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  1. Crane base is in at the law center! Anyone who wants front row seats for this, you get a really good spot right across the street at the nook cafe, good coffee too 😁
  2. I have lots of friends that have different viewpoints on politics than I do and we can discuss it with little issue. if someone owns a business and uses it to share their viewpoint, that is at their own peril cause some people find that offensive. my personal opinion is that as long as they keep away from personal attacks, then I don't care, we are a nation of different opinions and I am glad we all get to express those opinions freely.
  3. constantly stopped traffic is worse than an eyesore. aka pollution sucks.
  4. right, the whole point of getting rid of the pierce elevated is that it is a kind of block between midtown and downtown. whether there are cars or trees on it, it is going to have the same effect. if we're going to displace as much of the east and north around downtown to re-route 45, get rid of every remnant of the pierce elevated structure. just get rid of it.
  5. nope. there are plenty of examples worldwide of roadways being constructed of brick in far worse climates than our own and the quality of those roads is far better than even our concrete roadways. that doesn't make it a good idea for Houston, we just shouldn't use a different excuse to cover for the real reason, which is that we as a city don't want to pay the taxes necessary to support the cost of better quality roads, of any type.
  6. yikes. that sucks for people who were hoping to get to use that bridge. good for me on my bike, one less street crossing I have to worry about navigating when I take that path.
  7. let it go. Gus Wortham is a historic golf course, it is a far better golf course than Glenbrook ever was, Glenbrook was in far worse shape as a golf course. would you rather have a botanical garden that has a US highway running along nearly an entire mile long stretch adjacent to the site, or an interstate freeway that runs along less than 1/3 of a mile of a section of botanical garden that is kind of hard to reach? I guess both sites are very 'Houston' (aka no zoning is very obvious) at Glenbrook you can see the tips of refinery stacks in the distanc
  8. I avoid BBP at all costs. every 6 months or so when my wife says "we should go to BBP and ride" I begrudgingly acquiesce to her request, then 5 minutes onto the trail she declares that it is too busy with people, and I'm quick to point out this is why we don't go to BBP. I do believe that the parks board needs to designate specific paths as either bike only, or they need to paint lanes for bike only on the existing paths. as you state, people are going to get hurt because they have an all too selfish attitude. stay safe.
  9. there are a lot of trails (THP comes to mind) that has signs posted regularly that state bikes have a 10mph speed limit on the trails. so there's that in addition to the cyclist having to be aware of their surroundings. peds have some expectation to be aware as well though. certainly, anyone operating a vehicle on a roadway needs to operate safely. this includes following the rules of the road. for every law a cyclist routinely breaks there are laws that drivers routinely break. a cyclist may roll a stop sign, and so will a driver. a cyclist may stop/go a red light (or roll it) a d
  10. by this logic, we should hold drivers on roads to the same standards when a cyclist is on the road.
  11. I'd imagine since most of this project is just moving dirt around that it will go pretty fast. when they get to the 'tunnels' that will probably slow things down considerably, and obviously for the final greenery being planted.
  12. in context, Iron Tiger said bicycle, so that's why I assumed when you said bike you were referencing bicycles. anyway, neither here nor there. the number of low cost (relative term) e-bikes, scooters, and mopeds that are starting to become available is astonishing (if you're ok with ordering online, rather than getting from a LBS). for Houston, with a fast growing network of safe bike lanes, add an electric assist bike to help keep from sweating too hard in the summer, the capacity is there for a shift. all that's really missing is a way to keep them from be
  13. your average person is probably going to average 10mph, depending on wind direction and speed. in Houston, we don't have many hills, but we do have plenty of false flats, which can impact a rider as well. people who are riding for fitness are probably going to average around 15-18mph, depending on fitness level, of course, if they are riding in a group, that might be higher. in the near future where people have easy access to electric assist bikes that will enable them to go 20mph with as much effort as they have going 10mph, but they are still infinitely safer than a c
  14. they have the poles up for the signals, but there are no signals out yet. they were working yesterday, and were doing some stuff on the ground. I was driving so I didn't get a good look.
  15. for the size this intersection is currently, I imagine a 2 lane roundabout will fit. the amount of traffic I ever see in this intersection currently doesn't really warrant/need 2 lanes, but growth in the area will happen, and a 2 lane roundabout will make sense.
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