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  1. Well you don't have to come. You can stay on the mainland and look at us folks on the island enjoying the beautiful surroundings and activities while we provide good jobs and contribute millions of dollars into the local economy. (Everyone remember it's just a silly day dream. You internet guys need to lighten up already...)
  2. That's funny. Well like I said if money were no object I would build a very nice company town which would be an incentive. Also there would be no rule saying you had to work there if you didn't want to live in the worker's village. I believe they have whole apartment complexes nearby at Disney World for some of their workers. Also I still like the idea of the self contained island instead of Bolivar. It would be easier to manage an island.
  3. That's funny I just passed by there a bit ago and saw a guy inside working on the floor. So yes I would agree that the project is still going on. And if it's really just that one guy doing all the work then he has my admiration. I hope he is able to finish because it would be great to have some more eating options down under.
  4. I'm not saying Beck's Prime isn't good I'm just saying the smell is very powerful and you can practically smell it on you when you walk past there sometimes. It's like its permiated in all of the surfaces in the area. While I'm at it could we get the Allen center food court remodeled? Wow that place is straight out of 1987 with the green neon. That stuff hurts my eyes when I go there! Ha ha. But really, how about a remodel? (Blah, blah,blah tough economic times, don't want to spend money, blah, blah, blah. There I just answered my own reply!)
  5. Yeah I like Galveston's unique culture myself. I don't live there but have visited a million times since I was a kid. I'm particularly pained about the loss of the piers over the beach especially the Balinese Room. But going back to the original intent of my topic, is what would I do with the island of Galveston to breathe new life into it. It's just for fun. I'm not making any commentary on anyone or anything.
  6. Please don't ruin my topic with a-hole replies. Thanks.
  7. If money, power, and red tape were no object I have a fantasy redevelopment plan for Galveston. My new Galveston would be a privately owned and operated island sized resort and destination. Think Disney World with all of their private roads, villages and destination areas. All brilliantly designed and arranged far better than government could. They have private fire, ems, police, utilities, quasi-governmental entities etc. And it runs like a charm. It would focus less on the beach attraction aspect and more on other attractions such as casinos and theme parks. I would completely buy out the current entire island (including Landry's and Fertita). Dissolve the local government. Bulldoze and remove every house, building, store, structure and street that is not of obvious saving value i.e. historical strand buildings, mansions, cemetaries, high rise condo towers etc. Locate all new uilities underground and out of sight. Connect everything with fiber optic lines and island wide high quality free wi-fi. Construct a new and improved sea wall and other needed new fortifications. The goal would be to make the island more hurricane proof and more recoverable after a storm. Create paths and trails connecting the attractions. Blanket the new developments with new trees and tropical foliage. To encourange visitors and make it easy for them to get there I would remove the exisiting airport and build a new one comfortably west of town to allow regular commercial airline traffic. Also, build high speed transit rail lines from somewhere in Houston to the island. Connect the entire island with water taxis and an efficient railed system similar to DW's monorail layout. Replace Seawall Blvd with a boardwalk. Construct massive concrete and heavily reinforced piers over the beach with attractions. Develop the lake and area around Moody Gardens with all of the Vegas casinos, hotels, and convention centers. Fully and correctly redevelop the downtown and Strand area into a lively entertainment, dining, shopping, and cruise destination. Remove all streets for pedestrians similar to Fremont St. in dt Las Vegas. Build new exciting modern cruise ship terminals. Remember, thinking Disney / Universal style concepts. Construct an underground service tunnel system a la Disney World. Build a high quality roller coaster theme park and water resort where the current Coast Guard station area is on the end of the island. Where would all the workers live? Build a nice affordable company village past the airport outside of town with separate highway access. Remember this is just my crazy Saturday afternoon fantasy. I'm sure it is full of holes and rediculousness. It's just for fun and to maybe start some ideas going.
  8. Actually, Sonics have walk up locations in mall food courts and the ones I have seen were always crowded. Which is why I thought it would be a good money maker in a tunnel food court. Also, the smell can't be any worse than Beck's Prime in the Milam tunnel. You can smell that from a mile away and it is pretty off putting and I love bbq.
  9. There are / were mountain lions in San Angelo. A few years ago one came out of the woods and swiped a deer right in the middle of a residential neighborhood on the edge of town. Several people were out walking and were stopped to watch the deer that gathered in that one spot every evening. Needless to say everyone freaked out pretty good.
  10. Bobcats and coyotes are two commonly mistaken wild animals in city areas. I know from having personally seen on job sites that there are plenty of bobcats, deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, and hogs all over the Houston area. Coyotes are pretty easy to ID. You can go to Bass Pro Shops and see mounted ones on display to get a good idea of how they look. Coyotes are all over the city and are commonly spotted. One time I chased a coyote around in my truck on a large open tract of land near BW8 and Beechnut right in the middle of town where apartments now stand. This was in broad daylight and just a few years ago. No we don't have bears or mountain lions but I have read somewhere, maybe here on HAIF, an oldtimer recounted how there used to be Red Wolves all around the present Hwy 6 area between I10 and 290 40 to 50 years ago. That area obviously would have been far out in the country then. Can anyone check in on red wolves in this area? I also think its funny the way "city folks" freak out over wild animals in their neighborhoods. They don't realize that in the far suburbs their neighborhoods were country a few years ago. The animals are all around. Don't be scared!
  11. Does anyone know if the food court in the tunnel between the McKinney and Milam areas is ever going to be opened or has it just been put off? How long has it been sitting there? Every time I pass by there I think it would be a gold mine with the right stores. If it was me I would put in a Taco Bell, Sonic, and a nice Chinese buffet.
  12. Interesting. But if you build a shopping center and have no tenants then you are out the cost of development and you are still out the carry cost of the land etc. But if I knew all the tricks I would be a high powered developer and not a desk monkey...
  13. And their getting the tunnel's first and only soft serve ice cream machine!
  14. I don't know the first thing about real estate which is why I can't comprehend the reasoning of people that keep building these eyesore empty shopping centers if they see noone is wanting the exisiting ones.
  15. Hopefully, IF we are really lucky, it will be another half empty shopping center with a nail salon, dry cleaners, and taqueria. But I'm not sure we can keep the streak going. (Sorry couldn't resist)
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