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  1. The house is owned by me (Jason Taylor) and AJ Morton. We are continuing to made improvements inside and outside the property. We just planted the century plants up front by the brick wall and will finish off the project this weekend taking the grass out. We will eventually put in some nice gravel rocks there along with the century plants to make it look better and almost the same as the orginal drawings "The Texan Americana." We will also eventually have carport put in and modern design fence or basket weave fence like it was originally put in when the house was first built. The house nex
  2. The house still has ways to go on the outside for landscaping and some cosmetic upgrades. Inside is about finished for the most part. This house came a long ways since '56 and today is 2010 (Happy New Year) and we are finishing up the final on the electricity and kitchen wall. We will continue to do upgrades in througout the house and outside in the yard as time progresses. There are lots of updates and the photos are on flickr. http://flickr.com/jmtworld and start browsing through there and you'll see what's been happening. I haven't updated any photos since last fall. I will continue t
  3. Well Folks, its been a long while since I been on this forum. We did start the demo on June 2, 2009. Today is August 9, 2009 (close enough) and the house is almost finished bu a lot of detailing and little things that takes up a lot of time. There are photos you can see on flickr and the link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmtworld and you can start with Week One or go to teh bottom and start from there.
  4. Well, from what I learned from neighbors is that Mrs. Bunch the previous owner and the only owner until we bought it and started the project. She had lots and lots of cats living inside the house and I bet that's the reason of those air frenshers.
  5. The Cayton house is under going 2 bid estimates and we will get started the remodel project sometime the 1st or 2nd week of June. Some of you guys will be in awe or some of you guys may not be so impressed. We love the originality of our house. There will be some good old charm left once we have it all finished. However, due to the costs and value in the area and all the other factors, we are limited on what we can do on renovations. We will have the entire inside have new insulation and we did a lot of tear down and a lot of the ceiling and wall insulation is so gross and I am glad that w
  6. Aww thanks. Right now we're taking it slowly and things we need to do. Guess the word is "budget and planning" at the moment. We've done some stuff there but not much else we can do until we discuss it with the General Contractor. That's all we're doing. Nothing much left at the moment for us to do. And yes there are plenty of little things to do in the house but limited with sun light and all.
  7. Hello there again =) Happy Holidays! Where can you get a repilca "talk a radio" the photo you took from the wall. I tried typing every word to come up with "talk a radio" or "wall mount radio" or anything like that but doesn't come up. Can you give a hint or help out? Merry Christmas =) Jason T.
  8. jmt


    We want to give lots of thanks for the guys (Mike, Don, Chris, Jamie) volunteered to our yard. It was amazing how much they did to make the yard look better. We still have a long ways to go but it looks better every time. I haven't met Chris Kimble. For those who know him, inform him that I will be there this weekend. I don't know the time yet but for those who are involved in the MOD world, come on over. Take a look around. Feel free to do that. I'll be more than happy to meet and greet. =) I am sure everyone of you enjoyed the snow yesterday. Now its back to warm weather over the weekend.
  9. We will do something, just waiting for a few things to come into place. Such as contractors, financing and it it all together and get it done quickly.
  10. jmt

    JMT's Renovation

    We're cleaning up the livving room and moving the stuff to the master bedroom as storage for now. We're going to do the kitchen first and needed to clean it up so we have a better picture in our heads and better planning.
  11. This is what it looks like in the living room. Bare wall and just see the frame. We'll have those main posts replaced real soon. We're waiting on a few things before we can do major construction work in and out of the house.
  12. These photos were taken last Saturday and cleaning up the outside. Finally it is looking a lot better but I need some folks to volunteer to do the yard at least once for the backyard and we don't have lawn equipment to do it and I am sure our dear friends would love to do it for at least once and we'll have a outing soon in helping us do the yard. The yard needs to be mowed, weed eat, edged, and it will help keep mice and bugs away from the house because the grass will be shorter and nicer. Then we can do more things to it. Please anyone? I know some of our new friends do have lawn equipme
  13. Here are two photos of our living room wall. The posts that are there are eaten by previous termites. There were roaches hiding and I sprayed them down with roach spray and they are dying off and also we sprayed in parts of the house and usually roaches are up at night but not during day light. But they were not functioning properly. We wanted to finish the project and get all of it out of the house but the air got really thick and fiberglass insulation is dangerous to be in. We had professional masks on but just too much. The only thing I regret is we didn't finish picking up all the torn
  14. Good Morning, Where can I find the actual blue print of the house? We just took down the wall in the living room. I'll send a photo. jt Here is another photo of the wall.
  15. hello Folks. I did a quick 6 minute video of the Cayton Tour as of today November 2nd 2008. You'll see what we did today and check the photos on flickr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlS_DCJqYrg
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