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  1. Was just thinking that the old Sheraton looked pretty bad, glad to see they'll be tearing it down. Though this rendering is much less appealing than CityCentre Six.
  2. Are we sure this is Blue Nile the Ethiopian restaurant and not Blue Nile the diamond company? Maybe I missed it and it said restaurant somewhere, but the jewelry store would seem to make a lot more sense for the Galleria.
  3. Awesome! It's been weird seeing it just sitting there with the first above ground floor poured and rebar sticking out for months. Also they were putting up signage on the top of the east face of the residential high-rise this morning, looked pretty good but they only had "McK" when I drove by so we'll see how the whole thing looks.
  4. Some renderings in this article from the Chronicle... https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Post-Oak-retail-center-slated-for-makeover-in-16311698.php#photo-21230823
  5. This has already been open for a bit and I am so glad to have one nearby, best chocolate cookies I've ever had
  6. Maybe I'm just used to the much more intricate F1 layouts, but that seems like a pretty lame race track (as far as turns go; a Downtown Houston race would be awesome to watch for the location/scenery).
  7. It seems like there is a full-on meltdown here any time something old is torn down. For some reason people seem to think "old" automatically equals "historic". I can't speak on this specific building since I'm not too familiar with the area, but it certainly didn't look worth saving from an architectural standpoint based on the photos. Glad to see some reason from someone who actually knows the area and the building in particular.
  8. Damn. Was really looking forward to having a Rosewood, would have probably been one of the top 3-5 nicest hotels in Houston. It was so exciting to think we would have Rosewood, Kimpton, and Thompson all entering the market in a short span, but now Thompson is the only one remaining.
  9. They are FINALLY up to the top two floors with the windows. This is taking forever, it seemed to be rising quickly at first but now it reminds me of Block 334 downtown that took like 4 years to finish for a midrise apartment complex.
  10. The exterior is basically complete except for a few finishing touches at ground level and landscaping. Doesn't seem to have been much progress on the buildout of most (or any) of the interior floors from what is visible driving by the BW8-I10 flyover.
  11. You can do this in Galveston, at least on the Strand and nearby areas
  12. This crane came down this weekend as well. Only one crane left on I-10 between BW8 and 610 (Marathon Oil building at CityCentre), down from 7 earlier this year.
  13. The other tower crane came down today, but there continues to be minimal apparent progress despite continued work. Still lacking most windows except for the lowest floors of the tower.
  14. 288 toll lanes open Monday (11/16) per Fox26 report. Free for the first two weeks through 11/29.
  15. Apparently there was a murder in this building 😧 https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/crime/article/Man-fatally-shot-in-Midtown-Houston-high-rise-15700781.php
  16. Not sure what's going on, but after rising pretty quickly this seems to have slowed wayyyyy down. They are definitely still working, but I haven't seen any appreciable progress in weeks/months. You would think they would start putting some windows in the tower by now, but nope.
  17. This isn't technically the correct location/thread, but I couldn't find anything better by searching... the old Goode Co. Seafood building right behind the new one is currently being demolished. I read once awhile back that there were plans for an office tower there, but not sure what the plans are at this point.
  18. 288 Northbound -> 69 Southbound is pretty awesome as well, a little bit closer in version of that same view (minus the med center)
  19. It's pretty well hidden (only really visible coming north on BW8), but there is a top-out tree on this one.
  20. Sadly I’m moving so this is the last photo I’ll be able to post from this vantage point. It’s been a joy getting to watch this one rise, along with several others completed ones in this photo over the last few years.
  21. Being that close to Buffalo Bayou Brewery would be amazing but dangerous
  22. Yeah I was just going to post how it looks like they'd stopped again, I guess that week when there were a bunch of guys working on the office component they were just tidying up the site or something. Oh well.
  23. The lights look awesome now, the building really stands out along Westheimer at night but not too in-your-face.
  24. The Southmore bridge was torn down at least a few months before I moved away from that area in July 2018... I hadn't been over there in a while, so when I was driving down 288 the other day I was shocked to see it still wasn't finished. I think I remember them saying it would be closed for about one year, and now it's been well over two.
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