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  1. since our state and national legislatures have no term limits, neither group really wants to commit potential political suicide by being labeled as the group that raised gas taxes. the gasoline tax (and most use taxes) in and of itself though is a bit of a regressive tax (especially since the way our governments built out the infrastructure, alternate forms of transportation that do exist aren't really a replacement for single occupant vehicles). it can be said though, that as regressive taxes go, a gas tax isn't horrible, if I can't afford gas, I just get a car with higher fuel efficiency, and luckily, most of the economy cars are the cheaper ones. so I can get a car that nets 30+ mpg for cheap, vs an escalate that maybe cracks 15 with a tailwind. so as regressive taxes go, gas tax isn't horrible. considering the push for EVs though, the gas tax will have to be replaced soon, or augmented. I'd love to see something that measures miles driven and factors in the weight of the vehicle to come up with how much tax liability someone owes. when you go in for your yearly inspection, you could be given a tax report based on miles driven since your last inspection. the tax could be paid as part of the registration process. seems pretty simple to me. as it relates to toll roads, the use cost is totally optional if you choose to live in an area that is serviced by a toll road, you know exactly into what you are entering as far as a use tax. otherwise, toll roads are sometimes a convenience to create a shorter trip, but are not necessary.
  2. I made the mistake of clicking the options button, and then reading the post. hahaha. can't resist just piling on the ad hominem attacks. love you buddy, keep being who you are and every now and then, I'll make the mistake of clicking the options button, and reading your post to remind myself that I made the right decision in ignoring you. maybe one of these days, I'll make the mistake of reading one of your posts and be pleasantly surprised by something insightful. so far though, you keep hitting expectations by posting something inciteful.
  3. you're certainly right, I live in the EE, and I have very specific issues with the project as they relate to myself, and my community. but to suggest that I don't care about the issues of the other communities that are negatively impacted, or that I am simply using them towards my own evil ends? it is very easy for me to be empathetic to their issues, because I will experience some of the same issues they do related to this project. there are people being removed (whether they are compensated or not) from their communities. there are people who are having their access to their local communities made more difficult. all so there's an easier commute for someone from the woodlands, or so some xurb community might be able to attract development that will bring in more tax dollars to their little hamlets? that I am, and will argue against. I may not be the most eloquent, but that doesn't mean I don't care, or that my argument isn't valid. I do find it funny in a very hypocritical way that many people who complain of any logical fallacy I may commit, then themselves commit a logical fallacy by attacking me, instead of my arguments. but please do, carry on.
  4. this has to be the slowest bike lane project. but to their credit, it's not just the plastic armadillos and some paint, they have actual concrete curbs that are mostly built out, and a lot of the lanes have been marked and are sufficiently wide to comfortably ride. I think once KIPP is out for summer they will go full speed to complete it before school goes back in the fall. I'm ready for it to be done, and for them to start on Telephone.
  5. this project seems to have stalled. meanwhile, other gas stations in the EE have opened. Shell on Telephone and Wesley has been open since earlier this year. 7-11 at 45 and Cullen just opened.
  6. point is, if I were trying to get internet points I'd cruise over to a place where the SJW is an echo chamber and everyone pats everyone else on the back for their internet activism. I find it ironic that you are questioning any logical fallacy when you yourself used one first by questioning my character. may as well call this one a draw and move on mate. neither of us win, we both lose. anyway, the stop i45 team is going to be speaking with HGAC on Friday at 9:30
  7. to call that building yellow is an insult to the color yellow. it's a shabby mustard, at best. and as far as reddit goes, r/whatcouldgowrong is really a great opportunity to watch people do stupid things to themselves and have a good laugh. I consider it the best that reddit has to offer.
  8. if I were trying to impress you, it seems to me that the easiest way to accomplish that would be to suggest bulldozing more to add more freeways, but you believe what you want.
  9. are they going to put toll booths on the paths? I'd still like to see money from HCTRA be put into light rail, or commuter rail.
  10. I'm sad too, not for the people who won't see it completed, there's the people who will be forcibly moved from where they've chosen to live their lives, or those who get to stay put, but have to deal with a huge construction project that lasts 15% of their lives that happens in their backyard. imagine those people who are displaced, or have to live around this project in their backyard not getting to see the completed version of what impacted their lives so because of how long it took. I mean, let's not dramatize some dying futurists dreams to see i45 relocated from the west side of town to the east being some impactful reason that this project should move forward with alacrity. if it takes 60 more years for this to complete in a manner that has less impact on the lives of those living near it, and none of us get to see it completed, I'll have it in my will that someone locate and play the worlds smallest violin in the honor of all of us that never got to see this 'dream' come to life. sorry for not feeling sorry for that person.
  11. it'll take time, but it'll get there. hopefully the townhomes stay in the neighborhoods, and then along Harrisburg that's where we get the bigger apartment complexes. I mean, if that (mostly) empty lot adjacent to the coffee plant LR stop only gets townhomes, that's a loss, I mean, it'd be better than is there now, but would it be great 10 years from now?
  12. they do have the full street blocked at the moment, but one of the workers told us that this is only temporary, and they will be bringing back, and better because they will have metered parking, so more more students parking on day 1 of class and then not moving for the rest of the semester.
  13. I mean, let's also not forget the power of the marketing engine. everyone needs a car, even before they needed a car, they were convinced by marketing departments that they needed a car. at this point, on average, it costs just under $10,000 to own and operate a car in a year. https://www.aaa.com/autorepair/articles/average-annual-cost-of-new-vehicle-ownership it's not like that number goes down, ever. it just keeps inching higher and higher.
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