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  1. Look at that design, so would I. Ripped off Anadarko's tower, but worse.
  2. Maybe Randall is just there for the money and not involved in design? He's not even listed as part of the team: http://dcpartnersusa.com/our-team/
  3. Looking at this and then the conceptual plan for all phases makes you better realize just how ginormous this entire project is. Wow.
  4. What do y'all think is the potential use? Townhomes and a 4-story wrap mix? https://my.hfflp.com/GetDocument?DT=DealDocument&ID=111367
  5. Doesn't look like he is flipping it. This flyer says it will be a 125-unit tower https://www.hfflp.com/GetDocument.aspx?ID=102795&FN=Midway+Walmart+Flyer.pdf&DT=1
  6. technically, it's at Grand/Alice, but 288 and OST are within walking distance. Possibly called Med Park? That's what it's referred to on the agenda. from the planning commission
  7. Sure seems like it. I'm glad, I don't like this place. Per first image below: "the residential component of the future expansion of Uptown Park into a high density mixed use development." 50,000 SF at the NW corner of Uptown Park in Houston. AmREIT is looking to sell the "development rights" in the form of a ground lease to build a high-rise multifamily project while retaining the ground level retail component. http://www.hfflp.com/GetDocument.aspx?ID=56833&FN=50000+SF+Uptown+Park+Flyer.pdf&DT=1 http://www.hfflp.com/GetDocument.aspx?ID=56833&FN=50000+SF+Uptown+Park+Flyer.pdf&DT=1
  8. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2012/07/inner-loop-tract-slated-for-huge-mixed-use-project/ Gensler is the architect.
  9. Mixed use complex To be constructed over light rail facility Located in the Texas Medical Center Construction cost of $105 million In a joint development with Transwestern Development Company and The Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro), Kirksey is designing the new mixed-use complex that will be constructed over an existing light rail transit facility on Fannin in the Texas Medical Center. Under the agreement, Transwestern will lease air space from Metro above the transit center for 99 years. Estimated at $105 million, the development will house hotel, residential, retail and medical office components and will connect by a skybridge to the surrounding Medical Center. http://www.kirksey.c..._transit_center
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