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  1. how can you maintain something you were exempt from needing to have in the first place? and thanks to existing structures carrying the legacy of exemption (as far as I can tell) for the entire property, if you buy a strip center that didn't need (and so doesn't have) a sidewalk, there's no requirement for the new owner to put one in, unless they are going to tear down the existing structure and start over as if from a greenfield. am I working off false presumptions? in this case, @wilcal has a very good point, why not a bond to put sidewalks in wherever they do not currently e
  2. found a map linked from here: https://houstontx.gov/planning/tod-standards.html map: https://mycity.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=21c363261727416fb517977a27407df9 this location is indeed within one of the 'primary' zones for the TOD.
  3. serve the meat in wrapped up butcher paper and it's even more authentic.
  4. not much closer to Nagle street, but one of my friends loves La Reynera on McKinney.
  5. anyone have any youtube channels they like to follow? I have a few that I follow. this channel is pretty good, mostly topics about infrastructure: https://www.youtube.com/c/NotJustBikes/videos this channel is a couple building an A frame home over the past few years: https://www.youtube.com/c/WildWonderfulOffGrid/videos this channel has a lot of car content, but I am mostly following his build of a Ferrari 308 with a turbo Honda motor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBaiG0BtHluun67BgXgPRg/videos and this guy for coffee gear: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMb0O2CdP
  6. I should go and see about the Tom Collins, it's my preferred drink when out and about, but so few places are capable of making it correctly. so if it's on the menu as a feature drink, one would hope they know what they're about.
  7. I didn't know that, thanks for the info, when does that project start?
  8. sorry that wasn't @ you, just the two comments prior to mine. it's too bad they want to force this to be only used by single occupant vehicles, despite alternatives being available.
  9. I know you guys were joking, but whatever the speed limit, wide lanes, plus huge shoulders encourage fast driving. it's unfortunate that this is a thing, and it's even more unfortunate that this was not built to comfortably and safely accommodate more than just cars.
  10. spent some time walking around at lunch today, before the rain. I guess I'll be the lone dissenting opinion, I kind of like it. mainly from a perspective of, anything is better than the 3/4 of the block being empty except for a bunch of too far spaced stairs that end up causing tourists to trip and fall. but I also like the pyramid at the Louvre, so what do I know
  11. https://time.com/collection/worlds-greatest-places-2021/6079250/houston/ good stuff!
  12. I think the mixed use development going up now will help kickstart some more development in the area. this will probably be one of the things that gets gobbled in that process. hopefully for the fans of Brother's Taco, that one doesn't get gobbled too. for me, one of the buildings I'd like to see redeveloped, and if I win the lottery, it will be on my list of things to do, the one time home of the Axiom, at McKinney and Live Oak. something about that building just speaks to me every time I drive by it, I want to see something good happen with it. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.
  13. success for a park is not the same as success for business. civic projects can't be compared to what would be needed to sustain retail. you, sir, invoked disco: the only comparison I made was that disco doesn't have numbers I'd think might sustain as much business as any mall like thing that needs retail in a really high rent district needs to survive. I even tried to reference green street as a much better example in the same post that I responded to your quote above. can we talk about the wild success of green street as a direct comparison, or are you going to continue t
  14. not at all. it has been widely successful, and has events that draw crowds on weekends because the conservators format things and it has things that make it unique compared with other parks that might have free parking, or are closer to the people that go. just not a huge hit on weekdays during business hours. since post HTX isn't a public park, that is a pretty big difference between this place and disco, so it can't be a 1/1 comparison on what constitutes 'success'. for the record, I never thought disco wouldn't be a success, I always thought it would be, and I do think it is
  15. not really, if you want to get to SA there's enough connections from DT without needing the freeways. Main or San Jacinto get you to Rothwell street, which gets you to Hardy, and that gets you across i10. if you're on the east side of DT, Chenevert gets you to Runnels which gets you to McKee, which splits into Hardy NB, and that gets you across i10. in either scenario, you are on Hardy and turn right on Lyons, and you are there.
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