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  1. It's nice, but not a huge fan. If it's not much different looking than an office building, to me, there is something wrong.
  2. I like this plan. These buildings are more beautiful and it seems to me the materials are easier to maintain and age better than modern materials. This architectural style has lasted thousands of years. What are some everyone’s favorite non-classical federal buildings? The original article by Architectural Record is worthy of a read, since it makes helpful clarifications not told by the headline and gives the philosophy of the mandate. https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/14466-will-the-white-house-order-new-federal-architecture-to-be-classical
  3. Thoughts? “Donald Trump wants to “make federal buildings beautiful again” by mandating a return to “the classical architectural style”, according to a draft executive order obtained by Architectural Record on Tuesday.” https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/04/trump-federal-buildings-beautiful-classical-order
  4. The architecture and design for Houston is actually becoming consistently good, imo. At least it's trending in the right direction. This looks very good.
  5. Easily the most iconic tower on Post Oak after Williams Tower. One of the greatest additions to the city in my opinion.
  6. Developers to Present Final Design for Providence Skyscraper http://www.ctbuh.org/news/developers-to-present-final-design-for-providence-skyscraper/
  7. I think that some people's utopian idea of urbanism is one without cars. I'm not saying you want this utopia, so please pardon me if I implied it. But this design is essentially car-less, unless one counts the presumed parking garages we think might be below. What assumptions am I making that do not make sense? I've never been to an urban place without streets. Usually the more streets, the more urban. This place has a ring around it, which to me gives the feel of a faux-urban suburban development like Market Street in The Woodlands. Sure, it's pedestrian friendly once you get there, but so is the Exxon campus and even that is half-baked urbanism.
  8. I don't know the areas you've been to in Germany, but based on your description, it sounds like a pre-modern urban utopia where no cars exist, which is the exception to urbanism. Other than your description of Germany, I can't think of an urban city that doesn't have vehicular streets, except maybe Florence. To me, streets/grids and urbanism go hand in hand. I only see two streets winding around this development, which to me, reminds me of a suburban development....lots of buildings but no streets. I'm not calling for parking lots. Ideally there would be a huge underground parking garage. I just want some thru streets.
  9. The area it lies within is not super griddy, but is anyone else disappointed by the lack of streets incorporated into the design? Looks like a massive suburban project to me. Although this area could be argued it is more suburban than urban already. hmmm Where is the parking? Are there garages underground? Or will it all be podium style?
  10. Both of you are assuming gender. Way behind the times. He's a he. And this tower is amazing.
  11. Considering the landmass is almost half the size of downtown, I'd say that's pretty fast.
  12. I would say Obama got the pendulum swinging, but that's for another thread 💁‍♀️
  13. NYC mayor wants to ban steel and glass high rises. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/bill-de-blasio-says-green-new-deal-will-ban-inefficient-steel-and-glass-skyscrapers Thoughts? Should Houston do the same?
  14. Maybe Randall is just there for the money and not involved in design? He's not even listed as part of the team: http://dcpartnersusa.com/our-team/
  15. Looking at this and then the conceptual plan for all phases makes you better realize just how ginormous this entire project is. Wow.
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