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  1. txdot is back in the news. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/highway-protest-state-of-txdot-stop-i45-16544935.php not a great look.
  2. I'm more curious how long it will last. the club at 2020 Leeland is still marked on google as a club called Club 2020 Houston (original name!), is that place still a thing?
  3. lol, as I was reading @j_cuevas713 reply, I was thinking, well, hopefully they toss some trees in the parking lot!
  4. every time I look at pictures, I'm like "but they have to provide parking!" and then I remember that this is part of the CBD and they never had to have parking. good for them making the most use of the available space, and I hope they get to use it for longer than TXDOT wants to let them.
  5. I'm not sure this is a thing. google maps shows quite a few liquor stores scattered across 3rd ward, also there are a number of convenience stores, all of which will have beer/wine for sale.
  6. I say that because I see other things happening in the 3rd ward that are far more detrimental to the community, yet, I see very few stories about it, and fewer still from the community leaders. it's a topic for another thread (and I believe it is a topic of its own thread), but midtown has been buying so much property in 3rd ward, and then just bulldozes the home and leaves the land vacant. all under the premise that some day they are going to build affordable housing. they have pockmarked the 3rd ward and done more damage to the community than the loss of Fiesta ever could. want to see what land is owned by midtown TIRZ? in fact, a google search for news related to Houston Coalition for Equitable Development Without Displacement only brings back news related to ION, nothing else. I will say that regarding the ION, I do hope that they engage with the community to create tech jobs for people in the local community, specifically youths, but the other stuff the HCEDD wants is pretty ridiculous when you look at this innovation district, and other players that have been taking action for more than a decade that have resulted in doing more harm to the community, well, yeah. Midtown TIRZ needs to be in their crosshairs, not Rice.
  7. 3rd ward, the ward doesn't exist, wards were done more than a century ago in Houston. they live on as a history of the areas, but there are areas that were part of the original 3rd ward that no one would consider to be part of 3rd ward (from a historic standpoint). I mean, Lawndale and Wayside, would anyone consider this 3rd ward? Polk and Lockwood? I don't think anyone would say "yeah, that's 3rd ward". if someone asks where the soccer stadium is, is the first answer "3rd ward" and would that make any sense to anyone? but because it fits in a narrative today, some still claim certain areas that are outside of the super neighborhood named greater 3rd ward as being part of 3rd ward, and it just doesn't fit. the western boundary of the super neighborhood greater 3rd ward is 288, except for a small portion along Almeda south of 59. https://www.houstontx.gov/health/chs/Greater Third Ward.pdf Heights is another neighborhood cut by a freeway, south of I10 isn't considered to be the Heights (well, I'm sure developers are quick to latch on for marketing purposes, but not many normal people consider south of I10 as part of the heights) but the historic start of the heights was south of I10. anyway, this innovation thingy is part of the current Midtown Super Neighborhood. and the main crux, @tigereye hit above, these so called community leaders don't care about the area until there is a potential benefit.
  8. I can think of safer activities, such as swimming with sharks.
  9. my guess is it's in the plan, but they wanted to get some revenue going first.
  10. ok, so first of all, this will never happen in Houston for reasons, but I was watching the youtube video below, and it got me wondering, if Houston were to build an observation wheel, where would it go? my first thought would be somewhere in the museum district would be good for tourism to Houston, but then POST Houston would be pretty cool location too.
  11. it forces one to find a new angle to enjoy. I don't particularly think that was the best angle to capture that side of town, especially with all the new structures in downtown itself.
  12. it's harder to read than my own handwriting, but it says "cut, clean + maintain lot"
  13. I drove by with the wife yesterday on our way to Huynh. for context, we live pretty much in between the CVS on Harrisburg/Lockwood, and the CVS on Lawndale/Garland. she was thrilled for some reason that this was going to be a CVS. I think it's a great addition to the area, lots of bars, some really great restaurants, but some regular day to day needs are good to have to help make this area a legitimate neighborhood.
  14. cool, glad they are finally able to open. bringing everything together to open anything at the moment is near impossible. I kind of wish they would rethink their t-shirt design though, the distressed lettering make the B look like a D.
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