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  1. This is actually a different building that’s not technically in CityCentre (it’s on the other side of Queensbury). Town Center One is 10-ish floors and has Microsoft and some other offices, and there’s been a sign and rendering in the adjacent lot for years saying “Town Center Two coming summer 2020”. I assumed it was dead, but maybe not? Surprised yet another office building is moving forward in this market, with the one next to the McKinley restarting construction recently and CityCentre Seven supposedly starting soon (and CityCentre Six also in the pipeline).
  2. A lot of those could theoretically fit, but I will literally go streaking on the field at Minute Maid Park during an Astros game if it was a Six Senses
  3. That Google Maps photo is of 6810 S Fry Road in Katy, but it sounds like the development is at 6810 Fry Road in Cypress, just south of FM 529.
  4. The brewery itself is a cool spot, but the beers are pretty average imo
  5. That might be true about Neiman Marcus, which does feel pretty elitist (not unexpected for a Dallas company after all)... but I don't think that's the case with Nordstrom. It's an awesome store with great customer service and it doesn't really feel obnoxious at all. If anything I'd throw Saks in that former camp before Nordstrom.
  6. Per the unlikeliest of sources (Swoon Memorial magazine), the hotel flag will be an AC Hotel by Marriott.
  7. Does anyone know what's going on here? Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but there was a replat notice for the March 31 meeting for the old Goode Co Seafood building that was demolished and the building where the new location is next door to create one large plat (I believe, I'm not sure how to find it on the planning commission website). In that building the Vitamin Shoppe already closed and was emptied out, Kolache Factory closed today, and Smoothie King is closing next week. It seems pretty fast to close and demolish it after Goode Co Seafood relocated over there, but I wonder if a larger development is planned?
  8. I didn't realize they were using the old Fry's Electronics building. It's a good 10-15 minutes from the spaceport.
  9. It sure looked like a tower crane was going up here today. I was kind of far away so couldn’t confirm that it was here, but I don’t know where else it could have been
  10. Signage is up for the buildout for Blue Nile the jewelry store (not the Ethiopian restaurant). It's going in one of the corner spots by the main elevators in the center of the Galleria; I believe it was the old Dior space before they moved to River Oaks District, but I'm not positive.
  11. I meant more culturally/neighborhood-speaking I guess, since he was saying he wasn't familiar with the area. Either way, cool to have a Shake Shack coming.
  12. Even though the address is technically Houston, this is definitely still the Katy area. Basically once you get west of Highway 6 (or certainly west of Barker Cypress) it's Katy.
  13. Yup, definitely the Post Oak/San Felipe location. They showed external shots with the surface level parking, and at the end of that segment you could see the new Aspire apartment tower in the background
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