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  1. This isn't technically the correct location/thread, but I couldn't find anything better by searching... the old Goode Co. Seafood building right behind the new one is currently being demolished. I read once awhile back that there were plans for an office tower there, but not sure what the plans are at this point.
  2. 288 Northbound -> 69 Southbound is pretty awesome as well, a little bit closer in version of that same view (minus the med center)
  3. It's pretty well hidden (only really visible coming north on BW8), but there is a top-out tree on this one.
  4. Sadly I’m moving so this is the last photo I’ll be able to post from this vantage point. It’s been a joy getting to watch this one rise, along with several others completed ones in this photo over the last few years.
  5. Being that close to Buffalo Bayou Brewery would be amazing but dangerous
  6. Yeah I was just going to post how it looks like they'd stopped again, I guess that week when there were a bunch of guys working on the office component they were just tidying up the site or something. Oh well.
  7. The lights look awesome now, the building really stands out along Westheimer at night but not too in-your-face.
  8. The Southmore bridge was torn down at least a few months before I moved away from that area in July 2018... I hadn't been over there in a while, so when I was driving down 288 the other day I was shocked to see it still wasn't finished. I think I remember them saying it would be closed for about one year, and now it's been well over two.
  9. Thought this one topped out a few weeks ago, but saw those pilings or pillars or whatever they're called up there so I wasn't sure... spotted the tree today so it looks like it is.
  10. Some lighting elements on the south side of the office tower were on last night, possibly incomplete because they looked like some sections were missing
  11. Looks like the last crane jump happened today
  12. Oh ok that makes sense. The link makes it look like just office but I guess it is only marketing/lease that portion
  13. So that lot is going to be an office building, not Equinox hotel? Or both?
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