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  1. I drove by it yesterday and the ramp at cullen is open. I think a lot of people still don't know the ramp between 45 and 59 south is open.... considering how far it is to that ramp from the exit from the freeway, and how hard it is to see things, I wonder how long it will take people to realize it is open? sure, the signs don't say it's closed now, but I bet most don't even notice. the surface streets that were blocked down near the interchange are still blocked. or at least, they were as of yesterday.
  2. so a month and a half later, there is activity again. they are repairing some major street issues at the entrance to the eastwood transit center.
  3. All the freeway widening projects are doing their job. They are moving people into other counties.
  4. as dentists go, how is that one? I'm looking for one in the area..
  5. if you use a computer, I have some bad news for you... I know I like to think I am a pretty big deal, and everyone wants to know where I specifically am at all times. I imagine the security system of the building has klaxons that go off whenever my movement is recognized through the use of my key card. The reality is that no one cares when I enter the controlled space, they only care that I am allowed to enter, and what floor I am going to. Employers who are paying CAM, they want to have certain common areas that are accessible only by employees. Sure, your employer could track your movement, when you come, when you go, how long it takes you to get from the lobby to your desk (Sir, H-Town man is sauntering to the office again, this is the 3rd time this week that he's been sauntering, and he stopped in the break room before he got to his desk this time!), but the reality is they don't care. If you have performance issues at work, then your direct manager may track that data, but otherwise no one cares.
  6. elevator systems like this are where everyone is headed. it's overall better, fewer elevators and more efficient at getting you to your floor on time.
  7. how do you figure that? the commute times for i-10 dropped for a while after the freeway opened, but have stabilized at similar levels as they were prior to the expansion. I'll agree that once you are on a park and ride bus, the actual transit times certainly stayed low, but the problem now (from a friend that uses P&R) is waiting to get on a bus. so it's still a capacity issue that you can only get out of by changing to a form of transit that allows for a higher density.
  8. A fair bit of the opposition is based upon the growing evidence that making wider freeways doesn't solve the problem, it just makes the existing problem bigger. That evidence can be found in what the opposition has already been released, as well as sprinkled throughout this thread. Additional evidence of proof is being collected, there are air quality studies ongoing, among other things. These things do take time, and money. TXDOT hates public transit, and as such would never offer a plan that includes any options other than the horrendously inefficient single occupant vehicle transit option. At the moment the opposition is spending time/money on environmental impacts of the proposed solution, they need more donations if they hope to provide an alternate solution. anyway, TXDOT has a more than 5 year head start on this, so of course their solution looks better. and if you really want to be a part in realizing a more radical solution, contact the team leading the opposition and help.
  9. Houston is car centric out of no other options being available. what was it you said ... correlation not being causation? if txdot didn't hate public transit, that would be a great solution. A simpler, and dare I say cheaper, alternative to the proposed downtown mess would be to expand the pierce elevated to 4 lanes in each direction, and remove the dallas dip to make flow smoother. someone said txdot doesn't want to build roads on top of other roads. but that would help flow a lot. expanding 610 around the east and north and making that a bypass for people going from gulf freeway to 59 north or 45. anyway, you wanted alternatives, those are some good ones that are far less impactful to the community
  10. Why should he (or any group that provides opposition) need to present any alternatives? There are lots of possible alternatives, none that TXDOT are pursuing, but the point of their speaking out is not to provide alternatives, it is to allow people who think this project is a waste of money a chance to agree with someone who has the ability to speak to a larger audience. There once was a time when 225 was supposed to come inside the loop and connect to 59, the opposition provided no other alternative other than do nothing. and it has worked for over 30 years. there is a community called the east end that has thrived because of that decision to do nothing. imagine if your signature had two different words...
  11. 2 reasons I know this: 1. I work in a tower downtown, my window faces west. in the afternoon sometimes I'm bored and just look at the traffic out the window. 2. I bank with wood forest and the closest one to where I live/work is in walmart on Yale. so on my way home from there I sit in the traffic at that intersection. if it were legal to turn left from waugh onto allen pkwy I would absolutely take that path rather than memorial, so much faster.
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