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  1. gondolitis, it's most pervasive and distinct in places like Phoenix, or other desert areas though, and rare in a place like Houston. I offer counseling, rates are reasonable considering it is such a rare condition and requires some specialized shock treatment.
  2. I love this as well. they better sync up with Metro on their BRT to make sure there's alignment. I was talking to a friend last night about EE near the bayou. between this and East River, both will be nearing completion in 10 years. I told him to get in now, in 10 years the area will be unrecognizable and not anywhere nearly as affordable.
  3. actually, I thought you were right too (and you and I may have been right once upon a time, the ordinance was updated in 2021 specific for bicycles). I could swear when I last saw the ordinance (again, years ago, maybe 10 or more at this point) it said only commercial area. this clarification to be more specific opens up a lot more sidewalks.
  4. only problem here is that Matty isn't interested in any kind of open discussion, so making it look like 004n063 isn't interested in discussion through a funny meme is disingenuous.
  5. that one car that was illegally parked in the middle of the crosswalk got lucky! I wonder if the police that showed up issued him a citation? "Good news! you didn't get hit by a boulder, but you are being hit with a parking violation!"
  6. considering that until 1999 you couldn't build a single family residence on a lot smaller than 5000sf, and even then, free standing homes on lots smaller than 5000sf was confined to the inner loop (has since been expanded outside the loop). Houston may not be zoned, but there are some silly rules we have that have absolutely forced us into a single mode of transit.
  7. that's a fair and accurate stat. to have value though you need to fly a bit lower than just some high altitude numbers regarding the MSA, and consider things such as land use. for instance, Amsterdam's metro area has huge tracts of farm land, national parks, and other things with small dense towns as part of the metro area. according to this website: https://hollandcircularhotspot.nl/cities/metropole-region-amsterdam/ most of the IJsselmeer is included in the Amsterdam Metro area? which that's a lake that takes up about 1/5 of the area in and of itself. so it's not really comparable. Houston MSA is sprawling, but it is indeed sprawling, most single family homes for instance are on lots that are minimum of 5000sf. Amsterdam MSA may be 'sprawling' as well, but if you drill in you see it's pockets of very dense livable areas surrounded by farms, lakes, parks, etc. most homes with a yard (and yard usually means 400sf on average) share a common wall with another home, and actual detached homes with 5000sf of land, that's rich folk territory.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of a road being renamed. I'm sure there's some road named after a confederate supporter that still needs renamed.
  9. it depends, but in Houston pretty much yes. if I remember correctly, sidewalks and bikes is a no-no near commercial areas. I think this is a CoH ordinance.
  10. hopefully something will be named after him in this city, other than helping to grow Enron (which he left in 96) he has done a lot of really great stuff for Houston. it probably mentions it in the article on click2houston, but there's a total of $310,000,000 federal, local, and philanthropic money (which includes Kinder). if I am reading things right, this donation put them over the threshold to start the project. it's kind of obvious, but this plus east river, east end is is going to lose the status as an affordable inside the loop option.
  11. once this i45 project is done, it will be world class, I promise!
  12. the way they are building, they are going to use every inch of it. I was shocked the first time I drove down Jensen when construction was underway how close they are starting this phase to the road. and then you turn on Clinton and it feels like forever before you get to the end of the property. the scope of this thing is really immense, and there is so much potential to completely transform so much in the area.
  13. the reflection off the exquisitely brown water gives one the sense they can smell the stagnation in the water. :D can't wait to experience it while enjoying a drink on their patio area.
  14. https://residencesattheallen.com/the-developer/ according to that page, there's a Chinese real estate company involved. Tianqing Group. considering the issues with Chinese mortgages right now, this may be having some impact on their ability to move at pace.
  15. Polk street crossing going away, access to Bell street from EE going away and there's better connectivity between downtown and East End? that dog doesn't hunt. but yes, 4th ward is absolutely getting better access (not just to downtown, but southwest as well connecting directly to Allen Parkway). I guess we'll have to see how traffic entering the 45 connector only entering from Pease, rather than Pease and St. Joseph, but there won't be traffic they have to merge with from Pierce elevated. it'll be interesting to see how this plays out for access to and from midtown during rush hours. hopefully being able to just cross Brazos and not have to merge with other traffic, they'll be able to just get out of the intersections asap, and people won't be blocking the box for those headed south on Smith. me too, but I've been watching them put in bases on the Gulf Freeway south of downtown for the huge flood lights. it'll be interesting to see if they are updating tech at the same time they are replacing the old lights. so have LED and make them more directional to light only the freeways and not create a lot of light pollution for the surrounding neighborhoods. that to be said, I don't think they are going to shorter flood lights, maybe they'll at least be more modern.
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