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  1. thanks for the explanation!
  2. that's rough. I have the opposite problem. I live right near UH, and any time I want to go anywhere up in that area, 59/i10 is my pierce elevated avoidance tool.
  3. if you are going from the heights to Hobby, taking i-10 east, then 610 south to 45 is only 3 minutes slower. right now it's an algorithm, is the extra pain of pierce elevated worth the 3 minutes. in a few weeks, it will probably be about the same time investment. I suppose that the shutdown also includes Chartres to i10 west as well.
  4. that brick choice is disturbing. mainly because I grew up in a time when those 'magic eye' posters were in every mall kiosk, and then Mallrats imbued it into my mind forever. I look at that and the first thing I expect to see is a sailboat.
  5. those timelines are likely more to do with funding though, I'd guess
  6. does the person you talk to even know? maybe they are speculating based on what they think makes sense?
  7. I saw some people in some strong business attire with clipboards walking around the building attached to Pitch25 (building in NE corner of the intersection in title). About 10 or so people looking at the building and pointing fingers. They looked very similar to how I imagine my business partners and I look when we are inspecting a potential site for use.
  8. oh man. newsgroups. I spent more time on newsgroups than I did on the internet back then. but I guess that was a thing. before altavista, and then google, there was no real way to find things on the internet, however, the list of newsgroup sites that you could access was pretty descriptive. kind of an interesting full circle kind of thing, but reddit seems to be pretty popular and has all the trappings of these old communication methods we used to use. then again, we don't use them any longer for a good reason I suspect.
  9. this is particularly awesome. wish they'd do the same to Calhoun Road. It's ridiculously wide for the amount of traffic that uses it.
  10. are there a lot of tallow trees in Memorial park? I didn't think there were.
  11. I was curious... 30 acre feet = 9775542 gallons. which isn't really helpful. does this mean that houses that got 3 feet of water during Harvey are going to get 2 feet of water next time? or does it mean that houses that got 2 feet of water during Allison are going to get 1 foot 6 inches of water next time? at least it's only a 1.2 million project, and hopefully means more park area to be used in the area?
  12. wow guys. this is a Forever 21. No one can really care this much about Forever 21?
  13. there were some guys in the parking lot for the law building doing some survey measurements. I don't know what the timeline of the new law building is, but maybe related?
  14. Toby needs to up his game. Rowdy makes taggers like this look bad.
  15. another movie theater option is good this close to downtown. although I will loath going anywhere named "LoHiDi"
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