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  1. Maybe it's not a huge factor, but across the street is that corner store and that block does not have a shortage of homeless people.
  2. lockmat

    Houston Press - Downtown Block 352

    I'm annoyed by these people who want to save it right after learning about plans to demo it. If there are any other buildings they want to save, don't wait until the wrecking ball shows up.
  3. lockmat

    Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    I like that this will be short enough for us to see the three behind it still.
  4. lockmat

    Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    If GID doesn't fill the void, someone will. Good for Hanover.
  5. lockmat

    Avant Post Oak Park: Planned Residential High-Rise

    Someone tell architects that recycling is only good when done with plastic and glass, not designs.
  6. Dido on changing the exterior. The Summit looks better from the outside than TC. More glass allowing pedestrians to see what's going on inside.
  7. lockmat

    Minute Maid Park Renovations

    I rooted for the Titans until we have got the Texans, but if I'm honest, there's still a tiny piece of my heart that is still with the Titans, very tiny. I was a kid when they moved and Bud Adams didn't mean anything to me, I was a fan of the team. If you're best friend moves to another city do you stop being their friend? 'course not.
  8. lockmat

    Montrose Gardens--20 stories w/ GFR

    Looks like it's from the 70's.
  9. lockmat

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Making plans for the future Kickball field?
  10. Considering this is an urban area destined for highrises, the Cosmo residents have very little to complaint about their view being blocked. This is a very accompanying design. I give it two thumbs up.
  11. You'll be a blessed man if you do this Urby, something I requested like a decade ago. The project address and/or intersection would also be helpful.
  12. lockmat

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    I didn't know Randall Davis owned this site. Makes perfect sense now.
  13. lockmat

    4411 San Felipe: 8 Story Office Building

    Isn't it surprising this isn't a highrise?
  14. lockmat

    spam until page 7 - yikes!

    Is haif meetings its demise? Could it be time to start a new forum soon?
  15. lockmat

    Latest Astroworld Plot redevelopment news

    It's a conspiracy by the Illuminati.