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  1. It’s actually really excellent. Comparable quality to MF, Uchi, etc but a little less pricey which is nice.
  2. Demolition is well under way. A large chunk of the east side of the building is gone already.
  3. You caught the big new BHP sign going up. Watched it from my balcony, it definitely looks different than the old small BHP Billiton text
  4. Crane base has been installed, full crane this weekend maybe?
  5. Crane is up. My attempt at a photo from the highway was unsuccessful unfortunately.
  6. No activity on the site since demolition (as of a couple days ago anyway, I’ll check this evening to make sure)
  7. Probably a very dumb question for construction folks, but do different companies have different colored (and/or sized) cranes? You would think if they were interchangeable there would be an instance where one would see a crane with some different colored segments after being jumped but I’ve literally never seen that, so I’m guessing there must be some sort of color differentiation among companies.
  8. Another terrible drive-by photo, but the crane is going up today
  9. Can someone update the title of this thread to Reverie at River Hollow +/- the address?
  10. Does anyone know if there is anything planned for the lot across Westcreek from this (the grassy area just south of the Wilshire)? I think they are using it for construction parking right now and I can't recall ever seeing any plans for it, but it seems like the best location of all the lots along Westcreek since it's the closest to River Oaks District
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