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  1. and compared with the industrial complex of corrugated warehouses that was there previously, this is still an upgrade. please see historic street view from 2011 as evidence: https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7765721,-95.3878662,3a,75y,181.09h,84.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjY66woJNklpq79DXRzTS9A!2e0!7i3328!8i1664 maybe not as good as it could have been, or as good as they wanted pre-pandemic, but better than it was is a good mantra for Houston.
  2. except D&W current (well, last time I was there, about 14 months ago) design is essentially "let's cram 50 years worth of things on the walls". assuming they didn't just open the doors with 50 years of things on the walls, this might be what D&W looked like when they opened.
  3. I'm sure in February, or March of last year the original plan of a mini city center was still solid, but 6 months into the pandemic, whatever movie theater was planned probably backed out, half the restaurants expressing interest said no thanks, and home depot, one of the only brick and mortar businesses that is looking to expand during the pandemic comes in to provide an option to a business venture that was probably going to be doing some financial restructuring to try and succeed. the timing for this development was really bad, and as a result we see the landscape of this area not gett
  4. crime is up everywhere in the city, the recently resigned police chief blamed the current judge, others blame the recently resigned police chief. some of it might be people being more desperate over the past year. I guess we'll see if there's any change as things move forward. I do agree with the overall sentiment, midtown has a lot of potential, and a lot of pockets of really cool things, but overall, it's not there yet, and has taken a step in the wrong direction.
  5. well, if they're going into a brand new, never been used suite (which I think this is a brand new strip center), they will be breaking ground, the first thing to go into a brand new strip suite is plumbing, specifically the pipes to tie into the sewer, they gotta break the concrete to put in those pipes. so maybe break concrete?
  6. midtown doesn't offer a lot of anything during a pandemic. it'll probably take a hot minute for people to warm up to the idea of being out and about again. once they do, then they'll warm up to staying near the nightlife again.
  7. my wife loves driving to farmers markets, we live in East End, and she'll make me go to places harder to get to than this, and I can believe that the view will be attractive for her.
  8. yeah, for the amount of freight that moves through Houston and surrounding, ports, not much option than to have serious railroad crossings. the area is a quiet zone, and trains usually book pretty fast. it's not like the east end where you are just as likely to see a train parked on a crossing for 4 hours as you are to see a clear crossing.
  9. there's still plenty of weaving where the traffic splits for 45n and 59/288. this last minute merging is what causes the slow down that goes back beyond Wayside. and there's plenty of weaving once you're on the ramp to 59/288, again people waiting for the last second to decide where they want to go. instead of all the weaving happening in one place though, it is spread out, so I guess that might reduce accidents.
  10. https://www.hctax.net/Property/PropertyTax look up any address, you just need the number and street, no zip. so Olshan = 2600 Commerce. handy tip, you can also use this site to pay for your property taxes.
  11. recently, NB traffic seems to be horribly bad beginning near the bridge for Brays Bayou, and then opens up at the split for 59. traffic is still bad for 3 lanes going to 2 lanes in prep for the pierce elevated, it typically starts before Scott street, and the traffic for people choosing at the last second to go north on 59 rather than south is usually backed up to the Cullen overpass. this is in the afternoon, like anytime between 4 and 6, I stay away from the freeways in the mornings, but I imagine it's much worse. what was the purpose of this project again? did the const
  12. is it though? heat island effect, non-permeable surface, animal habitat, etc.
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