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  1. Construction trailer has arrived at the former Smith & Wollensky site
  2. Decent amount of glass has gone up here. Sorry couldn’t safely get a pic at highway speeds.
  3. Hermès painted their plywood dark brown to match the rest of the facade 😂
  4. Most stores in ROD are boarded up, with more happening as we speak (restaurants still open though). Lots of stores in Highland Village also boarded up. I wonder how long they'll stay that way?
  5. Damn so does that mean the end of Conservatory? 😥 Hopefully the other location in the Galleria area opens soon and is comparable to what they had before.
  6. Nope. There were a couple of vehicles on site the other day which piqued my interest, but it doesn't seem like anything happened. Feel like this one is dead.
  7. Crane went up today. Guess they didn’t have to wait for the weekend since there’s no traffic right now EDIT: ugh sorry sideways
  8. It's amazing how much faster this is going up than Alexan River Oaks just down the street. They started construction roughly the same time a little over a year ago, and this one is nearing full vertical completion (for a larger building!), while Alexan is barely on the second floor. Strange.
  9. I always thought the "DELIVERING MARCH 2020" signs seemed a bit ambitious, but I guess that's not too far off. They've planted the trees on the deck above the parking garage and the construction elevator has come down so the last sections of glass should be going in soon, guessing the crane may come down in the next couple of weekends.
  10. Don't think it's related to this project, but it was the closest one I could find a thread for: does anyone know what is going up at I-10 and Upland next door to the Grove apartments? I can't recall seeing anything about this site, but they have been working there for a few months and there are now several ~5 story elevator shafts built, looks like more apartments but wouldn't surprise me if it was another storage place or something.
  11. Starting to peek through in this photo of yesterday’s amazing sunset
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