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  1. This house just came on the market in Robindell yesterday: http://search.har.com/engine/8629-Bob-White-Houston-TX-77074_HAR22358714.htm It is a great little MCM and may be a William Floyd design since he was very active in the neighborhood's development. It looks to need quite a bit of work, but at an ask price of $53K there is a lot of room to make those improvements. A similarly sized MCM directly behind this house that has been renovated is currently for sale for $157K, so at $53K that is a pretty big spread for renovations: http://search.har.com/engine/6229-Indigo-St-Houston-TX-77074_HAR12034004.htm Robindell is a great neighborhood in a great location. I bought there three years ago and we have really enjoyed our house and our neighbors. The neighborhood is definitely on the rise - winning Swamplot's "Most Underappreciate Neighborhood" in 2009: http://swamplot.com/the-swamplot-awards-for-houston-real-estate-2009-the-winners/2009-12-30/#more-14881 Who's up for a renovation challenge???
  2. I'm considering a mod home in Braeswood Place with a flat roof. I know nothing about these - what can any of y'all share with me about replacement costs and maintenance issues with flat roofs? Are there any roofing contractors that any of you have had good luck with on a flat roof? Thanks for your help.
  3. I have to agree with WAZ. The homes on the east side of the neighborhood that are selling for as much as $200K (or $250K in some cases) are 100 ft across Hillcroft from Maplewood, where the same homes are selling in the mid / high $200K's to $400K's. Of course, you get Bellaire High School in that deal, but the eastern half of Robindell and adjacent Braeburn Terrace are zoned to highly rated Herod Elementary in Maplewood, so at least that's a plus. A friend of mine just bought a small mid century foreclosure in Braeburn Terrace (zoned to Herod) for around $75K, put another $20K rehabbing it, and now has a house he could likely sell for $130K. This same house two minutes east in Bellaire would be $275K because of land value. Most of the homes in Robindell are too small to have a lot of families with high school age kids anyway, but between half the neighborhood being zoned to Herod and kids in the other half seeming to have no trouble transferring to Herod, Lovett, Kolter, Parker, etc. all close by, Robindell is a winner for young families that don't have $275K or more to drop on a house. And the fact that it is zoned to a crappy high school may keep the Mc Mansions out and the Mods in for a little longer than in some other neighborhoods...........
  4. I live in the neighborhood close by to this house. My wife and I went to an estate sale there a few months back and thought it was a great time capsule! I though some Houston Mod-ders might like to know about it. It does back up to a used car lot, but it could be a great looking house with a little work: http://search.har.com/engine/6226-Tanager-St-Houston-TX-77074_HAR58846460.htm
  5. My wife and I are closing on a little "Pottery Barn ranch" across the street from this house this month. This is a charming block, and next door to this house is a pristine MCM that is still occupied by the original owners. Even though this house needs some work, it is a forclosure and could probably be had for an even better price than is advertised. My wife and I would love some cool new neighbors, so if a Mod project house is something that is appealing to you, PLEASE come take a look at it before this piece of history becomes another rental!
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