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  1. Fencing has gone up along San Felipe
  2. Best player in Astros history? Top 5 Houston athlete ever? Pretty hard to argue against either at this point.
  3. Looks like it's just about topped out, except for the bit on the south portion that sticks up above the 15th floor (per the rendering).
  4. Some of the more recent rumors include Air India to Delhi, TAP to Lisbon, and China Eastern (I think?) to Shanghai. I would imagine at some point in the future we would get Seoul service again from one of the Korean airlines, and maybe one of the other European Star Alliance partners like Austrian Airlines to Vienna, Swiss to Zurich, or Brussels Airlines to... Brussels.
  5. Is there any way the electrical/power station or whatever that's on block 277 can be moved/demolished anytime soon? Not sure how essential it is to the power grid in that location. It seems like a major waste of space, though I guess with all the surface lots around that area it's easier to start with those. Still, it's not ideal to see when walking from Discovery Green to Toyota Center.
  6. Damn that's not good. I always wonder how this type of thing doesn't happen more often with these incredibly complex large construction sites, since there are so many people working on them. I don't have much knowledge at all of the industry, but you would think that with hundreds of people working, there have to be at least one or two that are careless or don't do their job properly (as with basically occupation). Maybe one of our construction experts can provide a brief explanation on the oversight etc that keeps this everything done properly in the vast majority of the cases. PS this particular building has been going up for a long time I think, I've been to New Orleans a bunch over the past few years and I'm pretty sure I remember it being significantly above ground already about two years ago, but all the Bourbon Street nights may be clouding my memory a little bit. Doubt that has anything to do with the collapse, but it seems like a Block 334-esque pace.
  7. This one is flying up. Really fast progress. Not sure if there is a known delivery date, but vertical construction might be done before the end of the year at this rate.
  8. Glass is going up on the east side. Unfortunately the app I use to compress photos so they fit on here is making everything blurry right now so no photo at this moment
  9. It’s actually really excellent. Comparable quality to MF, Uchi, etc but a little less pricey which is nice.
  10. Demolition is well under way. A large chunk of the east side of the building is gone already.
  11. You caught the big new BHP sign going up. Watched it from my balcony, it definitely looks different than the old small BHP Billiton text
  12. Crane base has been installed, full crane this weekend maybe?
  13. Crane is up. My attempt at a photo from the highway was unsuccessful unfortunately.
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