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  1. There's no way. It's too far away from this new Hines office tower, it's too short and doesn't look anything like it. Edit: You could be right. I think the spacing of the two Hines buildings is way off. They're diagonally across the street from one another but based on the rendering it looks like at least two blocks separates them. And unless the Hines resi building is super tall, One Market Square is much taller than what it's showing, and there is no slanted roof.
  2. I thought the same thing. Darn elevator companies, they need to update their technology. -------------- - The first floor of the office tower looks surprisingly to scale and welcoming. - And that residential tower looks a lot like the new PM Realty building by 59 south. Also, it looks like there are two residential towers, doesn't it?
  3. Might as well be in the middle of the suburbs. There's nothing over there. Another example of Houston getting the density with none of the benefits.
  4. BoA was voted as Texas’ favorite, which has been my favorite Houston skyscraper since I was a kid. But as far as the most beautiful building Id have to put the Julia Ideson building downtown toward the top. http://www.businessinsider.com/most-beautiful-buildings-in-the-us-2018-7?utm_source=hearst&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=allverticals#south-dakota-st-anthony-of-padua-in-hoven-42
  5. I hope you’re right. Primarily because I don’t want tax payers paying for another one.
  6. The cascading mini water falls leading into the bayou is pretty cool.
  7. So in 50 years if/when they have to tear down and rebuild, most likely there won’t be available land. I wonder what they’ll do, where they’ll go.
  8. I’m glad. The park and grass would have been destroyed and ugly for the rest of summer.
  9. Hopefully downtowns doesn’t. The rain is forecasted to stop well before dark. Guess planners don’t like the mud.
  10. Actually, I just remembered that Moody Park has a really good view of downtown
  11. I wonder if Tony Marrón Park or Settegrast Parks on the east side will be crowded. I don’t mind Hermann Park, but I know the grass will be muddy and parking will be impossible unless you arrive super early which I don’t plan on doing. Any idea how much the rice parking is?
  12. Excellent addition to the night scene for downtown.
  13. Hey everyone, was thinking of taking my family to the fireworks downtown tomorrow but I don't want to go to Buffalo Bayou park to keep away from the crowd. I was thinking of going to Discovery Green for the kids. Do you think the fireworks will be visibible from there? Or maybe Root Memorial Square park they might be visible? Are there any other not-crowded kid friendly parks you guys think would have a good view of the show? Thanks
  14. He said he is better than 70% sure Houston will be one of the 16 U.S. cities selected to host games that year, whittled down from a shortlist of 23 cities released a few weeks ago. The city will get between four and seven games over a 30-day period, he said — 60 games overall will be held in the United States. Houston is also being considered as a hub for officials during the games. The 16 cities will likely be named in 2021. In Houston’s favor for World Cup 2026 selection are the in-place infrastructure — NRG Stadium, systems in place to shuttle visitors between the game and activities, hotels, etc.; our history of hosting major sporting events (in the last 2.5 years alone we’ve had Copa America, the Final Four and the Super Bowl); the international airports; the training venues and stadiums; and diversity. Plus we have an extra little nudge no one else got — the final United Bid was curated in Houston prior to being submitted to FIFA. All 23 teams from around North America flew into the Bayou City and strategized how the bid would be structured and submitted.Read more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/economic-development/houston-likely-to-host-world-cup-2026-games-what-thatll-mean-for-cre-90108?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser
  15. So the height and elevation are in reference to the crane, correct?
  16. The developers behind a recently-proposed project that would bring a 1,020-foot-tall, Handel Architects-designed skyscraper complex to Downtown Los Angeles have officially submitted their project plans with the City of L.A. https://archpaper.com/2018/06/new-1020-foot-tower-coming-to-downtown-los-angeles/#gallery-0-slide-1
  17. I think we have a really good chance considering the size of our city, UH dorms nearby and our history of hosting other major soccer events.
  18. Oh ok, thanks. It's just been so long they felt new to me all over again, especially the ones of the back of the office building.
  19. Instead of creating a new thread every time there's an interesting article on Houston that we want to discuss we can just plop them down here. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/state-of-market/houston-som-89289 Some pretty exciting comments made in this article: JLL Senior Vice President Simmi Jaggi, who specializes in land sales, especially for retail, said Houston isn't just on the national stage. The city is being eyed by foreign capital more than at any time in history.As for the impact Amazon might have had on Houston, that is overstated, the speakers said, pointing out that companies operating in the Port of Houston are going to spend about $50B over the next five years on new facilities and new technology. That is 10 times the economic impact of Amazon. Lionstone Investments Head of Acquisitions Andrew Lusk, whose company focuses on walkable mixed-use locations, said Houston is in favor with the investment community. "In the last 18 months, there have been several marquee transactions here," he said. Houston's being taken seriously as a place to invest.But now, especially with the change in federal tax law, there is further impetus for people and businesses to relocate from places like New York and California. All of Texas is going to benefit from this dynamic, and arguably Houston most of all.Avison Young principal Darrell Betts, who specializes in high-profile investment sales, said there is a massive influx of companies from New York and California. "The change in the tax law is bringing people," he said. "We're the No. 1 U-Haul destination in the country."
  20. Lower resolution but I feel like we haven't seen some of these angles from the backside, maybe we have. http://julianmunozarchitect.blogspot.com/2014/06/perennial-hotel-residences.html
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