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  1. my wife's been asking me when we're going for weeks, I assume the FB ads have hit her hard. lol
  2. markup on anything, wine, alcohol, beer, component cost needs to be at least 20% of sale cost if you want to stay in business and make any profit at all. wine is typically pretty easy, 1 bottle yields roughly 5 glasses. so whatever you pay for the bottle, you sell the glass at that price. so yeah, if OPC was buying a bottle of Berringer for $4, and selling a glass for $4, that's pretty right. retail is a whole 'nother game and I can't sell a bottle of Berringer for you to take home at a price of $20, that would be insane. that very well could be the EaDo management dis
  3. I rode that trail once. I feel safer riding downtown streets at 3:30 pm on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend than I did on that path. I really hope that whoever is doing this is caught, either by the authorities, or karma. I also hope the area is improved enough so more people use that path so the area isn't seen as an opportunity zone for thieves.
  4. I know it's mostly a rhetorical question, but I think you have to pull permits, and again, legally, the work would have to be done by someone bonded and insured, and probably approved by whatever committee at the city level, so legally you could be accountable to whatever rules are in place for not following those things, but they'd have to catch you first. permitting guys don't work Sunday, and I doubt a police officer is going to consider it a good use of their time to question your doings. heck, on this particular bike path (and the bayou path on Brays) I regularly see 4 wheelers,
  5. that's some neat historic knowledge if Montrose had a median all the way from Westheimer to south of Binz. it certainly gives contextual understanding as to why it was labeled a 'boulevard' other than just some aesthetic name with no meaning. is going back to a median the best use though? I'd submit that adding a protected bike lane, or providing wider sidewalks using the space that a median would consume would be a higher use. having a bike lane connecting BBP to Herman park (and the museum district in general) could be huge.
  6. if the statue of Sam Houston is in the same place in that photo as it is now, the position of this photo is right on top of the Mecom fountain, and any esplanade that was there in that photo is still there. edit, reviewing historic aerials it is pretty clear that there has never been a median, or esplanade on Montrose once you are south of Westheimer. the 1964 overhead seems to be the most clear photos of the street, and it appears to be 2 southbound lanes, a double yellow, then 2 northbound lanes.
  7. doesn't Whataburger advertise fresh vegetables, not frozen? probably unable to get what they need. also, with the boil water advisory, any water that is used in food prep has to be boiled for at least 2 minutes, any water that is used at all, has to be boiled for 2 minutes. as an operator of a coffee shop, we basically can't open until after we get the all clear, we have no way to boil water, and even if we did, the volume of water we'd have to boil would be insane. https://www.houstontx.gov/health/OSPHP/documents/boil-water-faq-food-establishments-HHD-022820.pdf
  8. we were without power most of yesterday during the day. which was fine I guess, I'd have rather been comfortable working, than cold and reading a book. anyway, I recall the winter I lived in Wyoming, I was there long enough to know it wasn't for me. but there were many mornings I would look out the window at the bank building across the street, their sign read numbers lower than -20 many of the days I was there. got up and did the daily thing just like I would have if it was 75 and sunny, albeit with more layers. I'll be happy if there is an announcement that the power plants have th
  9. don't be so quick to blame the windmills, it's windmills, but it's also standard power generation (coal and natural gas) that the turbines froze up due to poor planning and oversight. https://spacecityweather.com/the-power-situation-is-disastrous-and-it-likely-wont-be-fixed-tonight/
  10. well. this is cold. stay warm all, and stay off the roads until at least tomorrow.
  11. Waugh seems to be the obvious choice, it's close to the Jackson Hill bridge (which would provide access from BBP across Memorial). there's also Scotts Park, which is near the Rosemont bridge over Memorial. the city needs to install some signals at Feagan anyway, not just to allow traffic on the side street to move, but to help slow traffic on the Waugh bridge. Waugh becomes Heights, which has bike lanes already, if not built out well, there's a perfect access point for the bayou. at Shepherd there is the intersection of Memorial and Shepherd which would have to be completely redone t
  12. checking the weather we won't need any snow machines Monday.
  13. really good news. odd that Leeland has a recently completed bike path from Valesco to Cullen, and that the short term plans include a path from just past Brays Bayou to Telephone on Lawndale, but there's no current plan to have a path on Telephone/Leeland from Cullen to Lawndale. the Houston bike plan map also seems to not have a bike path planned for Lawndale (even though it's on that list). I also feel like at one point there was a plan to have a path on Telephone, but it's not on the map any longer.
  14. cached link for anyone who doesn't like the chron enough to pay: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:W-_S3iIGZeYJ:https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/TxDOT-gives-itself-go-ahead-on-7-5B-rebuild-of-15925954.php+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
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