 will be a perfect example of that in about 2 years. more lanes has been proven time and again to not be the answer. the txdot plan is the only official plan, so therefore you are right, it is the best plan we have. that does not make it a good plan. 50 years ago, back before there was data to show that expanding freeways doesn't fix congestion, this would have been an excellent plan, but there is so much data out there that shows more lanes doesn't ease congestion, it shows that this is a bad idea. rather than spending so much money on the only plan we have, why not put out bids for real solutions? 10 billion dollars could implement a really nice rail system. 10 billion dollars could create infrastructure to put a congestion tax in place. these ideas and ideas other have had are only pie in the sky because txdot is unwilling to entertain them, or flesh them out.
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