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  1. On 3/5/2022 at 2:42 AM, august948 said:

    Maybe Trump/Desantis?  Clearly it won't be Trump/Pence.

    Maybe Tulsi Gabbard? Could be Desantis. If Trump wins he could ride his coattails as VP and gain more exposure, giving him momentum into the next election.

    Even though it may not prevent him from winning, Trump would be foolish to choose another Establishment republican.

    I think Carson would be a really good choice but I think he said he will not run again. He was neck and neck with Trump in the primaries.

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  2. On 3/29/2021 at 9:34 AM, Blue Dogs said:

    For those who are under rocks, the 2024 Presidential campaign has begun & for others: the GOP primaries began on Saturday, November 7th, 2020 when Biden was declared the 46th President defeating then-President Donald Trump. 

    Big question is who'll be the GOP nominee for President in 2024 & could possibly win the White House ?

    A.) FL Governor Ron DeSantis (R)

    B.) Former President Donald Trump 

    C.) Former VP Mike Pence 

    D.) United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

    E.) United States Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO)

    F.) United States Senator Richard Scott (R-FL)

    G.) SD Governor Kristi Noem (R)

    H.) Someone we never see coming 

    Pence is done in the Republican Party.

    I think the only question left unanswered right now is if Desantis plans on running against Trump or not.

    A lot can happen in one or two years.

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  3. On 3/2/2022 at 12:10 AM, august948 said:

    One year in and the comparisons to Jimmy Carter are rolling in...


    Even a member of his own party is doing a rebuttal to his state of the union address.  That may be a historic first.


    I'm not even sure which vp you could compare Kamala Harris against.


    The only question now is can Biden get anything at all done before he becomes a lame duck following the coming red tidal wave later this year?  Unless they can pull out of the current nosedive, Democrats have almost assured the next president will be whoever the Republicans nominate.  Could end up being three terms total for Trump if the Carter comparison holds.

    My wish is for Inflation to go down, but I’m not getting my hopes up


  4. 10 hours ago, mattyt36 said:

    Wow, what does it say when the Chronicle doesn’t even write an article on this and instead outsources to Bloomberg?


    The Chronicle is a complete joke now. They don’t report real news anymore. They don’t even have “News” on their main page.

    The other day when SCOTUS ruled against Biden’s vax mandate, they didn’t have a single article about it, not even from the AP.

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  5. I like this plan. These buildings are more beautiful and it seems to me the materials are easier to maintain and age better than modern materials. This architectural style has lasted thousands of years. 

    What are some everyone’s favorite non-classical federal buildings?


    The original article by Architectural Record is worthy of a read, since it makes helpful clarifications not told by the headline and gives the philosophy of the mandate.



  6. On 5/24/2019 at 12:51 PM, CaptainJilliams said:

    This development is actually starting to remind me of a development in Pittsburgh known as Nova Place. Before I moved down to Houston, I attended college just outside of Pittsburgh, so I frequently made trips to the city to watch ball games and see performances, a nice mid-size city.


    Nova Place is a renewal project on the north side of town that took the former Allegheny Center (Mall) and turned it into a mixed-use hub with the largest co-working space in the city, restaurants, and even residential units nearby. From what I've heard, it's experienced a decent amount of success and continues to add a lot of tech and medical companies.


    You can take a look at it for yourself here: https://novaplace.com/about-nova-place/


    I hope Post HTX can be a significantly better version of this, and hopefully grow and add more amenities with time.  


    They're going to build the campus out in THREE to FIVE years?!

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  7. 1 hour ago, Luminare said:


    The difference between what is suburban and urban isn't the number of streets. There is way more that goes into it than that. I also in no way mentioned any kind of utopia, and just because something is in the past doesn't mean it was better, nor should we look at the past in such a romantic way. You seem to have some very superficial/preconceived notions of what constitutes urban and suburban, and that is, by the way, no insult or say that you are stupid, but instead I mean that your definition of both are incredibly low-res and vague to which we won't be able to go into the matter nor be able to come to a sensible compromise on the subject because our frames on what is urban vs. suburban clearly vary wildly. Again I don't want this to come off as if either of us is right or wrong, or as if this is some kind of take down, because it isn't. There are simply enormous gaps here and you are making incredible assumptions that do not make sense.


    I think that some people's utopian idea of urbanism is one without cars. I'm not saying you want this utopia, so please pardon me if I implied it.


    But this design is essentially car-less, unless one counts the presumed parking garages we think might be below.


    What assumptions am I making that do not make sense? I've never been to an urban place without streets. Usually the more streets, the more urban. This place has a ring around it, which to me gives the feel of a faux-urban suburban development like Market Street in The Woodlands. Sure, it's pedestrian friendly once you get there, but so is the Exxon campus and even that is half-baked urbanism.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Luminare said:


    Completely opposite. This is very Urban in concept. More streets and more parking would making it look like the suburban campuses of old. It looks like large urban developments i've walked through while in Germany. Particularly my last trip where I visit areas like Europaviertel in Stuttgart. From the description it seems like its going to be all underground. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire campus has two levels of underground parking to cover all future expansions. think underground parking like under the park near Jones Hall.


    I don't know the areas you've been to in Germany, but based on your description, it sounds like a pre-modern urban utopia where no cars exist, which is the exception to urbanism. Other than your description of Germany, I can't think of an urban city that doesn't have vehicular streets, except maybe Florence. To me, streets/grids and urbanism go hand in hand. I only see two streets winding around this development, which to me, reminds me of a suburban development....lots of buildings but no streets.


    I'm not calling for parking lots. Ideally there would be a huge underground parking garage. I just want some thru streets.

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  9. The area it lies within is not super griddy, but is anyone else disappointed by the lack of streets incorporated into the design? Looks like a massive suburban project to me. Although this area could be argued it is more suburban than urban already. hmmm


    Where is the parking? Are there garages underground? Or will it all be podium style?

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