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  1. Macy's Warehouse is for sale

    There's some demo equipment that was being removed from a flatbed onto the site around lunch today. Anyone know what's going on out there?
  2. 2 really good views of downtown: - bike path on white oak bayou by UH downtown. - jensen and clinton intersection (ignore the stacks of freeway, and be sure to check it out before they build the new freeway, stacks are going to be even higher).
  3. The crane is gone. Before lunch it was still visible, but they had removed some height, after lunch, it was totally gone from my office view. So that means that at some point this weekend or next, they'll be shutting down some streets and removing it entirely?
  4. I went to HEB at gulfgate about a month ago. There were quite a few fruit flies that had taken up residence in the produce section. Didn't tell a manager just walked out and haven't been back since. This particular HEB never seems to be well maintained. Lots of clutter, and that makes it feel not so clean. I'm perfectly happy with Fiesta.
  5. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Let's be fair, that specific part of Houston received 8" in a few hours. that's about 1/6th of the yearly total in a few hours.
  6. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    hopefully they could wrangle some freight business as well. and I'd be happy with a government financed project, we subsidize every other form of transportation, is the ire here that it's specifically rail, or just that we have enough already? It really comes down, I guess, to whether you think we have enough diversity of transit options? Personally, I am for it, subsidize away. Let me pay some extra taxes to fund this, and build one from Houston to San Antonio too, might as well go from San Antonio to Dallas while we're at it and complete the triangle.
  7. Obviously you'd first want to pick and prod at the dirt with the toothpick from your mouth first for about a minute. After you've exclaimed that it is indeed dirt, you re-insert the toothpick back in your mouth.
  8. For the amount of concrete, I think it's going to be 2 lanes that exit for downtown. it's part of the good news: The good newsThe Gulf Freeway connector to I-69 northbound through downtown Houston is scheduled to open in August, along with the at-grade exit to St. Joseph Parkway and Pease Street. ultimately, you get 3 options: 1. exit at the st.joseph/pease exit and enter 59 south at webster street. 2. stay on 45, exit for i-10 east, exit for 59 south. 3. exit 45 for 59 north, exit 59 for i10 west, exit i10 for 45 south, exit 45 for 59 south.
  9. yeah, I pop in that Kroger about once a week for various sundries. Sometimes I take the Range Rover, sometimes I take the Mercedes. jk about the cars, but I do go there once a week for random stuff. I am happy with the complete random demographic that I always see.
  10. Art Hous @ 811 St Emanuel Street

    From your astounding level of optimism with no proof, I think it is you that doesn't have a clue about how these things work.
  11. Art Hous @ 811 St Emanuel Street

    sorry for the double reply, but (as hard as this is to believe) I know for a fact that elements of the eado management group weren't even aware this was a thing until last year. and given our cities current budgetary issues, to say "probably a park" is a bit of a stretch. Let's agree to say that the park is a solid wishful idea at this point.
  12. Art Hous @ 811 St Emanuel Street

    If the freeway changes were something that were happening overnight this would certainly be the only effect, but as the freeway construction will likely last longer than the 290 construction? Businesses will be affected negatively by the ongoing construction. But hey, we'll see. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. Art Hous @ 811 St Emanuel Street

    I took my girlfriend to dinner at Huynh and we were going to get some cocktails after at truck yard. I was shocked at how many people were milling about the area. a year ago I could drive through the area and the only activity was at 8th wonder, but now the area is going nuts. It's sad that the area is going to be pretty much killed with the freeway project before it has a chance to flame out on its own. Maybe the upshot of that is it never has a chance to reach the stage where the area is taken over by douches?
  14. as someone who lives and commutes on the streets you are taking as alternatives, I am really missing your downtown destinations exit as well. I suspect they aren't going to wait that long. I imagine when they are done with the flyover sections that are directly overhead of the exit they will open the new downtown destination exit. It will almost certainly open before they shutdown the current SB exit for 59, and the traffic for SB 59 will be encouraged to take that exit to get to 59. I have no confirmation from anyone, that is just what would make the most sense. The worst is still ahead since most traffic that exits 45 is exiting for 59 SB, but they are seeming to set it up so it will be a fast process, ie they are building the new ramp as close to the existing ramp as they can before demolition.
  15. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    This really raises the bar for the area. Lucky's will have to close down for a few months of renovations if they want to stay relevant.