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  1. construction fencing is going up around the parking lot for the new law building.
  2. I am a huge fan of WFH. it makes so much sense for so many jobs. when you are working a job that involves innovation though, it comes so much faster through collaboration. in person collaboration. it doesn't mean you have to sit in the office 5 days a week though. 1 or 2 days a week in the office, lunch as a team kind of thing. you can get so much done by way of bouncing ideas off your peers in a person to person environment. you then take those ideas back to your home office and work on them, then a week later you do the collaboration thing all over again. even for jobs like a MOP, getting in front of other people face to face counts for so much, but to suggest that there's no other solution than to do it 5 days a week, or never, that's silly. I know you weren't suggesting this at all.
  3. thanks for this breaking news, which was indeed bad. 😉
  4. Ardmore bridge is pretty much completed. not open yet though.
  5. from a standpoint of getting the homeless to stop living under freeways it can't even be considered a success. there is a new encampment under i45 just east of downtown, and there is a smaller encampment farther down i45 at the Cullen overpass. I expect the Cullen one will be 'cleaned up' sooner rather than later due to the proximity to UH and students. parents and UH aren't going to be happy when one of the main entrances to the campus has a bunch of homeless living right across the street. anyway, as per this specific space, once the police end up getting enough nuisance calls it will be worth their time to move them away from the area. for a while there was a pair of guys that worked on scott and i45. both had buckets and things to wash windows, but it was pretty clear one was a lookout and the other wasn't at all interested in washing windows, just chatting with people at the light and 'shaking hands'.
  6. the area just south of 59. honestly, it may be considered as the museum district, but I don't really think of anything north of Southmore as being museum district.
  7. I absolutely agree, I love traveling to Europe, not just to see the history in the place, but the edgy architecture is fun to look at. I'm hopeful this comes through, and we get more stuff like this.
  8. as much a street grid as anywhere in this town, and more walk-able than most. add heights, the odd area between midtown and the museum district, rice village area as areas that can become this. pretty much all of Houston that was built prior to the early/mid 60s is a full on street grid, and depending on how spicy developers get, they can very easily morph into urban areas. a lot of what is making midtown what it is is because of the light rail, it's not a stretch to assume that the other light rail corridors will be well along the similar path towards urban areas within 15 or so years, Harrisburg will probably lead this charge, as you mention, EaDo is already moving down that path.
  9. I didn't grab a photo, not too much there. some shipping containers with the sides knocked out, and a <1000 sf building with lots of murals. the outdoor space will be huge, they will need some sort of awning, or something to keep the sun from destroying the idea of having people use an outdoor space.
  10. I saw this 2 weeks ago, but didn't think to post it here. I'll swing by on my bike this afternoon (if not raining) and snap some photos.
  11. at the risk of ruining my traffic free commute, McKinney is actually faster than Polk for getting into town. you just have to navigate around the pesky GRB. when I was going into the office... Polk, Scott, McKinney, then get over to Capitol to finish the drive into DT.
  12. this is the exact pinnacle of the problem. everyone, in your sentence, only consists of the rich people with a voice, and land investors around the area with a voice. it doesn't take into consideration the people along the north end of downtown on the i10 corridor (where they will get the extra high freeway treatment). it doesn't take into consideration the east end of downtown where they will lose over 19 (Houston sized) city blocks, and roads (or portions of roads) that are designated as major thoroughfares. the city/state has already started the process of moving Clayton homes. did anyone care that they weren't part of the group that convinced themselves a realignment was the only option?
  13. the people may put them in a place that is nice, but the robot arm for the trash vehicle is not exactly precise when replacing them back on the ground.
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