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  1. We actually did a test commute last night from downtown to GBV and then decided to check out the Mi Tienda. What a cool place! I particularly liked the bulk chorizo that had been shaped to look like the head of a pig. Then we stuffed ourselves on ceviche and some sort of Salvadoran cake.
  2. Holy crow! I just read up on Mi Tienda. I don't know how I didn't know about this place. Definitely going to check it out whether we move to GBV or not. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. It really helps in terms of getting a feel for the hood.
  3. I was reading something about the Sims Bayou restoration the other day but had a hard time finding out what the status of the project was. Looks like it will be a good option when it's complete. I actually tried talking to the golf course about using the paths and the guy on the phone sounded like he thought I was out of my ever-loving mind to even ask about running over there. I certainly have never minded a gritty bar. Back in the good ole days before Midtown/Downtown got all fancy we used to go grab beers at the Lone Star Saloon.
  4. Sure. That's absolutely a fair point. On the other hand, given the price of other close in neighborhoods, what other options are there? I haven't been able to find the answer. There isn't much in my price range between downtown and the far west side where schools are better (there are a few houses in my range - but nothing that excites me).
  5. I saw information on the HISD website that kind of indicated the same thing. I grew up in HISD myself so I know that the magnet school program is an option provided you have the flexibility to drive your kids to school in another part of town. We don't have kids yet, but we're thinking about it. And I don't know if it's hopelessly naive, but I wonder what the impact would be if people moving into the area tried to be "pioneering" with local schools. That is to say, enrolling their kids and beginning to demand better locally. I guess they'll never improve if people don't take an interest
  6. Considering a house in Glenbrook and wondering about some things that I take for granted in my current location. Would love to hear from folks who know the area about things like: Decent, well-lit running trail? Someplace safe/populated if running alone. Interesting restaurants or cafes in the area. Time to commute to downtown/Best route. Someplace good to grab a beer. Thoughts on/experience with local schools. Would also be interested to hear any thoughts people might have about the area's future. I know that light rail is being planned along the SE corridor and that there are a couple of
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